Friday, November 8, 2019


Our week is over, friends!  Well, depending on when you are reading this, I guess.  We've got to get through today before we can start our weekend fun around here so I'll be officially off once I get back from Matthew's very first middle school awards ceremony this morning (straight As!) and then get the last of this week's Etsy orders finished and out the door.

We've got a busy weekend planned so there won't be a whole lot of relaxing downtime but it should be a lot of fun!  Our Saturday starts with the 3rd Annual Manda Strong 5K and Fun Run.  I'm scheduled to be there by 7:30am which is very early for me to be up, dressed and out the door on a Saturday morning, y'all.  But it's for such a good cause!  The Manda Strong Foundation raises money for moms with young kids who are battling cancer all over Collin County.  We would love to see you out there!  The Fun Run starts at 9 and the 5K is at 9:20.  Online registration is closed but you can still register at the table on race day!

No photo description available.

Saturday afternoon Mason has a birthday party at the same time as Matthew's first game in the Middle School Matchup baseball tournament.  So we've got to see about dumping him with someone for the afternoon. (Any takers??)  Matthew has back-to-back games on Saturday and those will determine the schedule for Sunday.  This should be a very fun tournament for these boys since the team is comprised of whoever registered from the 6th grade at his middle school. They'll play other middle schools from the area and they are pretty excited.

Now let's just pray the weather cooperates and we don't freeze to death (or sweat to's Texas so you really never know...😉).

But on to Friday Favorites!  Today I'm starting with something that isn't exactly a favorite but then again, it could have been a lot worse and it wasn't sooo...favorite? Eh.

At 2:30ish on Wednesday afternoon, my phone rang and when I looked to see who it was, it said it was Mason's school nurse.  I immediately thought he was sick but she started off with "Mason's ok but...".  Apparently, he fell while playing football at recess a little earlier and landed on his right wrist which was now hurting and swollen.  It already sounded a lot like last year when he fractured that same wrist.

This was from my IG stories in May 2018.  #probablynotthelast 😂

Mason's in 4th grade so the nurse knows most of the kids pretty well by now.  I've had to go get Mason a handful of times over the years because he was sick (or spun himself into a super queasy tummy on the spinny thing at recess) and she always says the same thing.  That she can tell when he's really hurt or sick because he's a really tough kid.  She said he was crying a little and was in pain.  She was worried his wrist may be broken or fractured (again) so we headed to Urgent Care for x-rays.

But first, I had to load up his bike into the back of my SUV all by myself which is awkward and hard to do.  I was also doing this in front of a carpool line of parents waiting for school to be let out who I'm sure were all watching what was going on with us. Somehow in the middle of maneuvering this thing up and into the back of my Highlander, the handlebar somehow twisted and smacked me in the jaw and y'all.  It's the closest I've ever come to being punched in the face.  It hurt my whole face and neck.  I didn't let Mason see I was really hurt but I did joke about possibly needing x-rays myself once we got there.  #ouch

Anyway, long story short, there was no break or fracture showing on the x-rays but the doctor said to come back for more in a week if it still wasn't feeling better.

His wrist looked exactly like it did last year when he had a hairline fracture that the doctor said was almost impossible to see on the x-ray and it hurts in the same spot.  So we'll see how he feels in a few days and go from there.  We're hopeful it's just a little bruised and banged up though.

So "favorite" is that as of now, he is cast free.  ;)  Right arm casts are a pain in the butt for 9-year-old, right-handed boys.

Another favorite this week is this adorable little Nine West purse!  I've been looking for a dressier, small purse for nights out and this one was on major sale.  It was kind of a no-brainer for under $30!  It is big enough to hold all the essentials but still small enough to be a clutch if you don't want the strap.  The inside has a built-in mirror and lots of compartments to keep you organized.  Such a cute bag to pick up and have on hand if you don't have a good "going out" purse.  It's still on sale for around $27 when you use the code FRIEND here.

One of my favorite sweaters is back on Jane today in three colors!  Great quality, not super bulky but it has a great weight to it so it hangs nicely.  The sleeves are so fun too!  Wearing a medium in the green and a small in the black.  I'd say they are TTS but size up if you want it a little looser.

I know you've seen these about a hundred times already but this has only popped up on Jane a few times so I gotta let you know! Grab it here!

In case you missed it, I posted another Amazon Haul on Wednesday!  I gathered up some of my favorite Amazon finds from the past 4 or 5 months and they are a lovely mix of randomness that I hope you'll enjoy! ;)

This has been a busier week than usual in my little Etsy world!  Lots of cute new earrings were added to the shop earlier this week!

Here's a peek at a few but head on over HERE to see them all!  You can filter my shop by sections too (drinkware, earrings, fall/Christmas signs, etc) once you get there too if you want to go straight to one category.

I also sent out a these cute insulated water bottles which are so perfect for your kids to take to school!

These new insulated mugs have been a huge hit since I posted them this week too!  I definitely had to keep one of these for myself. ;)

And I even managed to find time to add a new Christmas sign! This is especially sweet if you do a lot of holiday baking!

And finally, I scooped up this little bundle of Clinique goodies a couple of weeks ago.  I was already a huge fan of the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and was eager to try out the 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator and their Vitamin C serum.  This bundle has all three travel size products for $39 shipped right now (20% off and a $69 value!) and it's so worth it!  I love being able to test out new products without fully committing to the full-size.

The Overnight Mask is a must-have especially in the winter when your skin tends to get dry because of the cold and wind.  It's my final step in my skincare routine and it's just heavenly.  The moisturizer is thick and rich and your skin will drink it in while you sleep so you wake up to plump, healthy and moisturized skin.

The 72-hour hydrator is new to me and is more of a gel.  This little tub is going to last for a very long time!  A little goes a long way!  I've been using this on my neck every night and swap it out with the Overnight Mask a few times a week.

And the Vitamin C serum is also a winner although I think Vitamin C serums, in general, are just all a good idea.  They brighten your skin and even it out so it just looks more radiant.  I've always been able to see a difference in my skin within a week of using a Vitamin C serum although I'd been out of the habit for a few months lately.  (#lazy)  I'm so glad I got this because it's definitely reminded me of what it can do for my skin!

As of now, the deal is still on if you want to grab this little bundle on sale for just $39!  There are a whole slew of other Clinique goodies on sale right now too so be sure to check that out!

Hope you guys have the weekend!  Come say hi over in my Deals group and see what you can find!  Christmas will be here before we know it and I'm rounding up some great sales!

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  1. Love that Nine West purse! I have a gala to attend in a few weeks and have been looking for a smallish bag that doesn't cost more than my first car did ;)

  2. So glad the wrist doesn't need a cast (and praying for you that it stays that way!). My oldest has fractured his wrist more than once and we often joke it's his Achilles heel. Those sweaters are SO CUTE!

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Love those mugs! Will you be having a Black Friday sale on your products? Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    wait so his arm was completely fine the whole time?! What a relief!!!

    1. Not completely fine. Just not broken. We will have to go back for more x-rays if it continues to hurt because hairline fractures don't always show up in x-rays until they start to calcify. Which is kind of what happened last time with his wrist. We waited two weeks to go in because he was just saying it hurt every once in awhile when he'd do certain things. The doctor told us the fracture probably wouldn't have shown in an x-ray in the beginning but since we'd waited a couple of weeks, they could just make it out. So we'll go back in a few days if it continues to hurt. It hurt during his football game yesterday so I'm still a little nervous! :(


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