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But if you do then you're in the right place.

Ok, so yesterday I fell down a rabbit hole of all things Bachelor related.  I found this (below) and posted it to my stories and was about to type out some Bachelor thoughts afterward but honestly, I had too many.  They needed a full blog post of their own.  A slide or two would simply not suffice. ;)


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm DYING to know how this season ends.  I'm so used to knowing exactly how the season plays out (more or less) because I read the spoilers on Reality Steve every year so that has left me...well...SPOILED.  I want to know who Pilot Pete picks, who his mom is talking about in the most dramatic teaser ever, if Madison can forgive him...and I want to know NOW.  Like yesterday. Seriously, the waiting is killing me.  😂😂😂

A few words about Reality Steve though.  If y'all follow him, you might agree with me that it's probably good that he wasn't able to spoil this season.  (Although, supposedly he's going to try and FINALLY do it today--and I'll be the first to check his site this morning!--but honestly...too little too late, Steve.  ABC wins this year.)  Now it's not good for ME that he couldn't spoil it but man, this guy has gotten the biggest head ever over his years of Bachelor-spoiler fame and I feel like he could stand to be knocked down a peg or two.  Again, maybe that's just me (being mean) but the way he goes on and on about how many DMs he gets every day and how everyone is tagging him in this and that and alllllll the emails he's gotten this season, and how he acts like he just can't get a moment's peace and he was up until 1am working reading messages...its like "Ok, we get it. You're so important."  He gives off the wannabe celebrity vibes and I find him very annoying. 😂 But nevertheless, I need him to keep doing his dang job.  He needs to bring it next season.

So as for my thoughts on the final two girls, here's where I am.

I think Sheaffer said it best when she said Hannah Ann was the definition of "doe-eyed".  But I'm so over the doe eyes!  When I stop and think about if I like H.A. for Peter, I honestly don't have much of an opinion because I feel like we still don't know her!  All I see is a tilted head, a little grin and puppy dog/doe eyes staring up at Peter.  I feel like she held back a lot of her personality when she knew the cameras were rolling and seemed very contrived about all of her reactions and her words.  Not necessarily in a malicious way but just in a "Now be very careful you don't say anything stupid and just smile sweetly all the time" way. 

She really lost me when she was all "Hey Peter, don't stress about sleeping with the other girls this week.  It's totally cool.  I'm totally cool.  You do you.  And when you're done, I'll be right here and I won't say a word about it ever because I'm the perfect woman." (So basically the exact OPPOSITE of what Madi said.)

Image result for hannah ann

H.A. is a GORGEOUS girl and I'm sure she's a ton of fun and full of so much more personality than we really got to see on this show but I just wish she'd been a little more relaxed.  I was actually happy to see her get teary after Pete sent Victoria home!  I felt bad for her that she was sad but I liked seeing real emotion from her.  

Now the question is...were the tears because she was sad for her friend Victoria, because she was just relieved that it was over or because she was feeling all those major love vibes coming from Peter and Madi and was starting to freak out a little bit? 

Madi made a toast after Victoria left and she looked right at Peter and said: "To seeing if love can conquer all." Insert dramatic pause with Peter and Madi staring hard into each other's eyes then clinking glasses...and poor Hannah Ann looking back and forth between the two of them like "What just happened?". #thirdwheel #crap

In the previews for next week, we get to see Hannah Ann finally get a little backbone and say something along the lines of "I need more from you" and I was like "YES GIRL!!"  Finally show him that you aren't always going to be this sweet little pushover!

As for Madi, I still love her and how she's handled herself.  She seems to be very confident with who she is and she doesn't seem to care that her convictions may not be very popular with most of America.  She's staying true to herself and although I think she's better than this show, if she and Peter do end up together, I think she'll be the kind of girl that will make him a better man.  I don't think they are compatible enough for a lifelong commitment but if they are together for any length of time, I think she'll be good for him.  He's got such great potential and seems to have a really big heart...he's just made some seriously bonehead moves that will go down in Bachelor history.

But unfortunately, we still don't know how this final episode plays out and we don't know who he's with now, if anyone, or what in the world is going to happen at After the Final Rose.

If you are even a small-time Bachelor follower then I'm sure you've heard rumors of how this season ends.  We keep hearing from Peter and Chris Harrison that no one has guessed the ending, no one knows how it's going to end (not even Peter), blah blah blah.  And I can see why they would say Peter doesn't even know the ending if they are talking about the ending as in where they go from here (today).  But Peter obviously knows the ending of the SHOW and what has transpired over the past 3 months since filming ended.  AND I WANT TO KNOW TOO!

