Friday, April 10, 2020


Helloooooo....Friday? Right?

Kidding.  I know it's Friday.  It's GOOD Friday!!

On Good Friday Jesus hung on the cross and died and the enemy thought he had killed the Son of God. It's Friday - but Sunday's coming! #Matthew #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

I just love those words.

Even though Jesus was crucified on this day it led to the most beautiful promise that's ever been fulfilled.  Three days later, He rose again just as He said He would.  He took on OUR punishment so that we could have eternal life with Him if we just believe, friends.
John 3:16   #john316 #john #encouragement #encouragingbibleverses #loved

It's not complicated, friends. Your initial step is to just believe in Him, believe in who He says He is and believe in what He has done for us.  For YOU. What do you have to lose? 


Ok, so admitting right now that there's no smooth transition into Friday Favorites from that so we're just going to jump right on in. 😉

(I had several DMs about my hat after I put this on IG yesterday and I'm so sorry to say it's sold out! I got it HERE so maybe you can ask if they'll be getting any more but you can also find some very similar ones--maybe even cuter--on Etsy HERE.  Favorite little earring cuffs HERE.)

Yesterday was Erika's daughter's 11th birthday so we joined all her friends in a birthday parade!  Birthday parades are all the rage right now in our area.  Are they big in yours too?  If they aren't and you know of someone (of any age!) with a birthday coming up, you should absolutely send out a big group text and get one organized!  Meet at a designated location (schools are super easy) and get in a big carpool line.  You never even have to leave your car!  Make sure you give the birthday person a heads up that they need to be standing out in their front lawn at a certain time and then when everyone's lined up, roll down those windows, turn up the music and GO!

They are so much fun, take a very small amount of time (it's not like you're doing anything else anyway) and are so easy.  And that birthday boy/girl will feel SO INSANELY SPECIAL.  Ebby Lee called it her best birthday ever!  Seeing Erika so happy (and emotional) made me tear up too!


We threw out Easter eggs filled with candy and dropped off a little gift for the birthday girl but honestly, I think Bowen and Britt were having just as much fun! 😂

Britt's face here cracks me up.  She's gonna need a birthday parade too I think, Erika! 😉

Happy birthday, Ebby Lee!!

Since we've been in quarantine for however many weeks now with no end in sight, I thought I'd share the hair and makeup products I've been using on repeat.  I think all the staying at home is working wonders for my hair.  I have probably blowdried it 2 or 3 times in the past month and I think I've curled it twice--just because I was bored. 😂  While I do FEEL better when I do my hair, I mostly just throw it into a twist or bun after I wash it (every 3 days) and then sleep on it wet or let it air dry throughout the day depending on when I shower.

I use this shampoo and this conditioner and they have been my go-to for a couple of years now. I use the big bottles and on a side note, one of them fell off the little bench in my shower this week and landed straight on my foot.  It was completely full too so--OUCH.  This is what it looked like yesterday.)

A little swollen, very bruised and not cute. Ha! Thankfully, it doesn't hurt at all when I walk...just don't touch the bruise! 😬

But back to hair care.  I'm trying to do all I can to strengthen and repair my hair and keep it from styling tools as long as I can.  

The two conditioning products I've been using are the It's a 10 Leave-In Spray and the Olaplex I told you about last week.  I spray in the It's a 10 as soon as I get out of the shower each time and I swear this has helped my hair SO MUCH.  I've been using it for months now so I knew this but I still can't get over how much SOFTER my hair is when I use it as opposed to if I forget.

The Olaplex is new to my routine and I use it about once a week to help strengthen and repair the damage I've done by highlighting and using my heat styling tools.  Plus, I'm no spring chicken anymore.  Aging hair is a big concern too!  Anything to help keep my hair looking young. ;)

And speaking of highlighting...I have been trying to keep my hair bright and light with these two products.

I use the Lightening Spray when my hair is damp and sometimes I spray it on small pieces around my face and then sometimes I just spray it all over my head like I do my leave-in spray.  This stuff really does work to gradually lighten your hair but it's subtle.  Since my natural color is a medium blonde shade this works really well on my hair.  I've been using (and it's cheaper sister Sun-In back in college...hahaha) forever.

And just recently I decided to try the new Blonding Brush by Kristin Cavallari and her hairstylist.  This works great too if you are wanting to do a more controlled highlight application.  You literally just brush it over whatever section you want.

Once they are applied, you can sit out in the sun to let it dry or just blow dry it.  The heat is what activates it.  You can also apply it to dry hair and blow dry that little section too but it may end up a little greasy afterward.  Since I've got nowhere to go, I've done this a few times and my hair looks a little sunkissed and beachy blonde.

As for my daily makeup routine, it has gotten a lot more natural around here.  I try to put a little makeup on every day just so I don't feel blah.  Looking in the mirror to see a messy bun and dark circles all day every day isn't fun.  But it's amazing what a little concealer and mascara will do!

And as I mentioned mascara...I realize I forgot to include it in my picture.  Whoops.  But these days my makeup routine is pretty much this:

I've been using the Isle of Paradise drops (3) mixed in with my nightly moisturizer once every few days to give my face a little bronzy glow.  Having a little tan can hide so many flaws, girls!  I use my concealer under my eyes, around my nose, a little on my chin and a little on my forehead and then blend it in with my beauty blender.  (Sometimes I use this one instead but it is a little heavier so I save it for when I'm going somewhere.) On days when my tan has faded, I use the Tula Face Filter Blurring Primer because it definitely blurs away some imperfections and it also gives you some color as well.

I always brush my eyebrows into place because they get crazy if I don't.  I've always had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows.  This Nyx eyebrow pencil is what I've been using lately and I love the little brush at the end. It's different from any others I've used before, it feels good and it really helps blend in the pencil well.

I curl my lashes really quick and then apply the best mascara ever (that's just $5 by the way...).  I just give it one light coat. (Also on Amazon HERE.)

And if I'm feeling fancy, I'll swipe on this fun lip balm (in Shine) that is SO SMOOTH and moisturizing AND it gives you a subtle pop of color once it reacts with the warmth in your lips.  This is pretty much all I've used on my lips since I found it last month.  It gives the perfect natural color while also acting as a balm so win-win.

This whole deal takes about 3 minutes and I get to feel like things are normal just a little bit. ;)

My goodness, these little can coolers have been everyone's favorite this week!!  I just want to say THANK YOU for all of you who purchased from my Etsy shop this past week and left sweet little notes with your orders too!  The skinny can coolers were most definitely favorite #1 with y'all and I'm loving seeing all the font/color combos y'all put together!

If you checked the shop this week and your color was out of stock, be sure to check back now! I just restocked all colors but some go much quicker than others so don't wait too long!

As a reminder, these are perfect for White Claws, Truly's, Red Bulls...most all12oz skinny cans.

That's it for today, friends! I hope y'all have a great Easter with your families and let's just all pray that this is the one and only Easter we'll have to spend like this!


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