Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Well hello, lovelies! Today I am dropping in to let all my fellow collagen lovers know about the BEST promo and sale starting tonight!! And yes, these really are even better than the Black Friday deals! I'm not even trying to hype it up to make it sound that way...they really are better. If you've been on the fence about trying this stuff NOW IS THE TIME. You're going to get the very best deal!!! I'm my own best customer so trust me, I know!


If you love scientifically-backed products that:

-plump up fine lines & wrinkles

-are designed to inhibit fat storage (especially in the belly), burn more calories, and increase lean muscle

-promote crazy good hair growth, healthy nails, and glowing skin

-support joint and cardiovascular health

-are CLEAN, proven to work, and backed by a 30-day guarantee--

PLUS come with $20 off and a free gift with purchase ($60 value!) AND a chance to win a $500 Lululemon or Nike gift card...

...then keep reading! 

Ok, so about that dang liquid collagen. Can I get some praise hands up in here?! Who knew this was what I was missing from my arsenal of "keep me looking as young as possible!!" products. 😂 (Y'all know you have your own arsenal. Don't make me feel alone in this.)

I am telling you, friends. I.am.TELLING.YOU (Ok, I know...I've BEEN telling you and I'm probably not going to stop)...this collagen is the next big thing and for good reason. It has begun to spread like wildfire all over the place and everyone from huge influencers to Real Housewives to the teachers at your kids' school are talking about it. This is THE BEST COLLAGEN ON THE MARKET. It is in a league of its own. In just 2 months, it has made a WORLD of difference in my hair where it was thinning around that dang "V" on my forehead. I didn't even realize there wasn't supposed to be a "V" there. It should just be one continuous "U" (or whatever you'd call it). And now that my hair is coming back, I realize that. 

This first picture was taken on October 28th. I'd been using the Trim (down 6lbs+) and the Biocell Liquid Collagen for 2 weeks. 

So embarrassing, honestly. That was how thin my hair was getting in that area (on both sides). #notcute

And then I took this one on November 22nd (about 1 month in). (Didn't realize it was going to be a hair shot. I was just taking a pic of Chuck wanting to be let out while I did some Instagram stories. 😂🤷‍♀️)

UPDATE: 3 months in! I no longer look like a vampire when I pull my hair back! This area that grew right here was the worst on both sides!

I take 1 tablespoon of Trim and 1 shot of Biocell Skin (or Life since that's in the fridge too) in the morning and another shot of Biocell at night.

My skin hasn't looked this dewey and fresh and even in a very long time. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror before I wash my face and just go "Well, I'll be darned. I really think this stuff is working.". Don't get me wrong. It's not going to wipe 10 years off my face in 2 months. But I can physically see a difference already.

Even the stupid-bane of my stinking existence-melasma on my forehead is slowly fading too because this is an "inside out" fix. It works from the inside out. And seriously, I need help to fix that mess.

So y'all know I'm crazy wordy--especially when I get into things I'm super passionate about so forgive me for rambling because I am super duper passionate about this. I don't want to go as far as saying it's the closest thing to the "fountain of youth" I've ever gotten my hands on but...it is. There, I said it. 😬 You will look younger. Your skin will look younger. Your hair will look younger. You will feel younger. It's what good collagen is meant to do. We start losing collagen exponentially in our early 20s so by all means, friends--supplement that stuff!!

I've gotten a lot of great questions lately in my DMs on Instagram (the best place to reach me for a super quick answer) so I wanted to toss those out here too so you have a resource for when you need it. I'll save all this collagen stuff in my header/menu here on the blog.

So this is the #1 question I get and I really wanted to address it because its the exact same question I had when I was first introduced to this.


Ok, so before I found the Biocell Liquid Collagen that I take now, I was using random powders and supplements from Amazon. I'm not saying that those are all crap. I'm sure there are some good ones. But none of them are in the big leagues like this one.

For starters, all your powders and supplements have a 30% absorption rate, girls. That means your body is going to potty out 70% of what you've spent your money on. But the Biocell has a 90% absorption rate. Would it be even more awesome if it was 100%? Sure. But let's not get crazy. 😂 #beggarscantbechoosers

Also, it's scientifically proven to increase the hyaluronic acid in your body (your wrinkle filler!) by 6000% in 28 days. Proven. Done.

Also, this is a video of the CEO explaining more about it! She does a way better job than I could ever do. 

Here are a few other before and afters that are so so similar to mine!

Again, I didn't even realize I was missing hair there until I saw some of these before pictures and was like "Oh crap, that's me!! I need hair there!!". So new mamas who are worried about losing your hair after nursing, get you some of this! (message me if you need to know what to buy exactly but if you are nursing, I'd go with Biocell Pure. If not, I'd do Biocell Skin! And then if you want to drop those extra baby makin' pounds, get on the Lean Body System!! More about that as you read...) 

I have to include these results too though. This is an insane skin transformation from using the Biocell. Are you kidding me?! She looks 5-10 years younger. You can find even more amazing customer testimonials HERE in the Real Results 2.0 group on FB. It is an amazing resource if you want to see more before and afters. 