I feel like they have really built this ending up so I fully expect my jaw to be on the floor when this plays out on my screen.  Because if it doesn't, and I'm left underwhelmed and staring at the TV saying "That's it?  That's all that happened?", I'm going to be pissed.

There have been so many crazy theories that have been floating around too, so the competition that brings to the real ending is immense, right?!  I mean, if the real ending doesn't beat any of these, it's kind of going to be a letdown.

So let's talk theories...  Here are the ones that I've given the most headspace to.


Now I really liked this theory.  It fit all the things we've heard like "this season's ending is completely different than anything we've had before", "it's what real loves stories are made of", "no one will be able to spoil it", yada yada yada.

I mean, I was there for it.  I could see it.  The short version is that this adorable producer named Julie became very close with Peter while they were filming Hannah B.'s season and then of course even more so while they filmed his.  And somewhere in the midst of filming he realizes he can't carry on any more with the other girls and decides its really Julie that he wants.

Image result for peter with producer

There are lots of pictures of them together with their families, in NYC for New Years (where he was actually in town doing Bachelor related stuff) and her IG just looks like someone who should be a contestant.  Fun-loving, cute, adventurous...totally his type.

Now that would be a FABULOUS twist, honestly.  But good ole Reality Steve who knows everything (except the ending...) says that could NEVER happen and we're all idiots if we even think about it.  (See why I don't like him?)  For starters, it totally could happen.  You can't say it could never happen.  People who work together closely fall in love all the time.  Is it likely?  No.  But it's not impossible.

The "proof" is intriguing but definitely doesn't qualify as proof.  It's a fun theory and I was there for it for a minute or two while there was still Allayah drama going on and it looked like they all wanted to quit in the middle of shooting.  But now that I see his connection with Madi and Hannah Ann, I can't see this being correct.

If you want to read the theory in more detail and see the "proof", I found a good summary of it on this blog.


Ok now this one had me laughing out loud.  This one started when everyone was buzzing about the fact that Kelley was not invited to The Women Tell All.  We still don't really know why but supposedly it's because production just didn't like her.  Interesting.  But she came off as a bit of a know-it-all to me and by the end seemed to be completely over the whole thing.  I can see her giving production a piece of her mind and burning some bridges. 😂

HOWEVER, the theory was that she didn't come to the WTA because (gasp!) she's actually PREGNANT with Peter's baby stemming from their night together before filming began.  And that they are together now.

Even I'll admit that this one is a dumb theory though.  She's been very active on Instagram and she doesn't look the least bit preggo.  And if she HAD gotten pregnant back in AUGUST when they met she would be 6 months pregnant now and most definitely showing.

Also, apparently Peter's whole family follows Kelley on Instagram and they don't follow any of the other girls.  So that has led everyone to believe that it's another piece of proof needed for their theory.  I feel like if she was the one he's with now, that would be a huge no-no.  I mean, wouldn't that be a huge tell?  There's no way The Bachelor would allow that, right?  Who knows why they follow her.  Maybe Peter told them about her after their chance encounter a month before filming and they've been following her since then.  But I feel pretty confident that he is not with Kelley and that she is not pregnant with his love child. 😉

Now these were the two theories that got a lot of attention (and still are) but here are a few smaller ones that deserve a mention as well.


According to some super sleuths, it was discovered that Peter followed Hannah Ann on Venmo.

Venmo, people.

Honestly, who would even think to check that?!! Also, I feel like I need to take this opportunity to do a PSA on Venmo.  Is everyone aware that we can all see what you're paying someone for when you add a little comment to your transaction unless your account is set to private?  I'm not sure everyone knows that your transactions are public until you do that.  Not the amount...just the little comment.  I don't know if you want everyone to see that you paid Karen back for buying you tampons. 🤷‍♀️  Or worse.

Anyway, I can no longer find Pete's Venmo (yes I went and looked for myself a while back and found it but Hannah Ann had already been removed from his friends' list) and now I can't find him on there at all.  Hannah Ann is still there though but no sign of Pete.

So according to this theory, since HA and Peter were friends on Venmo, that means he picked her.  Not exactly airtight.


This is a theory I just heard yesterday but thought it was definitely a stretch.  But theories are fun and they pass the time while we wait for what will hopefully be an ending that will top all of these.


(Can we just pause though for a moment and all be super jealous that Victoria has NO apparent cellulite when she sits like this?  Ughhhhh...)

So during the WTA, when Peter was on the hot seat with Victoria he said this when discussing how he feels about her now:


I personally took this to mean that he still cared for her and was happy that she was in a good place and that he respects her (does he really though...?) and all of that.  But I guess some people over at Cosmo took it to mean he slipped up and "our relationship" meant that they are together.  And since Victoria actually came off pretty good (and got it pretty easy) during her time on the hot seat, people also think they intentionally went easy on her because Peter is actually with her now.

