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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I thought I'd share a little bit of what our daily lives are like while we are trapped at home during this pandemic.  I still feel like all of this is just SURREAL, don't you?! Honestly, if I think about it too long I start to go way too deep and get myself thinking "What if I'm really in a coma right now and this is all just some sort of crazy dream that I'll eventually wake up from?".  Yeah, things are getting freaky over here. 😂 #sendhelp

To all of you healthcare workers, first responders, cashiers, delivery drivers, etc--we are so thankful for you and are praying for your health and safety!!  It has to be incredibly scary to be out in it every single day.  THANK YOU!!!

Here at home, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing, interspersed with puzzles, games, TV, video games, schoolwork and snacks.  Lots of snacks.

One thing I have noticed that has gotten a lot better around here though is our laundry situation.  We seem to be doing less laundry than before which is awesome but then I stop and realize it's quite possibly because several of us are guilty of wearing the same outfit for two days straight. Haha.  (Anyone else?)  There also aren't uniforms to wash and my kids aren't changing clothes 3 times a day like they normally do.  #sohelpful

The same cannot be said about the dishes though.  That sink piles up with dirty dishes so fast these days because everyone is just in and out of the kitchen  I've started a new policy where the boys have to use the same water bottle all day and just refill it instead of getting a cup of water every time. Please don't ask me why it took me this long to do this because I don't know. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, here's a look in pictures of our days...

Church service on the floor of the office.  (Craig had just left for a second but his spot is right there next to Matthew.)

After service giggle-fest for these too and video games.

After seeing the above picture I decided we couldn't wait any longer to tackle at-home haircuts.  I watched this YouTube video tutorial and it was so good. I did Mason's all by myself and then Craig wanted in so he did the clippers part on Matthew's and I took care of the top.  I must say that I kind of loved giving them haircuts and was crazy proud of my work. haha  I think I may have missed my calling. ;)  I can't wait to do it again!  Something about holding the hair between my fingers and snip snipping that hair was so satisfying!  And I only cut myself twice! After a brief timeout to find a bandaid I was back at it though. Ha.

(Matthew ran away every time I tried to take his picture.)

I've been doing some random organizing here and there.  I bought these clear organizers to add to replace a boring tupperware container we were using here.  Little things like this just make me happy.

And I bought these clear divided lazy susans too for a bunch of products that were just floating around underneath my sink.  I love that I can give it a little spin so I can see what all is in there.

And I've had these little wire baskets for years now but I cleaned out a bunch of stuff I don't use so now it's just filled with products I reach for over and over again like in the lazy susan.  I've got one of these hanging on each cabinet door.

I'm staying entertained with audiobooks and my Kindle but I can't wait until the next book review post to tell y'all about this one.  I just finished In An Instant and it was SO GOOD.  I had a very hard time putting it down/turning it off.  As of now, it's my favorite book of 2020.

It's about a tragic car accident that ends up killing one of the teenagers and the book is read from her perspective.  It starts with the days leading up to the accident and then during the accident as it's happening and then all the aftermath.  It was heavy.  It was sad.  It is deeply moving.  But it was so so good!  Now if you have had a loved one pass away in an accident, take caution since this could be hard to read.  You can find it here and it's also a Kindle Unlimited book too so if you have that, it's free!

Ok, so on April Fool's did y'all do this to your kids?  Because I sure did and it DID.NOT.GO.WELL.
Oh how I wish I'd been recording Mason's reaction when I showed him this.  For those of you who don't know, he's almost 10 and in 4th grade.  And when he read this, he immediately started to get hysterical and sob.  I had to tell him it was a joke within 2 seconds of him reading it because he was that distraught.  Distraught doesn't even begin to cover it though.  

And then once I told him "April Fools!" he started crying even louder, ripped my phone out of my hand and stormed out the front door!  Sobbing his eyes out the whole way.  It was TRAUMATIC for him, y'all and I felt like a jackass, quite honestly.

I knew he was going somewhere to cool off and knew me being there would only make it worse so I gave him 15 minutes and then went looking for him.  (For the record, I wasn't worried in the slightest he was going to run away from the house or anything like that.  That's not him. I knew he'd be hiding somewhere around the yard.)

I found him sitting next to our trashcans by our back fence and he immediately ran away from me, back into the house, once he saw me coming. Sigh.  He was so mad at me, y'all!!!  

