Friday, August 23, 2019


Happy Friday, girls!  How was everyone's week?  It's still looking like this down here in Texas.

I barely go outside these days unless the sun has set.  It's too hot to even swim.  I'm over it and ready for some cooler temperatures even if that's just the upper 80s! (Or even low 90s.  Beggars can't be choosers and all that.)  Craig even had a friend pass out with a full-on heatstroke after a golf game the other day.  Scary.  I don't know why they think it's fun playing golf in this mess.

Anyway, today I'm back with some Friday Favorites!  Some of these you may have already seen on my Instagram but in case you missed it, I had to show you again.  Like...

I saw this the other day and it was just so spot on...that it freaked me out a little!  I've always been an introvert and this just reinforced it for me. Don't get me wrong.  I love being social, going out, going to parties...but only when I feel comfortable with the people who are there.  But even then, I need to come home and decompress for awhile!

So I just had to share this here too in case any of y'all could relate.  This little chart just nailed it! 

Speaking of Instagram, I posted this picture on my Etsy shop's Instagram page this week because I've decided to branch out with some fun jewelry!  I honestly don't need anything else on my plate right now but I got this sudden inspiration to figure out how to make my own leather (and faux leather) earrings and it was all I could think about all week.  I've been ordering supplies, researching methods, testing out's taken over every spare second I have.  I'm the queen of taking on more than I can handle so I'm hoping this won't become that.

I used to make jewelry for a couple of years before I started my current Etsy business.  It was fun and I miss it!  So here we go.  I'll be working on perfecting all of this over the next couple of weeks and should have a whole new category in the shop very soon! Stay tuned!

And look what is back just in time for all those hot drinks you'll be sipping on this fall!  These gorgeous pink confetti travel tumblers are just so cute!  They are double-walled and perfect for your coffee or hot cocoa.

Add a name if you want or leave them blank.

They come with a sipper lid that slides shut but there's also room for a straw if you want as well.

These are already listed in the shop but the quantity is limited.  So if you want one, don't wait too long!

And these black travel mugs are brand-spankin' new!  I don't have these listed yet but they should be up in the shop by the end of the day today.  The "You got this" saying is permanent and cannot be changed but you will be able to add a name on the opposite side if you want.  I only ordered a small quantity of these as well just to test them out to see how y'all liked them so be on the lookout for them if you want one!

Y'all.  Do you watch S.W.A.T.?  Because it has become my new favorite show this week.  I've been bingeing it every single day and night on Hulu.  When I finished Season 1 and couldn't find Season 2 on Hulu, I almost cried.  Seriously.  I ended up doing a free week of CBS All Access so I could watch Season 2 immediately.  I'm halfway through now and already mourning the loss because Season 3 doesn't start airing until October. 😣 This show is SO GOOD.  I love all the action and swat team drama.  Plus, Shemar Moore is not exactly hard to look at all day. ;) #amIright

If you love Chicago Fire, 9-1-1, and shows like that, you will love this!

I told you guys about this Rachel Hollis cardigan the other day and it finally came in!  It feels so good on, it hangs perfectly and it's got a little boho vibe which I adore.  Plus the color is just so great for fall.

I paired it with my favorite $8 tank, these jeans (so good) and my new black booties! I told y'all they were so comfortable and cute that I had to get them in black too!

Since I had such great luck on Amazon last week, I decided to try my luck again!  I saw this waffle-knit sweater and scooped it up for under $20.  (Wearing a small.)  I was once again, so happy that it looked exactly like the pictures!  I feel like you could size up one for a more oversized look if you wanted but the small was just fine.

You can wear it off-the-shoulder like I have it or pull it up all the way and the back has the exact same "V" that the front does which is so pretty!  You definitely need a black cami underneath it b/c you can see through the waffle-knit a bit, but a lacy bralette might be great with this one too!

It comes in this black and grey color here but also comes in a ton of others in this separate listing here.

Paired it with the same booties but changed into those new Wit & Wisdom jeans that I scored for a great deal from The Rack! (Under $40!)

I've got another Keto "recipe" for those of you who are interested in my little Keto journey!  I don't think I can really call this a recipe though.  It's really just a product rec.  I've been eating this zero net carb bread from this company for a couple of months now and it's been a lifesaver.  I use it to make club sandwiches, grilled cheese,'ll never be as good as REAL bread of course but I am so thankful for it.

Since I like their bread so much, I thought I'd try the pizza crust.  It's also zero net carbs and I have been craving pizza so now was the time!  I added some Rao's marinara, sprinkled some mozzarella cheese, added pepperonis and cut some fresh jalapenos.  

Baking instructions come with it but here's how I did it.  I popped the crust into the oven for a couple of minutes by itself, on a baking sheet, at 450 and then pulled it out and added the toppings. I put it back in and let it bake for another 12ish minutes after that. 

And look how good it turned out!

After I snapped this picture, I doused it in parmesan and dipped it in a little more marinara.  ;)   You WILL be able to taste the difference in the crust compared to a regular crust but after 2 bites, I barely even noticed it.  It was delicious!!

You can only buy this online and you can check out all their products HERE.  I personally love the bagels, the honey bread and the pizza crusts so far.  I still need to try their pasta!

(Remember that net carbs are what matters in Keto.  Total carbs - fiber.)

As for an update, I really am still working on that darn second post.  But I just keep adding more to it or waiting to try a new recipe, etc.  So we'll see when it finally gets done.  But as of now, I'm doing really well in this maintaining phase (currently hovering at 120-121lbs).  I've allowed myself a little more leniency with a few cheat meals here and there and I haven't been as strict at tracking everything. I'm basically just trying to keep my net carbs under 20 every day but not worrying about the rest of my macros as much.  I still test with my Ketone strips and as long as I stay in ketosis and my weight doesn't start to drastically go up, then I'm good.  And if it does go up or I fall out of ketosis, then I'll just buckle down and get back on track.  I honestly don't give it a ton of thought really.  It's just how I eat now and I feel so much better!

So that's it for today, friends!  Hope you guys have a great weekend and come visit me over in the Deals group!!

Also, if you have questions (about Keto or anything really) please leave them here on the blog and I'll answer them!  Other people may have the same question so it could help them out as well.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I feel like one of your favorites this week should have been the outfit you had on at church on Sunday! It was so CUTE!!!! Also, now, I want pizza for breakfast...

  2. That waffle sweater looks amazing!

  3. That tumbler is so cute!!! I’ll have to order one and will share on my YouTube channel as well. So I ordered the pizza crust last night and the bread so I can compare them with the other brand I mentioned so I’ll let you know difference. Why I never thought of jalepenos on my pizza?


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