Friday, April 24, 2020


Hey hey Friday!  

Look, I know that our days are running together and it's basically Groundhog Day on repeat BUT I'm thankful for Friday because I get 2 days with no homeschool nonsense!!  I am so over homeschool stuff, friends.  SO OVER IT.  It's not anyone's fault.  I'm certainly not blaming the teachers because I know this is not fun for them at all or the district or anyone.  (Ok, maybe I blame a few Chinese officials/scientists maybe just a little bit.)  But other than that, I know homeschool is just a necessary evil right now.  It doesn't mean I have to like it. ;)

I'm just so ready to put the responsibility of teaching a 4th-grade boy about poetry back into the hands of a trained professional, friends.  SERIOUSLY, does he really need to know what a cinquain is and how to write one himself?  When will he EVER need to know that?! 

Same goes for a haiku.  At least I've heard of that one.

Honestly, I would have loved this kind of assignment in 4th grade (or any grade) because I was a girl who loved to read and write and use my imagination.  Unfortunately, my 4th-grade boy wants nothing to do with any of those things. 😂 I thought he was going to crawl out of his skin to try to get away from this assignment, y'all.  I may have helped him a little too much just to get us through it but we would have been there FOREVER had I not given him some suggestions.  The sad thing is, is that had he been in a classroom setting surrounded by all his buddies who were also having to do the assignment, as well as being under the watchful eye of his teacher, I have no doubt he would have powered through and done just fine.  And I would never have had to hear about it and would still be blissfully unaware of what a cinquain was.  

Homeschool sucks and I'm over it. I need a teacher in-service.

On the bright side, we get to do all of this in mismatched pajamas, shorts we've worn 3 days in a row, t-shirts that are too small/stained/ripped/etc, and with DIY haircuts. So it's not all bad. ;)

Quarantine Check-In with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Whew.  I feel better.  It's not always unicorns and rainbows over here, let's be real.  It's good to vent every once in a while!  But now, it's time to move on to a few things that are much more fun that 4th-grade poetry.

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites so let's get to it!

My OOTD yesterday was a favorite!  I ordered this cute tee after seeing it on Sheaffer and it arrived just in time for me to wear it to the store yesterday. My big weekly outing. Whoop whoop!  haha  This was the most dressed I've been all week INCLUDING Craig and Mason's birthday so I felt it was worthy of a mirror selfie.

Now the seller that I ordered this tee from is HERE but it is now very back-ordered and also has $7 shipping! #nothanks When I bought it, it was prime eligible.  Boo.  But there are several other sellers who have it too and I've rounded them up for you here along with the rest of the outfit details. I'm wearing a small.

The jeans are ones I've told you about a hundred times before and they just happen to be available on Jane right now for under $50 with free shipping!  These have the perfect amount of stretch to them which makes them super comfortable and the hit right at my ankles so I don't have to cuff them! (I'm 5'5".)  I find these very TTS and recommend them all the time.  (PS:  In this same link you'll also find my other favorite pair of jeans.  So be sure to check out Style #6 for the ones shown above and Style #2 for the ones I wear the most out of all my jeans.)

Also, these particular Skechers Go Walks are the best ones I have in my closet right now and that's saying a lot.  Because I have A LOT.

And one more shout out to the only self-tanner I've been using on my body lately.  I forgot how much I love this in-shower stuff and it is BY FAR the easiest self-tanner you will ever use. (And I'm still using these drops in "medium" for my face.)

Speaking of shoes, the Adidas Cloudfoams in this gorgeous rose gold/black combo are on sale right now for $46 (reg $65) but you can use the code APRIL to knock another 30% off of them and snag them for just $32!!  And be sure to register (for free) in order to get free shipping too!  I don't have these but I've seen every influencer and their mama rave about them...including my own mom who just ordered a second pair after I posted this over in the Deals group maybe I need them too. ;)  

The entire site is 30% off (with some exclusions) so be sure to check it all out.  Sale items are included!!

Ok, I feel like this is super random but I watched a video that Jules (from Summer House) did the other day doing some sort of "gua sha" technique on her face.  I had never heard of this and was instantly intrigued. She was using this smooth, curved, flat stone thing to scrape across her skin and honestly, it looked like it would feel good!  So I did some googling (of course) and found out that it's a legit therapy that tons of spas and acupuncture clinics use for a bunch of different things.  But for your face, it is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage (de-puff!), increase blood circulation which equates to more cell turnover, release muscle tension and lifts and defines your skin.  Yes yes and yes please!

So I jumped on Amazon to order my own and ended up choosing one that also came with a jade roller.  Jade rollers are super trendy too and are similar to gua sha.  It's just a rolling motion as opposed to scraping (gentle scraping...nothing scary!) and pulling.

There are several really good YouTube videos about these two tools and how to use them.  It's super simple and OH EM GEE does it feel so good!!  I've been gua sha-ing the heck out of my face every night while I lay in bed watching TV because it's like a massage for my face.  Slather on your oils and moisturizers and then hit it with these and you will be in heaven while also helping to keep your skin young and healthy.  I mean, even if it didn't I would still do it because it feels so good!

I ordered this set but it has since become slightly backordered.  This gua sha stone comes highly recommended though with great reviews and can ship immediately and this jade roller/gua sha stone set is the "Amazon's Choice" option with fairly quick shipping at a really great price.

I know I didn't do a great job at explaining all this but that's what YouTube beauty vloggers are for!  You can get both of these little tools in a set for under $18 so why not try it out?!  Self-care and all that. ;)

And since we've ventured into topics about skincare, I wanted to remind you that I posted a huge, updated skincare post yesterday to coincide with the current Colleen Rothschild sale that's going on now!  Y'all know I'm a huge fan of this skincare line and I'm always trying new products from them.  So head on over there to see what all I've added to my arsenal and if you see anything you like, be sure to take advantage of the 20% off sale if you can! It ends soon!!

And last but not least--we celebrated TWO birthdays on Tuesday!  Mason turned 10 and Craig turned 41!  I wrote about my birth story with Mason on Tuesday (here) and how my water broke early the night before Craig's birthday so all of it was a huge surprise! If you like birth stories, you should go back and take a look.  I'll have a birthday recap next week of all the fun we had during their #quarantinebitrthday but it turned out SO much better than any of us thought it would be so for that, I am so thankful.

Stay healthy and enjoy your weekend with no school mama-teachers! I know I will!



  1. Love those Cloudforms and I just ordered a gray pair! I need a new pair of workout shoes desperately so hopefully these will work!

  2. I am a teacher and I HATE ONLINE learning!! I am real about that too. This is NOT teaching, and I know people are trying to get really cool and do all these slides, and techy stuff but KIDS need ME in the classroom not more online work from me. SOOOOOO for your poetry part - good job mama because unless he is a literature major he will never care what that poetry is called!

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Your comments on homeschooling at me laughing out out! As a teacher and a mom I am feeling your feelings 100%!

  4. I love my adidas cloud foams and I just picked up another pair! Thanks!! I am a teacher at my kids' school and I am with you. I love to teach my kids media but teaching all the other subjects are not my favorite. Happy birthday to your birthday boys! Have a great weekend!

  5. Fun updates! Visiting you from the friendship friday blog hop.

  6. Your home schooling ventis dead on- feeling your pain girl. Happy Birthday to your men!


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