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Oh man.  Bachelor finale night--what a mess.

Before I start, I wanted to tell you that I am linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites so if you aren't a Bachelor fan, then scroll on down for a couple that you can't miss!

And if you are a Bachelor fan, then settle in.  I have thoughts.  So many thoughts.

I'm going to do this stream of consciousness style so bare with me.


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Well, we finally got to see what was so "OMG!!!" about that teaser clip they've been showing all season of Chris Harrison saying there's something Peter should know before the final rose ceremony which leads to Peter looking like he's going to pass out.  And it was a total WOMP WOMP.

I was completely UNDERWHELMED.

Harrison tells Peter that Hannah Ann MAY not come.  (Yeah, ok.)

And I was like "Ummm ok, Chris Harrison. You're a terrible actor.  We all know she's coming."

I didn't buy that for a millisecond. This (in my opinion) was clearly produced and added in for dramatic effect and to give a good teaser scene all season.  It was smart, I'll give them that.  And it worked!  But Hannah Ann was never NOT going to come, y'all!  Were we really supposed to buy that?  

The producers have done Peter wrong all season and doing that to Peter was evil.  Gullible Pete is easily manipulated (as we've seen all season long from everyone to Allayah to Victoria to his insane mother).  And he clearly fell for that hook, line, and sinker.

Trust me.  There was no way Hannah Ann was not coming to that rose ceremony.  This season was a little overly-produced if you ask me.  Save some of those ideas for next season! Don't use them all up on just one!


So, of course, HA shows up. Hannah Ann would do ANYTHING to marry Peter. We are all aware that Madi made a wise choice and packed her bags already leaving HA his #1.  #happynowBarb? But Hannah doesn't know that.  Which makes it a very awkward proposal.

The proposal was lame and not even edited to add a more romantic effect. In fact, they edited it to make it sound even worse with the whole "Madison......" (huge long pause while all of America goes "Oh ----!  Her name is Hannah Ann, Peter!!) finally followed by "....left 2 days ago."  They really wanted to make it look like Peter called her by the wrong name ala Ross & Emily's wedding.

Image result for ross says the wrong name

Note to all future proposers (is that a word?):  Never EVER say the name of your ex-girlfriend during your proposal.  No matter what.  Ever. Don't do it.  Even if you are telling your current girlfriend that y'all broke up two days ago so it's finally just down to her! (Whoohoo!)  I feel like we should all know this but apparently, Peter did not get that memo so just in case...I wanted to put it out there.

Now wait.  My favorite part of the finale is always the ring shot.  Neil Lane is a master and these rings are GORGEOUS.  So let's pause for a to look at this pear-shaped beauty.

Image result for hannah ann ring

Oooooooooohhhhhhh.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Gorg.  Too bad she only got to wear it for a month and only in the presence of the production team.

Now THAT is tragic.


During the scenes where Hannah Ann and Peter break up, the only thing I kept thinking was "Girl--did you not wash your hair beforehand?". She needed some dry shampoo, STAT.  I am never one to talk about having dirty hair but if I was coming to see my fiance that I haven't seen in a month and I know we are about to break up on national television then I would have definitely washed my hair.  Did anyone else notice this?? 

 I'm wondering if she had just gotten out of a massage before she went to meet him in order to relax.   I love when the masseuse ends with a good head massage but all those oils they use on you get in your hair and this is what you leave with.

Not that she didn't look good.  She can't possibly look bad.  I just thought it was odd that she chose to have greasy hair for the final goodbye. 🤷‍♀️


Another thing I noticed that made me go "hmmm...".  Did anyone notice that Hannah Ann's ring was too big and that she had to have a ring sizer on it?

I'm no conspiracy theorist but it does make me wonder if that ring was really supposed to have gone to someone else...

These girls are asked just about every question imaginable in order to get on the show.  Production knows IT. ALL.  Pants size, dress size, cup size.  I can't imagine that they wouldn't get both of the final two's ring sizes beforehand so when it was time for a proposal--voila!  The ring fits like it was actually made for you!

It just makes me wonder if Peter picked out that ring before Madi left thinking it would be her in the end.  And so it was HER size. (insert evil laugh)  We don't REALLY know the timeline of when Peter picks out the ring with Neil Lane so my little theory could very well be true. ;)

Just a thought.


When I was watching all this drama unfold during their breakup and then when they went to the live event, all I could think of was "Where has this Hannah Ann been all season?!".  I turned into a huge HA fan at the very last minute!  She was strong, confident, well-spoken, passionate without being irrational (ahem...#barb), sweet, kind and with that hair and that red dress---she looked more beautiful than ever!  (That's the way to do it, girlfriend!!)