Another question I get a lot is what is the difference in the collagens. So let me start with this chart in case you haven't seen it yet. 

For those of you who would LOVE to drop some pounds in the new year (or NOW so you start the new year off right!) you're going to want to grab this Lean Body System or even just the Trim and the Biocell (or the full Lean Body System and the Biocell...there are so many combos to take advantage of). THIS IS WHERE THE DEAL IS, friends.

The Lean Body System consists of 3 products. Activate, which is mixed in with your water for the first 3 nights and acts as a very gentle cleanse/detox. (You do not have to be close to a bathroom for three days or anything like that...). Burn, which is a supplement you can take 1-3 times a day to help increase your metabolism and burn calories...and give you a little extra energy. And then the Trim, which is the absolute HERO product and is our fat-blasting collagen and comes in several delicious flavors. So you're not only getting a dose of that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) collagen but you're also getting all the delicious fat-burning benefits as well! You take 1 tbsp in the morning and it's going to help inhibit fat storage and increase your lean muscle. It works with body composition and tends to target the belly fat first although I've seen it work in my flabby arms really well too! My friend Holly lost 17lbs in 3 months using the system (and not working out) and my friend Haley lost 20lbs in 4 months! But again, go to the Real Results 2.0 group on FB and search for "lean body system" or "trim" and you'll hundreds of real customers' real results. 

You'll see stuff like this.

I also get this question.


So the Liquid Biocell Collagen comes in 4 versions. (See chart above). I've only personally tasted Skin and Life and I could drink a whole bottle of those in one sitting. They taste like a tangy grape/apple juice. So yummy. I've heard the Pure and Sport are similar but may not taste AS good since they are missing some of the fruit juices.

The Trim (the fat-burning collagen) comes in vanilla, chocolate, blackberry, coconut lime, lemon, and mango. It has a pudding consistency and I always lick my spoon clean. Delicious.


For those of you who have been interested in trying the products whether it be the Biocell Liquid Collagen or the fat-blasting Trim, this is the BEST deal you're going to get!! (From what I know anyway. I can't imagine it getting much better.) 

Starting tonight at 7pm CST, you can choose any of our collections that contain a Trim product and get:
1) $10 off for new customers 
2) $10 off for being MY customer 
3) a FREE box of Trim Singles (regularly $60!!) 
4) entered to win a $500 gift card to either Lululemon or Nike!!

So in layman's terms, that means you can get...

Lean Body System on the left and the Life/Trim Combo on the right for $149 or $139 for new customers. But that's not all. Keep reading...

NEW CUSTOMERS (or "ahem"...those of you ordering with a new email address....). You'll get an extra $10 off that price above in the graphic...so $20 off total! If you've been wanting to try the Lean Body System, you can get it for $139 instead of $159 if you are a new customer. Or if you've been wanting to do a Trim plus a Biocell Life (the best "overall" collagen), then you can get that for $139 instead of $169. PLUS you'll get a free ($60!!) box of those chocolate Trim Singles which are perfect for on the go, to throw in your purse, and for travel!

Now super deal lovers, listen up because this can be confusing but is THE BEST DEAL!! If you are saying to yourself, "I want the Lean Body System AND the Bicoell Liquid Collagen", it will be the cheapest if you do it this way...

1) Add a Lean Body System and Biocell to your cart. 
2) Then add a dish soap (I love their dish soap) to your cart as well. 
3) CLICK SMARTSHIP AND SAVE and it will be cheaper that way than if you were to just order JUST the Lean Body System and Biocell by itself. 
Trust me. I've done the math and if you were to order a LBS and a Pure Biocell, it is $4 CHEAPER when you add in the dish soap and put it on smartship than if you were to just buy the LBS and Skin regularly. 

(Remember that all of these prices will be $10 cheaper for new customers starting tonight and also come with that free $60 box of Trim singles!!)

Now want an even BETTER deal?!!! Add the full Clean and Fresh Collection as opposed to just the Dish Soap and you'll get all of this for $217!!! Modere is a clean company so that means no chemicals/parabens/etc. Just clean products fr your home. I've never cared about this before but not my house is filled with clean stuff and I feel really really good about it and wonder why I hadn't done it sooner.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING A LEAN BODY SYSTEM AND A BIOCELL, THIS IS THE CHEAPEST WAY TO DO IT! DON'T MISS OUT!! Add all this to your cart and then click "smartship and save". You'll see your discounts applied at checkout. You'll get 15% off, free shipping, $10 off on top of that plus your free box of Trim singles. THIS IS THE BEST DEAL YOU CAN GET. 

This is the trick that is hard to explain to people but will save everyone money AND you'll get stuff for free or practically for free.

When you choose "smartship and save" at checkout as opposed to just "checkout" you're going to be getting a discount. 1-4 items on smartship gets you a 5% discount. Nice but we can do better. Add a 5th (5-7 items) and you'll be bumped up to 10% discount. Add 8+ and you get 15% off plus free shipping.

