Monday, November 25, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving Week, friends!

Just a reminder...

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We have a super busy week with 6 out-of-town guests arriving on Wednesday, then the craziness of Thanksgiving Day and I've also got almost 40 Etsy orders that are scheduled to be made and ship this week. 🙈 I'm rarely late sending out orders but this may have to be the exception.  That's a lot of orders to make and ship in 2 or 2.5 days.  Which is really all I have free this week.  

Now is probably a good time to let you know that if you are wanting to order anything for Christmas, now is the time to do it!  The shop will be closed starting next Wednesday (most likely) so that I have time to get all orders made and sent out in time for Christmas AND get a little break to enjoy the holidays.  

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Now on to our weekend!  On Friday, my dad called and said that Pleasant Grove, one of the high school football teams from Texarkana, TX (where I'm from and where my parents still live), was going to be in a playoff game at The Star in Frisco the next day.  The Star is the Dallas Cowboys training facility and it's only 20 minutes down the road. The Star is a fun place to go so we told him if he came, we'd go with him!  So my mom decided to come too and we made a day of it!

They came in around 2:00 on Saturday and we left soon after to round up the boys.  Matthew was just finishing up at a birthday party around the corner so we grabbed him and then scooped up Mason who was at a friend's house playing and headed to The Star.

They had it all decked out for the Christmas Spectacular and Tree Lighting that would be happening later that night.

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For the record, I didn't realize Mason had on this Green Bay hoodie until we picked him up at his friend's house. 😂 It definitely looked like he was making a statement, especially when we were walking around the pro shop.  He said, "This place would be a whole lot better if they had some Packers stuff here." hahaha 

Matthew had the remnants of blue icing left on his mouth and teeth from the cupcakes at the party but we got a cute picture with Nana.

Here's what I am working with 99.9% of the time with Mason...

😂😂😂 This kid is such a clown and he was in rare form this weekend!  He'll do anything for a laugh.  I love that he brings out the silliness in my fairly reserved Matthew and Matthew brings out the mature, responsible side of Mason. (Even a little bit of that is helpful.) They are great compliments to each other and love hanging out together...well, about 85% of the time.  ;)

Personality-wise, Matthew is a total mini-me and Mason is all Craig, all the way.  

Mason isn't happy unless he's eating so our first stop inside The Star was the concession stand.  Kid gets #hangry.

We waited a little while for the game before ours to finish and up and then grabbed our seats.

Fun Fact:  My serious high school boyfriend is one of the coaches for Pleasant Grove.  I haven't seen him "in real life" in at least 15+ years so it was fun to see him on the sidelines doing his thing.  He's the nicest guy and has a beautiful family and his football team is killin' it!  Also worth mentioning...he and Craig could be brothers.  haha  They are so similar in so many ways.  It's eerie.

I sent my mom some pictures that I took from the game and when she saw this one, she said "How did you get Mason to cooperate for a normal picture!?" 

Bribery, Mom.  Bribery. #noshameinmymomgame

The game was a blowout and Pleasant Grove won easily.  I see another state championship in their future and we'll be back if they play it here!

On the way out, we saw the aftermath of the Christmas Spectacular.  I was kind of bummed we missed the big show (the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform and they light the tree) but we watched through the windows from a distance and then got to enjoy the big blue tree after the game without 4000 other people.

I had to snap a picture of these gorgeous lights too.  Would it be too much to have these hanging in my front entry?  ;) They looked like strands of diamonds coming down from the ceiling.

It was a fun game although the boys got restless (and let's be honest...a little annoying).  Mason says he loves playing sports but not WATCHING sports.

We dropped the boys at home with Craig after the game because they were super annoying tired.  Craig was making his famous Cajun Bread so he could fill orders in time for Thanksgiving so he didn't come to the game with us.  (Local peeps reading this:  he's got all 4 available for pickup!  Spicy, mild, breakfast sausage and breakfast bacon!  Text either one of us!)  

They ran into the house giggling and cutting up and my parents and I peeled out before they could change their minds.  We were hungry and the giggling maniacs had given us a headache.  Haha. The boys were stuffed full of candy, popcorn and pretzels so they weren't hungry.  And Matthew had been going going going all day long.

Look how cute this group of boys is!  Matthew's friend invited everyone to a fun little party where they were going to go-karting at one of those indoor fast tracks and then back to the birthday boy's house for some Chick-fil-A nuggets and cake.  His mom sent all of us these pictures.  This is Matthew's first year to have a good core group of buddies and it just makes me so happy.  He was clearly on point with his outfit choice.  hahaha

And that was Saturday!  My parents left on Sunday after a brief concert by Matthew and his saxophone.

Matthew has also learned to play with little brother trying to mess with your feet.  The kid is a true professional. ;)

This is my life, people. 😂

Before I sign off for the day, be sure to head on over to the Daily Deals group!!  After several requests, the group is now public so you can share posts and tag friends easily!  This is definitely the week to join and TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS!  If you don't know how, just ask in the group, message me, or comment here.  You won't want to miss all these great Black Friday Deals!

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  1. What a fun and festive weekend!!! I can't wait to eat our Cajun bread this week!!!

  2. Great post. So real life and perfect...especially the annoying part. I so relate with dropping the kids off with the hubby and peeling out of the driveway. hahah
    Looking forward to the the daily deals...thank you in advance for the time and effort you will put into it.

  3. What a fun weekend! I have some similar leopard booties and LOVE them!

  4. Amazing round up of deals!! Definitely checking out those under Armour shirts for my kids! And thank you for letting me know about the sold out sweatshirt in my post! My color did sell out in that style! Wahhh! The exact style comes in other colors and the same color comes in a slightly different style. You can check my updated post or just search Goodthreads sweatshirt on Amazon. :)


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