Friday, September 25, 2020


Oh hey there, FALL!!! You are showing up right on time around here and we are so thankful for the welcome change (and distraction) as we enter into a new season! Next week, we're supposed to have highs in the low to mid-70s all week with lows in the low-50s and I AM HERE FOR IT. Bring on my favorite jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, booties and cute jackets!

This week has been a very slow one and I have felt very unmotivated all week. And I hate feeling that way. Here's hoping I can pull myself out of it this weekend and get my closet put back together. Right now I'm in the process of switching around my spring/summer wardrobe for my fall/winter one and it's just a big ole mess. I have way too much crap in there, friends. Does anyone have experience with  Poshmark? Someone told me I should sell some of my stuff there. Some of it is really good stuff that I just know I'll never wear again and/or I forgot to return before the return window was up. I do that a lot. ๐Ÿคฆ‍♀️ Anyway, this weekend will be spent trying to organize that mess. Fun times. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now let's get to the good stuff from the week! Just because I was unmotivated doesn't mean I didn't still have favorites!


I watched the Robin Williams' documentary this week and I'm so glad I did. When he committed suicide a few years ago, I was shocked along with the rest of the world. We were told he had fallen off the wagon and had been back into drugs and alcohol which, turns out, is not true. (Imagine that...) He was actually dealing with a rare sort of dementia that had been attacking his brain for months although at the time, he didn't know that. He just knew that he didn't feel like himself and was struggling with tremors, forgetfullness, sleeplessness, depression...all sorts of things. He WASN'T himself because of this awful disesase.

His wife, neighbors, colleagues and friends were all part of the documentary so you really got an honest look at who he was and what he was dealing with his last few months. It was terribly heartbreaking. It was a great documentary though so if you're into those, be sure to check it out! I rented it off of Amazon.

While we all sit here very impatiently waiting for all our Fall TV shows to come back to us, I decided to find something new to try. I had heard of the new show on Fox with Kim Cattrall called Filthy Rich (not to be confused with the Netflix Documentary "Filthy Rich" about Jeffrey Epstein) and since there were already a few episodes out, I binge-watched what I could. And now I'm hooked and need more!!

It's about a very wealthy family living in New Orleans. The dad is a TV pastor for a mega-church, Kim Cattrall is the perfect wife and mom and they have 2 grown kids that are also deeply involved within the church business. And it is a business that they are making a TON of money from...until Dad's secrets come out after a plane crash.

Obviously, don't take this show too seriously. But it's full of drama and and the acting is good. I'm anxiously awaiting a new episode!

My favorite top of the week has to go to this little super soft waffle-knit tie dye pullover. I wore it twice this week! It's just such a lightweight, easy top to pull on with jeans and my Skechers. They have it in several color combos too if you want to check it out HERE.

It runs TTS. I'm wearing a small. I paired it with my favorite jeans from last year and once again, you'll be seeing these jeans a LOT. They are comfortable, a little stretchy, the color and distressing are great and they hit at the perfect spot at my ankle. (I'm 5'5".) Love them.  

If you are in my Daily Deals Group over on FB then I'm sure you've seen me post about them a million times! ;) They pop up on Jane sporadically and then are gone again so I try to make sure you see them when they are there! (They are there now! They start selling out pretty fast though so just FYI on that. These are Style #2 and are TTS.)

Hey Charlie. ❤

Another fave was this soft sweatshirt! I got it from Mindy Mae's Market awhile back and it's sold out there now but I found it HERE too. The inside is super soft but still lightweight. Perfect for Fall!

Earrings | Jeans (Same brand as the others. I LOVE this brand!! Affordable, so cute and so many styles! I have so many pairs!! You can see them all HERE.)

And last Sunday night, I went out to dinner with my girlfriends! I LOVE this soft plaid top so much. Of course, it sold out almost immediately but it may be restocked. You can check it out here. I'm wearing a medium because all the smalls were sold out when I went to grab it.

Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Earrings

Love these girls!! It was perfect patio weather!

I told y'all last week that I was trying out a new product from Colleen Rothschild and would report back. I've been using their new CBD Face Oil for about a week and a half or so now and not surprisingly, I really like it! (I love all of their products.)  

