Friday, December 4, 2020


 Hello, sweet friends!! Happy Friday! So happy to have you here. So happy to see Friday. So happy it's DECEMBER and I can share all my Christmas pictures without the fear of judgment. 😂

Of course, today is Friday Favorites Day so, as always, I'm linking up with my sweet friends, Erika and Andrea, plus a few others I'll link at the bottom. 

So let's get to those...

Starting with:

Grey's. Mer and Derek. And now Geroge. Oh my goodness. Pass the tissues. #imissgeorge

Also, Mer's hair when she was having that heart to heart with George on the lifeguard tower was so good it was actually distracting. Perfect beachy waves. 

Also worth mentioning, Virgin River Season 2 is out on Netflix now!! I just started the new season but wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware. It took me a few episodes of Season 1 to get into this but after I did...I was super excited to see Season 2. :) 

I don't know how it happened but I went from nothing but audiobooks all day every day to NONE. I blame the election drama. It was just a constant reality show and I couldn't look away. Now I'm kind of bored and ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming. And that means BRING.ON.THE.AUDIOBOOKS.

I'm starting with Christina Lauren's new book, Holidaze because I love this author (authors--it's actually a duo) and it's Christmas-themed. So yeah. Sign me up.

I promise to let you know what I think! I also just got Sophie Kinsella's newest book, Love Your Life. I didn't even read the premise. I just saw it and added to cart. I love Sophie Kinsella!!

Again, I'll let you know what I think of these. I have high hopes for both based off of reviews!

I know that there are 3 Grinch movies out there. The original which is obviously a classic and then the Jim Carrey one which I LOVE...and then a couple of years ago they came out with a new one.

And I LOVE this one!!

I feel like there's a very good chance you've seen this but if not, it's on Netflix. Your kids will love it. I love it! Just wanted to throw it out there in case you haven't see it just yet.

Those supa-cute rainbow confetti shot glasses are now available in my shop! I have been sending them out to the girls who have joined my team (I have a TEAM! I don't even know how that happened!) and I sent them out to the first 40 customers who ordered the Biocell Liquid Collagen with my $10 off referral code...and then realized I was going to go broke if I kept that up with the way the orders for the collagen were rolling in. You girls love your collagen almost as much as I do. #mypeople 😂

See? Collagen. Not tequila. 😂 #pinkyswear

(Not saying I've NEVER used these for something other than collagen judgment here. 😂)

I love to give these out as party favors or hostess gifts when it's appropriate. I also have them in a silver iridescent color and a pink/gold ombre. So adorable. AND, if you are a Modere customer of mine and want one of these, message me on Instagram (@amandanall) or Facebook for a special coupon code just for you!! ;) 

And in case you missed it, this is a pic I took last week and then went back and realized it was showing all my new hair growth! Six weeks in with this award-winning, scientifically-backed liquid collagen (that tastes like a tangy apple/grape juice), friends. 90% absorption rate vs 30% with powder and pills. I can't say it enough. This is THE BEST collagen on the market. The most effective you'll get. You get what you pay for. Stop buying the junk on Amazon or random Instagram ads. Join the Real Results 2.0 group on Facebook and prepare to be amazed at all the before and afters from real people just like you.

A few quick notes. 

❤ You can find out more about the collagen HERE and in my Highlights Bubble on Instagram.
❤ I'm doing a drawing for another $25 Modere gift card for everyone who places an order over $70 with me by December 16th.
❤ Anyone who joins my team this month is going to get TREATED!! You'll get a $25 Modere Gift card plus a sparkly treat (ok...TWO) from me plus up to $200 in free products and an amazing value on your enrollment kit. I am not ashamed in the slightest to promote this product, this company, and this opportunity. In the past, I've been anxious about this sort of thing, but I am 100% confident I can get you earning some extra money before Christmas, friends. No parties, no inventory, no lists, just sharing a $10 off code for products that you can stake your reputation on. Message me.

 I really don't mean to annoy y'all with this but it took me 6 months of "nudges" before I gave in and I can't believe it took me so long. If you are feeling a "nudge" or a gut feeling that you should, at the very least, ASK about this whole thing, please reach out. This has been a BLESSING for my family and an answered prayer for me. I had been praying for an opportunity/job opening/opportunity wish I would have asked questions earlier. I wish I would have been more receptive earlier.  I've tried at least 6 other companies similar to this and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING compares to this. They have made it so simple for anyone and the products are outstanding. OUTSTANDING. I would never promote anything I didn't believe in and I have been promoting the hell out of this stuff with no shame. 🤷‍♀️

Girls. Get you the collagen. You NEED collagen. We all need collagen. Your creams and serums are only going to do so much on the outside. We need to work it from the inside out. (Also yes, our fat-burning collagen is amazing if you want to lose pounds and inches.) Put it on smartship and you’ll get a discount and after 3 months, the discount will get even bigger and so on. Download the black Modere app and you can easily push your dates up or back, change the order, cancel etc. and you’ll get a reminder text 2 days before your order ships if you want to change anything.

Ok. I'll stop. But can you feel my authenticity and heart with this? I've never seen results this fast with any cream or serum I've tried. EVER. You want wrinkles plumped and hair growth and healthy nails and glowing complexions...let's talk. :) 

Now one product I am NOT happy with this week is my new purple shampoo. It's the Joico shampoo that I've used several times before with no issues (and it smells like a purple gumball which I LOVE)   but I haven't used it since I got my hair highlighted a little lighter than usual. I used it last Sunday morning and as I was running my flat iron through my hair, I noticed it was some places.

It was greyish purple in streaks all over my head! What the heck?! I quickly realized that I must have left my new purple shampoo sitting on my new super light highlights a bit too long in the shower that morning. Ugh.

Thankfully, I knew it would be fairly dark at church that day so I decided to not care and carry on. But still...UGH.

It's not a huge deal. It washed out after another wash a few days later. But still, y'all. Not cute. 😬

Did y'all catch my Thanksgiving recap yesterday and see where I was in a puddle of tears that morning because of a random back thing? Yeah...this meme totally spoke to me.

My back is still crazy sore. It's insanely frustrating. I was sure it would be better by now but it's not and I'm ANNOYED. I'm going to try to get into the chiropractor today.

Yall. Shay showed off this sherpa pullover this week (last week?) and I decided to grab it. I am so glad I did!!! Craig never pays attention to my clothes but I wore this from the second I tried it on that afternoon to that night before bed and Craig was like "Is that a new shirt?". 😂 It was so cozy and comfy I couldn't imagine taking it off. I'm wearing an XS and I love it zipped all the way up or unzipped a little lower. This could also be added under the "sale of the week" section. 

And before I go, I wanted to make sure you saw this post over on the Holiday Inn Club Vacations blog! I did a guest post over there and I'd love for you check it out!

And that's it for today, friends. Thank you for reading and following along with me. Things are happening in my life right now and I am so humbled that you even take a few minutes of your day to follow along with me. THANK YOU.



  1. We need to talk about Grey's. We need to sit down and have a lonnnnng talk. ;)

  2. I gasped out loud when I saw the picture of the purple in your hair! So glad it came out in a couple of washes.
    Your article from the Vacation Club was wonderfully written-were the pictures professionally taken?
    The meme from the Iphone is PERFECT!!
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Yes! They had a photographer there since I was partnering with them to showcase their JollyDays event! They followed us around all day while we did our thing. I felt like a celebrity. 😂

  3. OH MAN GREYS. I nearly fell off the couch when George was there! Blew me away.


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