I know. When you see "smartship" you're like "ooohhh, they are trying to trap me into something!". No, they aren't. Seriously. You'll get a reminder text 2 days before your smartship goes out so it gives you time to log in and push back your ship date, edit your cart or cancel it entirely.

Here's the thing though. If you stop taking your collagen, you'll stop seeing the benefits. So throw that stuff on smartship and save some money and when your friends start saying "dang girl. Your skin/hair/nails look awesome" you can say, "It's my collagen! Use my referral code to get $10 off your first order!". Guess what? You'll get $10 in product credits when your friend orders! (And if you want credits AND commissions, please message me. This company is the best.)

Easy links:

My $10 off code should be automatically applied if you click through these links but if you need it, it's 2617259. Shop all HERE

So there ya go, friends.

Summary: From tonight (December 15th) until Thursday night (not sure what time but I'll find out), all orders that contain a Trim collection of some sort will also get $10 off (plus $10 off for new customers--yes you can stack them) along with the Free box of Trim Singles! And throw it all on smartship and save even more!!!

Listen, I know this can be confusing and I want to get you the very best deal. So please reach out on Instagram or Facebook with questions. I can make this SO simple for you, I promise. Especially if you're like "Here are the products I want. How can I get it the cheapest possible way with this promo".I can hook you up. I know my collagen.  ❤

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I will be announcing the winner of the $25 Modere Gift Card tonight for everyone who placed an order from December 1st to the 14th! I wanted to make sure the winner could use it during the promo if she wanted to. ❤ So stay tuned to my Instagram (@amandanall) and FB page (HERE) to see the winner!! These giveaways have huge odds because it's not like hundreds or thousands of people are ordering in a 2 week span. So take advantage when I have these!! 

Message me with questions and THANK YOU to all my sweet customers!! Keep tagging me with collagen pictures and videos and I'll share them on IG!!

UPDATE: This promo has ended but be sure to follow me @amandanall on Instagram or That Inspired Chick Deals on Facebook for new ones!




  1. Whoa! These transformations are crazy cool!

  2. Ok. I want to try the Biocell and Trim. Just those two. I’m 46 and would love to lose up to 10 pounds and plump up some fine lines on my forehead and laugh lines. What is the best way to buy those two? And which Biocell would be best for me? And best flavor of trim?

    1. Hey Brandie! Any of the Biocells will plump fine lines but in order to grab the promo tonight, you’ll have to go with the Trim (whichever flavor you want!) + Biocell Life combo pack. The Life is most popular Biocell (and it’s the best-tasting!). Next month, you can switch to Skin if you want! But the Trim/Life combo packs are what is going to count for the promo so go with that tonight!

      As for flavors, they are all good so it’s really hard to answer that question! I’ve tried them all except mango. I’m linking the chocolate Trim/Life combo bc it seems to be most popular! But any of them are delicious! https://www.modere.com/ProductDetail/trim-chocolate-liquid-biocell-life/?referralCode=2617259

      At 6pm CST, the promo will be released. Just add this to your cart and all the discounts will come of automatically ($20 for new customers) and the free singles will be added! ❤️

    2. Also, in the post I said 6pm CST. I was just told it’s actually 7pm!! Corrected it in the post but wanted to let you know here too.

    3. I ordered this morning! Thanks! Excited to try it!

    4. I saw your order and got you entered into the $500 Gift Card Giveaway!!

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Intrigued...is this a one month supply? Seems kind of expensive, can you space it out to make it last longer?
    Thanks! Mary B

    1. Hey Mary! Yes it's a 1 month supply. It is more expensive than some powdered collagen you're going to get on Amazon but then again, you're also getting what you pay for. (And not pottying out 70% of what you paid for...haha) This is the best, most effective collagen you'll find. It's won all kinds of awards, has 7 global patents...I'd be happy to talk more about the science behind what makes it better than the rest if you want to message me on IG or FB! Here's a great video that goes into a little more detail on what makes this different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRXWI0-RbMw But honestly, I was (trying) to use a Skinny Fit powdered collagen in my drinks in the morning before I found this and it was $80 on Amazon for 58 servings. They say to take 2-3 servings a day which would be about a month's supply. I was tired of having to mix it with things so I never took it. The Biocell is $70 for one bottle before discounts. So when you look at it compared to that its really not more expensive. (More expensive than the $25 powdered stuff though for sure. But again...you're paying for a whole other level of quality with this.) The recommended dose is 2 tablepsoons a day but you can do 1 if you wanted. My mother-in-law only takes Biocell Life and just does one a day and came to Thanksgiving raving about her results already! I wasn't expecting that! The more consistent with it you are, the better your results will be.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I tried this and was seeing results but it really aggravates my stomach and made my ulcer 100X worse 😔

    1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Always check with a doctor before starting new supplements or things like this if you've got any pre-existing conditions. I haven't heard of anyone having stomach issues from any of this but it's good to know it doens't work well if you've got ulcers! :(


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