Tuesday, April 16, 2019


 This weekend was such a special one, friends!  We hosted 4 family members, went to 2 birthday parties, had 1 baseball game, 1 day with nothing but pouring rain, 1 night at Top Golf and 1 BAPTISM!  We packed a lot in and got a lot out!

We kicked off our weekend fun at Nixon's party at our new Urban Air here in Mckinney and that place is OUTSTANDING!  Mason darted away from me the second we got there so I have no pictures but I know Erika has plenty. 

After the party, we headed straight to Matthew's game.  They needed Mason to fill in because they were missing some players so we got to watch both boys play on the same team which is always so fun!  Craig's parents arrived just before we left for the game so they got to see them both play too which was good because...

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It started raining early Saturday morning and by 6:15 they'd cancelled Mason's 8am game.  Can't lie and say I was sad about that but it wasn't the greatest day to be stuck inside.  Craig's parents were in town and Craig's brother, Ricky and his ex-wife/friend, Robin, arrived that afternoon so it would have been nice to be able to grill outside and hang out around the pool.

So instead, I worked to catch up on some orders for awhile and then we re-introduced Mimi to Clue since she hadn't played in years.

And at one point, Mason got upset and ran off to The Pouting Spot.  He loves to hide out here when things don't go his way.  ;)

Later that night, we were off to the second party of the weekend!  Mason was invited to his friend, Colton's birthday at the Frisco Fieldhouse where they got to play flag football and run around like little crazy boys they are.

(Pics courtesy of Colton's mom)

The party was from 6:30-8, it was 20 minutes from the house and it was pouring down rain.  I didn't want to go all the way back home just to have to turn around and come back a little while later.  So instead, I did this...

I grabbed an Oreo and Strawberry "Concrete" from Andy's Frozen Custard (my first time trying that place out and it was so good!) and sat in the car, in peace, and listened to podcasts.  It was the perfect way to pass an hour for this introvert.

When I picked Mason up from the party, he was a hot, sweaty mess.  I asked him if he ate anything and he said he took a bite of his burger but it was so bad that he spit it out.  I remember thinking that was weird because Mason has never met a burger he doesn't like...it must have been really bad.

Fast forward to 4:45am.

Mason came into our room crying and saying his stomach hurt early Sunday morning.  I've mentioned this before but when Mason doesn't feel good, the only thing he wants to do is take a shower.  So that's what he wanted to do.  He got in the shower at 4:45 while I tried to pretend this wasn't happening because that morning was Craig's baptism!  The Devil was working hard to ruin this day for us.  (Of course, Craig slept right through it all.  #dadlife)

I got up to check on Mason about 10 minutes later and he ended up throwing up in the shower and the bathroom. Perfect.  Sigh.

I tucked him back in bed a little while later and just started praying that he'd feel better.  Of course, I couldn't get myself back to sleep at all since I was trying to play out all the scenarios in my mind.  This was a HUGE day for Craig and I wanted us all there to support him.  His parents and brother were in town, my parents were coming, and his aunt and uncle.  I did not want to be sitting at home with a sick kiddo.  I needed Mason to feel better ASAP!

Thankfully, he was able to pull it together long enough to get us to church.  There were definitely some tears and lots of laying in my lap throughout the service but he made it and that's all that matters.

I would have been so disappointed to miss this!

So, I don't post a ton about Craig on here.  He's a fairly private guy.  He's had his time in the spotlight.  And now he's over it. Which I respect.  So no...I don't post a ton about him.  But this, I just have to.  He's fine with it and is on such a high right now that wants the whole world to hear. :)

One of Craig's best friends, Tyler, baptized him and it was just the coolest thing ever.  I said it last week, but Craig was raised Methodist and they do christenings as babies instead of baptisms once you make a personal decision to follow Christ.

Craig made his decision many many years ago but lately has felt in his heart that it's time to up his game (so to speak) and rededicate his life and follow that up in baptism.

If you want to watch the baptism and hear Tyler's awesome words, you can see it on my Instagram.  Just look for the post with the picture below and swipe to see it.  And if you want to see the whole service, you can find it HERE.  (Craig's baptism is around the 11:00 mark.) 

It was the BEST DAY and I love that our boys got to watch their dad be baptized.  It has opened up even more conversations about their faith and this mama could not be more excited for our little family.  I was baptized when I was 8 and have had a strong faith my entire life.  I want that for our kids too and feel like this weekend has set such an example for them.  They look up to their dad so much and his decision to do this just makes my mama heart SWELL with joy.