Chris Harrison, Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on the season finale of "The Bachelor"

But her personality was finally starting to shine through and I was loving her!  I wish we'd gotten to see more of it during the season but editing really is a terrible thing sometimes.  I think she really would have made a decent bachelorette but Bachelor in Paradise will be a great fit for her. (If they cancel BIP because of this freakin' coronavirus I'm not going to be happy.  They've already canceled Summer Games.)  I feel like I've finally gotten to know her AFTER the season because of a podcast interview she did with Rachel and Becca and just from her IG.  She's adorable!


Now we all know that Barb was busy with the head nods and hand claps as Hannah Ann told her son that if he wants to be with a woman, he needs to become a real man.  But when Madi came on stage she really ramped it up a notch.

Barb had me in complete shock at her behavior.  I was cringing.  We all were cringing. It was bad. She wasn't even trying to hide her hatred for Madi.  She didn't care who saw it. But that smart, confident, sweet, Jesus-loving, foster parent recruiter who was saving herself for marriage just was NOT good enough for her son.  And she knows this because she PRAYED and asked God to send her someone for her son.  It makes me wonder exactly how that prayer went.

"God, please send my son someone who will be up for a romp in a windmill anytime he pleases.  Please make her look like a younger version of me.  Please don't let him love her too much because that might make me #2 and we all know that won't go over well.  Please let her wear a cross necklace but not be "all in" on her faith so that my son will still be able to party with her.  Please don't make him have to change a single thing about himself.  Please don't let her ever have an opinion that differs from mine.  Or Peter's.  But mostly mine.  Please don't let there ever be a single difference between the two of them so that everyone is perfectly compatible at all times in all things.  Amen."

I really do feel bad for Peter.  He is stuck between a rock and a hard place moving forward and that night did not help matters at all.  Barb rolled her eyes when Madi spoke, she disregarded everything Madi said and she was basically encouraging her son to fail on national TV.  It was hard to watch.  It was SO HARD to watch.

Now I think Madison is a sweet girl.  But NO GIRL can sit there and take that kind of hatred and not have it affect them.  But Madi took the super high road and said she'd never speak negatively about Peter's family...but she couldn't help a few smirks.  And I thought they were well justified and hilarious.  The girl isn't PERFECT, people!  I would not have been able to hold my tongue the way she did so the fact that a few smirks slipped out and that's IT, is huge!

I've seen the haters go after Madi for her smirks but I just want to ask them "If it were you up there, in that situation and Barb was saying those kinds of things about you, how would YOU react?"  I guarantee those people hating on Madi's facial expressions wouldn't have been nearly as composed as Madi was.

Now PETER ON THE OTHER HAND.  He is on my list.  He should have stood up for their relationship and for her so much more than he did.  There were plenty of moments for him to jump in and defend his woman and he didn't.  Madi should dump him just for that.  Take a look into how it will always be, girl...

Barb was holding on so tightly to the "she made us wait for 3 hours and never apologized" card and I was so over it.  For one, it's a television show.  There are production things.  People have to get cameras and lighting set up and broken down to move to the next scene.  Also, they were having a serious talk outside and I honestly think Madi was trying to tell Peter that she wanted to leave.  I just think he managed to pull her back in.  She was trying to do the right thing and make sure she was ready before spending the afternoon with his parents because she didn't think that would be fair to them if she wasn't sure she wanted a relationship with Peter.  And also PETER WAS OUT THERE TOO!!  It wasn't just her!  Your special Bud was part of the holdup just in case you weren't aware.

*Also, I used to rock the sleeveless turtleneck, jeans and hoop earrings combo all the time in 2001.  Is this look back?!

So when Peter and Madi finally do go in, Peter apologizes for THE BOTH OF THEM since they were both out there.  Not sure why Barb was so insistent that MADI be the one to apologize for making them wait when both of them were out there.  Also, when Peter walks in he immediately apologizes and Madi follows up with a little "It was a long conversation." with a little chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.  It didn't seem like there was a need for a formal "I'm sorry" from her immediately following Peter's "I'm sorry".  It would have been fine to do and clearly, they were expecting Madi to beg for their forgiveness in the matter but to me, it sounded like an apology on both their behalf.