Of course, there are other theories out there that are much more plausible.  Like...Madi self-eliminates before the final rose ceremony, both girls self-eliminate so he's left with no one, Hannah Ann's the winner because there were some similar golf bags in both her and Peter's pics on IG, Madi is the winner because she was filming something just a couple of weeks ago in her hometown...I mean.  Surely one of these has to be it, right?!  I wouldn't hate it if he got a phone call from Hannah Brown professing her love for him and them running off together.

As much as I hate that I still don't know, it IS kind of more exciting waiting for this to finally play out.  I watch this show every season out of pure habit, friends.  It's like a comfy blanket I just can't let go of or that beat up old teddy bear that just makes you feel happy.  I can't quit it.  I much prefer my drama on my television where I can enjoy it safely from the comforts of home. 😉

Now here's what I think is going to happen.  My friend, Brittany, texted me this theory of hers a few days ago and I think she's spot on.

I think Madi and Hannah Ann each spend a day with Peter's family.  Peter's mom already knows Madi from when they went on that one-on-one date early on and he brought her to their vow renewal.  So I feel like Madi's already got a one-up on H.A.  Peter's mom tells Peter that she's definitely the one for him.

During Madi's last night date, they dive in deeper to the whole intimacy thing and Madi realizes she can't continue.  The next day, before the final rose ceremony, Peter is ready to propose to Madi but before Hannah Ann arrives in the limo, Chris Harrison swoops in with this shocker: 

Image result for favorite bachelor pete memes

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣  Just kidding.  He really said this:

Chris Harrison: Before you do what you're about to do, there is something you should know.

Peter: What?

Chris: There's something I just found out, all of us just found out.

Peter: Oh my god.

Chris: I'm not sure how all this ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up...

Peter: [walking around] I feel like I'm going to pass out right now. ... [lying in bed] It's just like the last thing I needed to hear.

I think he's telling Peter that Madi left and that he wanted to let him know before he dumps Hannah Ann in case that changes anything.  I can't see there being some formal rose ceremony after that so I feel like he goes to Hannah's room and lets her down that way?  And then it cuts to him talking with his mom back at her hotel room and he tells her what happened. (Enter the dramatic "bring her home to us" speech by Mama Weber) and Madi and Peter are trying to figure things out right now.  And maybe at the After the Final Rose, we'll get to hear if they are going to make a go of it or break up. (Or get engaged!)

So there ya go.  What do YOU think happens?!  Do you agree with any of these theories?  Will you be watching?!

By now, Reality Steve has posted his own blog with his final spoilers so if my theory matches his then I promise I didn't cheat and just steal his.  I'm writing this on Wednesday before he's posted his blog today so I'm anxious to see how I did.

And I can't leave without addressing our new Bachelorette!  I've always like Clare Crawley and have checked in on her IG several times over the years to see if she's gotten married yet.  I can't believe she hasn't been scooped up yet!  I watched her on Juan Pablo's season, then in Bachelor in Paradise and on the Bachelor's Winter Games (where she actually got engaged but that ended pretty quickly).

 She's bubbly, funny, sweet, beautiful and 38!!  She's my age!  It's so weird because she seems "so old" in Bachelor world considering most of these girls are 23 so I LOVE that they stepped outside the box and chose Clare over girls like Tia and Tayshia (who are both super sweet and gorgeous and were both in the running for Bachelorette).  It's going to make next season much more interesting and I just really hope Clare finds her happily ever after!

Image result for clare crawley gif

I'm just going to need it all to be spoiled the right way this time, Steve, hmm k?

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!



  1. Oh my word. I've never watched The Bachelor, but now you make me want to. :) I love your blog. Can't wait to see what books and audio books you read. I highly suggest Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (audiobook) It's so so good and funny and is captivating.

  2. I think you are SPOT on girl! This season has been frustrating to watch but somehow, they have us all non-patiently waiting until Monday. So excited to watch Clare!!! I turn 38 in April and cannot imagine being in her shoes ;)

  3. Yes! To all of this!! I have a love/hate with Reality Steve and it's been very difficult to not know the ending! I just want to know! I love Madi and how she's sticking to who she is and Hannah Ann just seems so sweet. And Peter just isn't my favorite Bachelor, but that's clearly not stopped me from watching!

  4. I have watched this show for YEARS and this has been one of the worst seasons in my opinion!! I have no clue how this will end, but I definitely can't see it working with either girl left. I heard him on a podcast say he was happy and in love so I guess he is with someone, who is TBD. I just can't see it with either girl. I actually didn't see it with any girl on his season besides when Hannah B showed up!


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