I will say that this is my first CBD product to ever try. CBD is all the rage right now (the healthy kind--not the kind that gets you high...). I see it everywhere! For the record, this is the closest I've ever come to CBD in any form. ๐Ÿ˜‚ And there is ZERO THC in this face oil. Which I'm sure I didn't have to actually say because #duh but still felt I should. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But the CBD Face Oil was designed specifically for people with dry, sensitive, irritated, or stressed-out skin. It also gives some good redness relief and seems to do wonders for calming your skin. Now my skin wasn't overly-sensitive or dry to begin with but I do wake up in the mornings with some redness around my nose, mouth, and chin. On the days when I don't wear makeup, I usually still take a few swipes with my concealer stick to those areas just because it's easy and it makes me feel better. That is something I havne't had to do much of though since I've been using this. So for me, the biggest results I've seen have to do with calming the redness. Rosacea girls, look into this!!

They have a special introductory offer going on right now too where you get the Face Oil and a free Gua Sha tool. Any kind of face oil + a jade roller or the gua sha tool is AMAZING and you should try it immediately. 

Even if you don't use this face oil and this too, try it with any brand of face oil and gua sha tool combo. You will be amazed at how good it feels on your skin!! I literally sit in bed at night after I've applied all my lotions and potions to my face and mindlessly run this up my cheeks over and over again while I watch TV. It boosts blood circulation in your face, relieves tension in the facial muscles, and encourages lymphatic drainage to help get rid of bloat. (No one wants a puffy face.)

Also worth noting, Colleen Rothschild is having a big birthday sale right now so the whole site is 25% off with the code BDAY25 so if you're already a fangirl and need to restock on something, go now!! I don't think the CBD Oil is included in the sale though since it's on a special introductory offer right now but get you some more of that Radiant Cleansing Balm girls! I just got a brand new Jumbo size in this week!  I had it in my cart forever because even though it looks like you're about to run out, you really don't need much. So I waited and waited and am glad I did b/c I got it for 25% off! 

If you want to know more about my skincare routine, you can find it HERE. :)

Last Friday night, Matthew had a walk-off home run to end the game and we were so happy Mimi and Paw Paw were there to see it!!

We all wanted our picture taken with our superstar!

The next day was gameday for Mason! Watching him play football is much easier than I thought it'd be...until I see all the scrapes and bruises he ends up with afterward. #ouch

Mattie and I enjoyed the amazing weather and cheered on #16 and those Mckinney Steelers!

I got a quick smooch from Charlie before my GNO on Sunday night. 

And then Tuesday, we'd had enough of some major allergies that this kid had been fighting for a week and I took him to the doctor to make sure it hadn't turned into another sinus infection. He also got a Covid test because why not? ๐Ÿคท‍♀️ We just wanted to cover our bases. It was a rapid test and they did not have to stick the qtip all the way into his brain. Just some swirls in each nostril. He was negative. ;)

The doctor looked up his nose with her little light and it took her a split second to say "Yep that is all allergies." She said something about how the inside of your nose is supposed to be pale pink but his was grey. She called him the Allergy King, gave us a prescription to help him out a little since his allergies were SO bad and got us started on a new allergy meds routine.

I feel like every time he sneezes or blows his nose in class, his teachers are giving him the side-eye. #justallergiesIswear

I didn't take many pictures of my orders this week but I HAD to snap one of this new rose gold shimmer insulated mug!! Isn't it pretty!?! I'm obsessed.

I think I have two left in this color so if you want one, grab it now! I'm not sure when the next restock will be!

Also, I'm showing off another Etsy shop this week! This is my favorite wreath I've ever owned and it was worth every single penny! This is my 3rd year to have it out and it still looks almost as good as new.

It's big and full and that little owl is just adorable. I love it so much! Her Etsy shop says she has 1 left so go go go if you want one! Don't forget to check out all her others though too. (You can find her whole shop HERE.) She has the cutest stuff!!

I can't wait for all the mosquitos to vacate the premises!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!



  1. My grandmother suffered from the same kind of dementia, "louie body" I think? It is so hard to watch someone go thru that.

    1. Yes, that’s what it was! My grandfather had dementia as well. It is such an awful disease. I’m so sorry your grandmother had to endure that.

  2. I really like your super cute casual outfits. The tie dye shirt is my style too! Good luck with your closet, I'm going to do the same thing this weekend. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿงก

  3. I just started the series Filthy Rich last night, I am addicted!

    1. Me too!!! I just hate waiting for a new episode each week now that I’m caught up!

  4. I will have to watch that Robin Williams film. So sad. I love your cute tie dye shirt and that wreath.

  5. On my computer so I can comment! WHOOP! WHOOP! It was great seeing you at that football game! And your front door wreath is AMAZING!

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks, friend!! Also, I started using Google Chrome on my phone instead of Safari and I'm able to comment from my phone now and it actually shows up!! Maybe try that?


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