Monday, September 14, 2020


Well, if you're following along with me on Instagram then you know that my beach trip got pushed postponed due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sally's impending arrival. 

Hurricane Warning Issued for Parts of Louisiana and Mississippi Ahead of Tropical  Storm Sally | The Weather Channel

If you need a refresher, the plan was for me to leave after Mason's football game Saturday to head to Texarkana, where my parents live. From there, we would leave first thing Sunday morning to head to Orange Beach, Alabama. (All the details of this fun trip are on Friday's post HERE.)

So after Mason's game on Saturday afternoon, I kissed my fam goodbye and started the 2.5-hour drive to Texarkana. At this point, I knew there was a Tropical Depression that was going to cause nothing but rain while we were there which wasn't ideal but rain at the beach is better than no beach at all right? I was happy to roll with it.

And then an hour and a half into my trip, my mom called and said the storm had gotten worse, that it was now a Tropical Storm that was probably going to turn into a hurricane. And we couldn't go.

And I seriously almost cried.

Thankfully, after some major scrambling, we were able to cancel our reservations and rebook for Friday. The forecast showed that everything will be bright and sunny starting on Friday so we figured that was a great time to try this again. Tons of other people seemed to be having the same idea though because condos were becoming unavailable with every refresh of the computer so we literally grabbed the first two that we saw in the same building, on the same floor and within our budget. So I'm not 100% confident that we'll be in condos we're going to love but they are good enough when you are desperate!

The only major hurdle with rebooking for different dates (after finding the actual condos) was what to do about my family! My in-laws are staying until Sunday but have to be back in Louisiana for a doctor's appointment on Monday. We have so many things going on with schedules and school and all of that so I was afraid to leave Craig to handle it all on his own. But when I told him about our plans, he said he would be fine on his own for a few days. I have a feeling those few days will be full of fast food and missed bedtimes but they'll survive. And you can bet I'll be texting them to and popping in on FaceTime a lot to make sure things are ok. ;)

So we'll try this whole thing again on Friday! Since I'll be here for part of this week, I've reopened my Etsy shop just for a couple of days, and then it will close again for just a bit. So if you need anything from the shop, be sure to get your order in today and it will ship by Thursday but possibly even the same day!

Happy Monday!!



  1. Oh friend!!! I was so happy for you when you left the game on Saturday! I want to cry for YOU!

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    2020 Baby! Hope you get to (finally) enjoy some beach time.

  3. UGH! but thankful you were able to rescheule!

  4. Oh bummer! I hope you finally get to go this coming weekend.


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