Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Hey there, lovely ladies and happy Tuesday!  

Is anyone else riding the struggle bus right now trying to adjust to their new fall schedules?  I'll be honest.  I'm not doing so hot!  (Shocking, I know. haha)  I've been trying to do too many things at once lately and spreading myself way too thin which means things are falling through the cracks.  And I hate that.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 41 Pics

For example: For some reason, I recently decided I absolutely HAD to add leather and cork earrings to my Etsy shop, like RIGHT NOW, and I can't even tell you how many hours (and dollars...) I've spent trying to figure it all out.  Seriously, WHY do I do this to myself?!  I am a perfectionist when it comes to my shop so I want to make sure to have the cutest fabric, the best options, the best tools, the most efficient process...all that stuff.  But even more so, I am IMPATIENT.  🤦‍♀️  I want to learn it all now, make it all now, post it all NOW because I just can't wait to see the end products and show them all to you guys as well!  But it's taking up so much of my free time.  And by "free" I mean the time I spend on this blog, finding deals for my Facebook Group, and watching Bravo. ;)  When I get an idea, I just cannot let it go until I see it through.  It's an annoying quality.

Anyway, the extra attention on all of that, on top of my regular work schedule plus the boys' baseball schedules-now in full swing-as well as homework, laundry, and the nightly race to get everyone fed, showered and in bed by a decent hour, etc etc...it's kickin' my butt!  Not to mention, I've also been dying to decorate for fall which, for me, takes an entire afternoon because I'm not only impatient, but I'm also indecisive.  And placing pumpkins around my house "just so" is time-consuming, y'all.  😂 #firstworldproblems

I feel 3 steps behind all the time lately but have no fear.  I have an actual schedule that I've written up (which is what I should have done 3 weeks ago) so that I can once again feel in control.  
(Keyword here is feel...😉)

So I thought I'd go ahead and share a little bit of our lately today since I missed Friday Favorites because of a full workday on Thursday and then back-to-back baseball games that had us gone from 5:30-10 that night.  (See, if I'd have been more organized I would have seen that crazy Thursday coming and written my FF post BEFORE the crazy day. But alas, I did not.)

This year, Matthew is on a new baseball team and Craig is taking on those head coaching duties for the first time.  He's always been an assistant coach on both boys teams but felt like it was time for him to step up and have a little more say in everything.  I've said it a million times but he's a great coach in both baseball and football and we're hoping for a fun season!

This counts as dinner, right?  Thursday night was long with Matthew playing first and then Mason's game right after.

Saturday afternoon, I drove out to Northlake (about an hour away) for my lifelong BFFs birthday and housewarming party.  Chauna is a veterinarian and she and her hubs just built a beautiful house on a bunch of land where they can have horses and pigs to go along with their dogs and cats.  It was so fun to get to spend time with her and her sweet family!  We've been besties since 1987 and grew up more like sisters.

(My dress is HERE and earrings are HERE.)

Her party was from 1-5 so on my way home, I decided to stop for a little more "me time".  I've been wanting a Rae Dunn mug for a while because I kind of feel like I'm the only 30-something suburban mom who doesn't have one.  I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and I've never been able to find any at Home Goods or TJMaxx.  So I stopped at our new Marshalls hoping they'd have some RD items but mainly because I wanted to shop their fall decor selection.

And look what I ended up finding!  So cute!  I kind of get it now.  It's simple, versatile and cheap!

Here's my question about Rae Dunn.  This brand has a cult following.  So if it's so popular and in-demand why does it always end up on the shelves of TJMaxx and Marshalls?  Where does it start out?  These stores typically carry excess products that didn't sell at larger department stores and things like that, right?  And then they mark them down from the suggested retail price.  So what stores were these originally at?  And why can't I buy Rae Dunn stuff online?  If you go to raedunn.com and click on "shop" it takes you to an empty Etsy shop.  Seems like a missed opportunity if you ask me.  You think they'd want to capitalize on their popularity while they are such a hot brand.  Yes, you can find some stuff on Amazon but it's double, triple or even quadruple the price it is in stores.  So strange to me but I guess it's working!  (I'm going to google this after I finish this post.) #somanyquestions

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early for church!  (Wearing that new cardigan/kimono that I told you about here.)

After Sunday School, Craig took Mason home to get ready for baseball practice (that starts at 12 every Sunday...not awesome for those of us who don't get out of church until then...boo) and Matthew and I went to "big church".  After church, he asked if we could go to his favorite place--Chilis.  And who am I to deny my big 6th grader a lunch date!

I laugh every time I see this picture because the angle makes him look so small. haha  And he may be 11 but he still prefers milk over any other drink and his lunch consisted mainly of chips and salsa and french fries. But more importantly, I got to have some uninterrupted face time with this kid for an hour and I got him to actually tell me things about school and friends without having to pry it out of him.  We both loved this one-on-one time.

Later that afternoon, I decided to head over to Market Street (a local grocery store) to see what kinds of Keto goodies they had.  I typically go to Walmart for my groceries because it's so close to my house but every once in a while I venture out of my little grocery bubble.  ;)

I came home with a nice little Keto-friendly haul!  I'm excited to try the cauliflower pizza crusts!  These only have 6 net carbs for the entire crust!  Most of the other cauliflower pizzas I've seen have crazy amounts of carbs which I always found weird b/c I thought the whole point was for it to be low carb?  I don't know.  I'll let you know how these turn out though.

I also grabbed some Rebel ice cream in chocolate and strawberry because I've heard such good things and they only have 4-7 net carbs per CONTAINER! And it's really good too!!

Sunday night, Mason went to his friend's house to swim and hang out with some of his teammates.  Mason is just not happy unless he's with his buddies.

Yesterday, I posted on my Etsy Instagram that all of my burlap prints (including this fun fall one) would be on sale for 15% off all week!  (Ends Friday.)  Head to the shop to see what all is included in the sale!  These are an easy way to fall up your decor.

And speaking of fall decor, I worked for half the day yesterday and then decided I was going to go ahead and bring out mine.  My new RD haul looks cute on my kitchen counter!  The back of my mug says "y'all" by the way.  #love

My dining room is getting in on the action too.

And my little buffet table in my breakfast nook has been fall'd up as well.

I found almost all of the stuff on the tiered tray at Hobby Lobby.  I love the little light-up houses and pumpkins!

I'm still working on the rest of it but it's a good start.  Now if only it wasn't going to be 90+ degrees outside for the foreseeable future!  :(

And that's a little life lately.  More baseball tonight with back to back games again! It's going to be a long day and I'm already wishing for the weekend.

Be sure to check out the Daily Deals FB group if you haven't lately!  I've been a little obsessed with all the Jane finds for fall.  #sogood

Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. That first meme at the top of the post is ALL of us at some time! You're not the only one feeling like you're on the Struggle Bus!! Trust me!

  2. How cute is all the fall?! It's so cozy and inviting!!!

  3. I don't get where to find Rae Dunn either. I see pictures all the time of people's collections, or what they found shopping. When I go to my Marshall's or Home Goods, all I can find is one random butter dish scattered around everything.

  4. Love all your fall things! Also, I love those pizza crust and you are so lucky to find them in stores, I usually have to order them from the website.


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