Friday, December 11, 2020


Welcome back, friends, and happy Friday!! We are at t-minus 2 WEEKS from Christmas and I need December to slllooowww down just a bit. I want 2020 to be over with just as much as the next guy but I LOVE December! And it's just flying by right before my eyes. I feel like I haven't really stopped to enjoy any of it yet so we are going to use this weekend to fix that! 

For one, I still need to put the final touches on my dang Christmas decorations! I still haven't hung garland on my stairs with all the pretty lights yet and I don't know why but it's always my least favorite task. (Other than fluffing the tree. Now THAT is my least favorite Christmas task for sure.)  

I'm hoping this weekend can be filled with Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas music, wrapping presents, drinking hot chocolate...all the good stuff. #gimmethatmagic


Anyway, it's time for Friday Favorites! So let's get to it!



This show, y'all. Whoa. After seeing The Queen's Gambit recommended all over social media, I finally decided to check it out and I could not turn away. It was so amazing. It was so well done. The acting was spot on. The story was fascinating, heartbreaking, empowering... Ahhhhh!! I immediately named it my favorite binge-watch of 2020. 

Now, I'll warn you that there are some f-bombs right off the bat in the first episode but it's not like that whole way through. Yes, there is still some cussing here and there but it's not quite as prevalent as it is in the first episode. Other than some cussing though, it's pretty PG-13. It's not something I'd let a kid watch but once you get past a few naughty words, it's not bad.

I hated that this was a Limited Series though! I want more! It ends perfectly and I can't imagine them making a Season 2 but it's one of those shows that sticks with you afterward for sure. Or maybe it was just me? I don't know but I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix if you haven't yet!

 Have you seen it??

After a little unintentional hiatus from my audiobooks, I am back! I told y'all last week I was going to be starting with In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren and I LOVED this book!

Every Christmas, Mae and her family meet up with their life-long family friends and their families for a week at a cabin in Utah. It is Mae's favorite place in the world but this year all she can think of is the mistakes she's making and how unhappy she is with her life. So she wishes that she could just find out what would make her happy.

One car crash later and Mae is now living in Groundhog Day until she gets it right. I promise you won't get bored as she relives days over and over again. It's not as mundane as Groundhog Day the movie at all. This is sweet, cute, funny and the characters were lovable and endearing. Read it or listen to it! The narration is perfect too!

Well, my suppliers are running low on so many of my favorite drinkware right now (like those adorable insulated Christmas mugs I was making!) but I've still got some cute options if you are looking for a practical and personalized gift!

These stainless steel tumblers are a favorite and I've got a few left in this shimmery black which I really love! Looks super cute paired with the Buffalo Check or the Christmas Plaid vinyl too!

And these "Baby It's Cold Outside" snowy tumblers are awesome! You can choose to do a name or monogram instead of the saying if you want and in any color vinyl you'd like. 

Shop it all HERE

So I'm not going to pretend that I've gotten "dressed" any this week but I did wear this top to dinner with friends last Friday night and I loved it so much I jumped back online immediately and got it in another color. (Ok another TWO colors-burgundy and light pink....and I am debating on getting it in black too. 😂) It's flattering, super soft, and looks cute with jeans OR pajama pants. It's a great staple piece for sure and easy to pair with a cute leather jacket, a fun scarf, or a vest. 

I love the side detail with the wide textured panel and the wide panels on the cuffs too.

Also looks cute with a little front tuck.

I'm wearing a small. (Jeans are old Wit & Wisdom flares. Linking similar ones HERE.) It has been going in and out of stock in lots of colors and sizes but as of now, it's still available in a couple of sizes in the green!

Who still needs AirPods?! You can grab this entire little bundle for $189 right now AND you can put it on Easy Pay so it's just 5 payments of $37.99. You can choose your accessories color too! (Love this blue!) I bought my 7th grader some AirPods during the Black Friday sales but this is a better deal! I may return those and get these instead!

If you're still looking for a gift idea for someone on your list (mom, dad, sister, in-laws, etc) this phone sanitizer case is also on sale and has Easy Pay! It comes in a bunch of colors, isn't crazy expensive and would be pretty practical too with the world we're living in right now! You can also use it to sanitize other things besides just your phone.

Pretty neat, right?!

I saw that the Klorane Dry Shampoo had a $5 off clickable coupon with it this week on Amazon so I posted it in the Deals Group and then grabbed one for myself. I've only ever tried this in a little mini size and I loved it! I just never went back for a big one!
PS: The clickable may or may not still be there. They disappear without warning.