This literally went on for a couple of hours (although I did manage to get my phone back in the mean time).  Matthew knew I'd played a joke of some sort on him but I didn't tell him what it was because I wanted to do it to him too.  Being older, I knew I wouldn't get that reaction from Matthew and he told me he wanted me to do it to him too.  I told him I couldn't do it now or he'd know it was the joke so I waited until later in the day, when he was on the computer in the office and I wandered in looking at my phone.

I asked him if he'd heard this yet and showed him my phone.  And he read it and then I swear he went white and I thought he was going to pass out.  I let it go on a little longer than I did with Mason because Matthew wasn't screaming and crying like Mase did.  haha  But since I'm too soft, I told him April Fool's after about a minute and flipped it to camera mode to capture his reaction right after he started to comprehend it was a joke.

That's one April Fool's joke that's going to be remembered.  Mason was so upset that he wouldn't even let me make him a sandwich later because he said he didn't trust me!  So he made it himself and I kind of felt like that was a win for me.

All was forgiven by bedtime though and he's now able to laugh about it...a little bit. ;)

We've done some scavenger hunts we found on Pinterest.

I've tackled these weeds.  And it was not fun.  Our yard is looking better though so yay for that.

These two have been swimming a couple of times but today it's going to be 90 so I'm sure they'll be in there again!

Mason is my kid who needs to be entertained at all times so I set him up with some scrap wood and some paint while I worked on orders.

He's also done lots of chalk drawings on the driveway.

And we set up a little painting station in the sunroom.

They've also painted rocks and placed them around the neighborhood to give someone a fun little surprise. :)

Craig showed me a little clip of someone doing this next technique and so I wanted to try it with Mason.  All you need is glue, salt and watercolors.

Draw your image with the glue and then sprinkle on the salt (like you would with glitter).  Make sure you cover the glue really well or it won't be as fun.

Let it dry and then paint with watercolors!  The wetter your brush is, the more it "bleeds" all over the salt.  It's really neat!  Art class?  Check!

Our family has been all about the puzzles for the past few weeks.  I'm glad I snagged a few before they started selling out everywhere!  We're about to start trading with our neighbors!

Of course, schoolwork is on the agenda every Monday through Friday too.  All I can say about that is "ugh" and I'll leave it at that. 😂

We are doing tons of family movie nights and those are my favorite! We've watched tons of those good 90s movies like Hook, Jack and Mrs. Doubtfire (my kids now know Robin Williams) and we are on the 6th Harry Potter movie.  They've never been interested in Harry Potter before this but we finally convinced them to watch the first movie and they loved it.  Craig and I have always loved HP movies too.  We used to go see them as soon as they'd come out a the theater!  So we're happy they are into them now too.

And finally, I'm still working on the revamp of our sunroom. My new couch is supposed to be here today (whooohoo!) and I ordered a new rug as well but I'm pretty sure that's already delayed.  Can't wait to show you once I'm done with it all!  

By the way, if you are also wanting to add new furniture to your outdoor space, this is such a great deal on a 4 piece set! One of the influencer's I follow, @ketoincourt, has this and I was shocked at how inexpensive it is compared to some others I've seen that are almost identical.  I wanted the 4 piece set but I think it would make my room too crowded so I just bought the couch with the table instead.  Definitely check these out though if you're in the market and look at the reviewers' "real life" pictures.

And that's about it.  Life around here isn't much different than your own normal I'm sure.  Praying for the day we can all wander the aisles of Target aimlessly again or even just hug our friends.

One more thing before you leave...I know a bunch of you grabbed these glittery flip flops from last Friday's post but I wanted to let you know that they are on sale now for 25% off if you wanted them but were waiting on a price drop!  Free shipping and free returns too.

Don't forget that you can find me at all the places below including more fun sales and deals in the FB group!  Have a sweet day with your families, friends and try to cherish this time together!


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  1. Too funny about the April Fool's joke! We are house hunting and had an appointment on April Fool's Day, so we secretly piled all of my daughter's stuffed animals in my car before we left. Of course, last minute, she decides to bring one with and can't find any of them so she starts panicking and crying and I had to usher her out the door and show her my car. Luckily, she thought it was funny then, especially since we let her ride there with all of them, but I know how you feel! Haha. :)


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