Barb--it could be so much worse!!  I hope Peter's next girlfriend is the complete opposite of Madi in every single way.  And then Barb will be wishing Peter hadn't let her go!  haha

I don't think this relationship will end with happily ever after.  I think Madi is still smart enough to know she needs to get out of this sooner rather than later but the drama of it all has pulled her back in for a little while.  When the dust settles and Barb's antics have driven a giant wedge between them, she'll realize that love doesn't conquer all when it comes to this situation.  No love is worth dealing with Mama Weber for the rest of your life.  Hannah Ann, this means you too!  She would have turned on you eventually, I guarantee it.  Can you imagine that woman being your kid's grandmother?


Hannah Ann is the real winner, friends.  And there's still time to get out, Madi. #run


So yesterday, Barb was all over the tabloids telling her version of events and while I get that there was probably truth to a lot of it (like them not showing a lot of their conversation that day the re-met), some of it was classic Barb.

In two different articles, I read that Barb thought it was very telling that Madi didn't even apologize to Hannah Ann because Peter still had feelings for her.

Yep.  Go ahead and re-read that sentence because it is insane.  (Just like Barb.)

What is with this woman and apologies?!

So let me say this in another I interpret it in my own head.

Barb thinks Madi should call up Hannah Ann and be like "Hey girl.  I'm sorry Peter still has feelings for me.  It's clearly all my fault that he feels this way.  You may not know this, but I've been secretly controlling his mind since the night I left just to hurt you so I feel like I owe you an apology.  Even though I haven't spoken to him in 3 months AND I broke up with him in order for him to be happy with YOU. But again, my bad on him still loving me. It's clearly something I can control and should apologize for."  (Is that about right, Barb?)

I mean, is this woman certifiable?!

Also worth noting.  Barb does NOT think she owes anyone an apology.  Especially Madi.  Which is also very telling, Barb.


So I feel like everything I wrote above is a big ole jumbled mess.  haha  Definitely more of a stream of consciousness post for sure.  ;)  I clearly could go on and on but I'm going to stop here with some final thoughts.

This finale would not have been NEARLY as exciting--or exciting at all--without Barb.  So let's love her for that.

And only that.

Second of all, darn you Chris Harrison, we have seen this situation play out 3 times now so it actually IS something we've seen before.  It's basically the same as Jason and Arie's seasons but with the added bonus of the mother-in-law from HELL.

I still think the most shocking was way back when Brad Womack dumped both his final 2 girls at the end!  Remember that?!

I do agree with Barb and her family on one thing.  I don't think Peter and Madi are necessarily a good match BUT that doesn't mean they are doomed or aren't really in love.  It just means they are going to have to work harder to make their relationship work and there will have to be some compromises.  Your son could do a lot worse, guys.  A LOT.  He could have brought home Victoria so be thankful for Madi. (Or maybe they would have loved Victoria? I honestly don't know with these people.)

Regardless of how she feels about Madi, none of it warranted her being such an evil you know what on national TV.  Disagree with your son's decision but do it respectfully.  Do it with some class. You said it yourself woman--You just want him to be happy.  And he's trying to be.  The only thing making him unhappy is YOU.

The bottom line is that I think Barb felt personally insulted that Madi wasn't gushing over her son like Hannah Ann was.  And when she is insulted she lashes out.  Which is exactly what we saw.  #howcouldyounotlovemybaby

Now I'm not saying Barb is a narcissist but here is a little excerpt I found on narcissistic behavior.  Tell me if it sounds familiar. ;)

 Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding. This way of thinking and behaving surfaces in every area of the narcissist’s life: from work and friendships to family and love relationships.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are extremely resistant to changing their behavior, even when it’s causing them problems. Their tendency is to turn the blame on to others. What’s more, they are extremely sensitive and react badly to even the slightest criticisms, disagreements, or perceived slights, which they view as personal attacks.

Well ok then.  You can read the full article HERE if you want to compare more.  It's pretty spot on if you ask me.  But again, this is just an opinion.  ;)

I think Madi's real fault in Barb's eyes was that she wasn't 100% in love with Peter and that she felt like Madi was criticizing her boy when she was talking about how she didn't want him sleeping with other women.  Now if Madi had gone in with tears in her eyes, telling them how incredibly special and amazing Peter was and that she loved him more than anyone else in the whole wide world and couldn't wait to be Mrs. Weber, I think they would have seen past the differences between them.  It would have probably played out much differently.  There may have been a few conversations regarding their compatibility and I think they still would have loved Hannah Ann just as much but the drama wouldn't have been there.  Madi "insulted" the family by not being in love with Peter as much as she should have been.  So they hated her for it and tried to make her out to be a devil woman. ;)

Whew.  This season was a LOT.  I'm thankful to be done with it honestly and ready for something a little calmer like Brittany and Jax's wedding or Part 3 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.  😂  If you made it through all of that then God bless you.