I also saw this cute plaid wrapping paper and I am a straight-up sucker for Christmas plaid anything. So I bought it. I'll be wrapping this weekend and then trying to figure out where to put the wrapped gifts so Charlie doesn't destroy them. 😬

And speaking of our sweet Chuck...

He sat out in the sunroom with me while I got some work done yesterday because it was just too nice to be holed up in my craft room all day. It was in the 70s with a nice little warm breeze.

We decided to hang out in the front and wait for Mason to get home. Charlie loves seeing them come up the driveway!

And when Matthew and his 2 buddies got off the bus about an hour later, they all just dropped their backpacks by the curb so they could join Mason and HIS friends for a game of culdesac baseball.

Sometimes I feel like the mom in The Sandlot. 😂

And y'all probably saw this one on Instagram the other day but Mason was so thrilled to see the gift Craig ended up with at a White Elephant gift exchange last weekend. Toilet Golf. 😂🤷‍♀️

Why these boys need games to play while they go to the bathroom is beyond me.

You guys know by now that I'm quite possibly the biggest fangirl there is of the liquid collagen I've been taking for 2 months now. My hairline is growing in so fast in those places where it was thinning, I'm not shedding all over the dang place anymore, my skin is all dewey and even and my nails...well they are definitely stronger and growing faster. But since I keep them so short that's about all I can say about that. 😂 I am not much of a nails girl.

But can I just say how stinkin' happy it makes my heart when you guys send me messages to let me know you are loving it too?! It's like I've been holding my breath because I always hope it's not just me who loves something so much and when I hear that positive feedback it's like I can breathe again. So please, keep the feedback coming! Tell me any results you're having and if you are ok with it, I'd love to share some!

As a thank you to all of you who have supported me and continue to support me and my small businesses, I am trying to do more giveaways to show my gratitude! This week I gave away a bottle of our award-winning, fat-blasting collagen to one lucky girl! (Congrats to Stephanie!)

And I've still got the giveaway going for the $25 Modere Gift Card for all orders placed by December 14th! (It was the 16th but I'm changing it to the 14th because we have some promo stuff coming up that I want the winner to be able to use it on if they want to!). If you need help figuring out the best way to get a deal on whatever it is you're wanting, MESSAGE ME ON INSTAGRAM! (Or Facebook.) But if you send me an email, there is a very good chance I'll miss it. So IG or Facebook is your best bet for sure.

And if you're wondering more about these products, be sure to check out the post I did HERE explaining more about them, what they are, what they do, what I take, etc. You'll also find links to everything there too or you can shop it all now HERE and use the code 2617259 to get $10 off your first order! If you've already used up your $10 off code, just click "smartship and save" at checkout and it is basically another discount code. Five or more items on smartship gives you 10% off your order...8 or more is 15% plus free shipping!

I have been taking advantage of the smartship savings and have also swapped a lot of my products to these new clean and green ones! Did you know Modere is a clean company!? Even their packing peanuts that come with your order are biodegradable...throw them in your sink and spray water on them and they will dissolve away safely. Pretty cool!

Anyway, the most popular order with all of you seems to be the Lean Body System (3 items) plus a bottle of Biocell Liquid Collagen (which makes 4), so most definitely take advantage of the savings you'll get by adding a 5th item (of any value!) to get that 10% off and throw it all on smart ship. Smartship is easy to manage, change, edit or cancel with the tap of a finger too.

 The dish soap is a favorite if you need a cheap 5th item. It's cute, it's got a light citrus scent, and it's free of all those harmful chemicals. It's a nice size bottle too! It's an easy, healthy change that I'm happy to make and it's saving me a little money too. Win-Win.

And that's it for me today, friends! I'm hoping my weekend is filled with all sorts of Christmas cheer and I hope yours is too!



  1. I loved the Queen's Gambit. I started Holidaze last night and can tell that I will love it! Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for the review of The Queen's Gambit. I started watching it yesterday and hated the foul language so didn't know if I wanted to continue. Will definitely press on now that I know it isn't as bad after that first episode.

    1. Yes! The opening scene especially is a little jarring! There is still some foul language throughout the rest of it but it's not as bad as that first episode. There are no (graphic) sex scenes or nudity either. Hopefully I'm remembering it all correctly! haha Press on!!

  3. Fun things you've shared here! The book sounds good especially. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend Amanda!


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