So glad we got a group picture before we left!  Mason even squeaked out a smile for us.  We had a fun lunch at Pappasito's after church and by the time we left there, Mason was feeling a lot better.  He even managed to eat some chips and salsa.  #thatsmyboy

Guess what we all did as soon as we got home??  Nap. Time.  Mason and I crawled into my bed and fell asleep pretty much immediately.  And apparently, the rest of the house did as well.  It was super quiet throughout our house for at least 2 hours.  And that's saying a lot considering the house had 6 adults and 2 kids in it!

Craig's birthday (big 4-0!) is next Sunday...which is also Mason's 9th birthday...as well as Easter!  So Uncle Ricky wanted to take us out to Top Golf to celebrate while he was in town.  Unfortunately, Matthew had some stomach issues of his own so he decided to stay home with Mimi and Paw Paw while me, Mason, Craig, Ricky and Robin headed out.

If you've never been to Top Golf, let me tell you...it is so much fun!  You don't have to know a THING about golf to enjoy it.  It's almost even more fun if you don't.  haha  It's a great date night place.  They have great food, drinks and music and when the weather is great it's even more perfect.

I am not a golfer BUT I do love to whack the mess out a golf ball.  According to Craig, who IS a golfer, I'm pretty decent!  My favorite thing to do is pick up a driver and hit it as hard and as far as I can.  It is just so satisfying.  I think we need to plan a group date to Top Golf soon.

While we were waiting for the guys to get our name entered and everything set up, Mason and I snapped a pic.  He was back to feeling 100% and Top Golf is a favorite of his.  He loves anything where he can compete.

(PS:  This is my FAVORITE Amazon clothing find EVER.  This top is so soft and comfy and it's only $19.99.  You will LOVE it.  I've got it in 3 colors now. I may have fallen asleep in it that night too...  And these earrings have been on repeat all spring.  I'm obsessed.  So fun and under $9!)

Mason is a natural golfer.  He is a bit spastic but he can hit it so far, so solid, so straight...there isn't a lot this kid can't do.

BUT.  Look who took home gold, y'all!!

Somehow, I managed to beat Craig by 2 points and it may be the first time in our 14+ years together where I've beaten him at anything.  He's one of those who will unapologetically beat you at everything...Scrabble, Monopoly, Words with Friends, golf, tennis (ugh that was a nightmare), cards, Nerf wars... I mean.  This was a big victory, friends! ;)  Especially considering he would rather be a professional golfer than a professional football player.  He thinks he missed his calling.

So that was our weekend!  It was amazing.  It was a blessing.  It was sweet and perfect.  

Also, I'm crazy sore from hitting all those golf balls.  😂

To all of our Life Group friends...we love y'all so much.  Thank you to the awesome men for being there for Craig and supporting him in his decision to get baptized at (almost) 40.  And to all the girls. I love you and am so thankful for your friendship.  It is extremely intimidating when you are trying to join an already very well established group who have been through so much together. But stepping way outside of my comfort zone and finally doing that was the best BEST decision I ever made for myself and my family.  I dragged Craig along (not kicking and screaming or anything but I definitely took the lead) and I think he'd agree that it was a life-changing decision.  I think Craig and I both agree this group is a perfect fit for us and we are thankful that we can have so much fun with y'all (SO MUCH!) but also know that it's a place where we can go to talk, ask questions, vent, pray or just get a great Bible study recommendation.  It really is a group we choose to "do life" with.  

Richardson BFG-We love you!!

Also.  Big prayers going up for the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Such a devastatingly horrible, awful tragedy.  When I watched the spire fall it was just crushing.  I can't even comprehend all that was lost.  But I just can't post today without acknowledging this devastation.  #prayersforparis



  1. AMANDA!!! MORE HAPPY TEARS for your family! We love you guys! XOXO

  2. I love this post! So happy for Craig. What an awesome story and something the boys could witness. I was also baptized in the Methodist church at 8 (I was sprinkled) and ended up getting baptized by immersion when I was 26. Baptisms wreck me...I cry so bad. And Ryan is the same way as Craig...never lets me win anything. Top Golf is the best!!! I think I might suggest that for our next date night now that the weather is awesome. And I need to find that frozen custard place ASAP...or maybe I don’t 😁


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