Now if you're here for Friday Favorites--let's give you those before you run off!

St. Patrick's day is (hold up I have to go google it...) Tuesday!!  Still need a cute green tee to wear so no one tries to pinch you? (That is so annoying.)  Here's a great option!

I saw this one on Sheaffer's blog last week (this week?) and had to get it!  It's super soft with a vintage feel and perfect with my yellow earrings that I got in that 9 pack for $9!  (These have been the best Amazon purchase, y'all!)  The exact pack isn't available anymore but I did find these in a pack with a bunch of other great colors HERE.

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And my new Skechers came in!  I feel like every pair of Skechers Go Walks are a little different and these are just as amazing but I would probably have been ok sizing down to a 7.  I'm usually a 7 or 7.5 but in the past I've bought Go Walks in a 7 and they were too small.  So all my others are 7.5.  I got the 7.5 again this time and the feel the tiniest bit more roomy than my others but don't slip off my feet or anything.  I'm keeping them as is but just thought I'd throw that out there.  If you are between sizes, you may want to size down.  These are also available in a ton of other colors! (On Easy Pay!!  Right now you can do the 6 Easy Pays of just $9.16 a month!)

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I found a new deodorant to love!!  Why do things like this get me so happy?!  😂 I've been using Native for a while now and really like it but none of the natural deodorants seem to work as well as the real ones.  Plus, they kind of hurt when you put them on.  They are always dry and gritty.  Yuck.  So when I saw that Secret had an aluminum-free option, I grabbed it!

I don't know how "natural" it is but I do know that aluminum is the big no-no and since that's not in it, it's good enough for me.  It is a clear, solid gel which has always been my favorite option when it comes to these things and y'all.  It goes on super smooth and it WORKS!!!  Just like a normal one does!!  I haven't noticed a single difference in this one compared to a normal one.

If you want to go aluminum free but hate all the natural brands, try this!! I think you'll love it!  (You can read more about it and it's ingredients or whatever HERE but you can find it at your local stores most likely!)

And I've finally run out of steam.  I've got two more I was going to add but I think I'll save those for this weekend over on the Deals page so be on the lookout!

Have a happy, safe and germ--free weekend, everyone!!  We'll be heading into Spring Break week Part 2 next week because school just announced it will be closed because of the dang coronavirus mess.  Yay (I say sarcastically...). 😉



  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I love all your thoughts on this season of the Bachelor--especially the prayer that you think good ole Barb must have prayed! That was classic! BTW in case you weren't aware, Madi and Peter have already decided to go their separate ways. It was a mutual decision. I read it on Madison's IG this morning. I think it was a wise decision on her part. I always thought she could do much better, and who in the world would want a MIL like Barb?!

    That St. Patty's Day t-shirt is cute. I used to love Lucky Charms cereal as a kid! I will have to check out that aluminum free Secret. I'm using Kopari right now, but I'm not quite sure it's my favorite.

    1. Yes, I saw that 3 minutes after she posted!! Can't say I was surprised! She'll be so much happier now that she's out of this mess. I've been watching her IG stories and Hannah Ann's and both of them look they are doing just fine. And Peter posted a video with his mom so it looks like like he gave Barb the final rose. hahaha

  2. Great recap. The meme that Peter was the worst bachelor ever is my favorite. I guess Barb is smiling ear to ear about their breakup. She can now go on a nasty public tour telling everyone she was right. Good luck to Peter finding anyone who will put up with that crazy!

    1. Have you seen her IG?! She was posting what I'm assuming she thought were Tik Tok type videos with her friends singing "Leaving on a jet plane" right after Madi posted the breakup news looking positively GIDDY. She's insane.

  3. There's a new natural deodorant I've been using that's not gritty. It's called Wildroot ( I think it's a really good one.
    As for #Barb...there aren't enough eye rolls to describe my feelings about that awful woman. I sure hope she watches all of that back and realizes what a psycho she looks like! #poorpilotpete

    1. I think she's a narcissist. There's no way she'll ever admit fault. She won and that's all she cares about! Terrible woman. Peter can grow old with his mama. 😂

  4. I'm kiiiiiinda tempted to rewatch Tuesday's episode b/c I think I was having to resuscitate myself so much during the actual show that I missed a lot. However, I think that's also a huge waste of time and a guarantee for high blood pressure. Barb=whack job. :)

  5. Jessica11:17 AM

    I know you think Sheaffer's Bachelor recaps are the tops, but you are right up there with her. Hilarious post!


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