Friday, January 15, 2021


Yesssss! Happy Friday, yall!

My weekend plans include a lot of organizing and purging more crap from my house and possibly doing a little home decor shopping. (So basically I'm going to be making room for new crap.) Does anyone else always feel the urge to go buy things for their homes after you take down Christmas stuff? I feel like everything just looks so boring! 😂 I got a Hobby Lobby gift card from my mother-in-law for Christmas so I may go put that to use tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, I have to a lot...all day today. So if you need me, I'll be up here in my little messy craft room painting dozens of "word of the year" signs! I had to turn off most of my other sign listings until I can catch up because I've had so many orders for these! But I do love seeing all of your words for the year! I've seen everything from perseverance to hope to breathe and everything in between. I love them all! Y'all have some good ones.

So my Friday Fun will start tonight! And it will most likely look a whole lot like this. 😂

But let's go ahead and move on to some of my favorite things this week!

After all the political turmoil in our country right now, I decided to just add to that drama by binging Designated Survivor. 😂 Because the real drama on TV wasn't enough. I guess I needed some fake stuff to take my mind off of it. 🤷‍♀️

Let's just say I really wish Tom Kirkman was our the future...forever...just give us Tom. #teamTom

There are only 3 seasons. It got cancelled after that. Boo. :( I'm almost through Season 2. I'm fully invested.

Before I started DS though, I finished New Girl (for the second time) which couldn't be any further from Designated Survivor. If you've never watched New Girl, make it a priority! It is laugh out loud funny! 

There are 3 shows I will forever watch over and over and over. Friends, Parks & Rec and New Girl. I just love all those characters so much!

I was scrolling my pictures from this week and well...there were none. 😂 The only one I took was this sweet picture of our little Chuck. We moved this dining room chair over to the window so he could keep an eye out for us. 😉 Every morning he sits here and watches Matthew get on the bus and every afternoon he sits here and watches him come back home.

For the record, he also chewed up the fabric on this chair which is why I had to get a slipcover for it until we can get new ones. #dangitChuck

I've been back to being low carb/Keto-ish for the past 2 weeks and I forgot how much better I feel when I do this. One of my favorite low carb things to make is a pizza using the Cut Da Carb flatbreads. This flatbread is super thin and can be used for so many recipes. It makes fantastic chips too! 

The pizza though is my favorite! The edges come out so crispy. It's so good!

I posted this on IG and had some questions on where to get it. It's not sold in stores so I order it through their website. 

This is not exactly an  "outfit of the week" since I don't have it in my hands yet but I jumped on the Pink Lily website this week and did a little shopping with some return credits I had. I've got two really really fun trips coming up next month and I wanted something besides sweatshirts and slippers. 😂

Also, I finally learned how to make those cool collages which is probably something I should have learned to do 4 years ago when I started this blog. 

I used the code KATY20 to take 20% off! (You're welcome, Katy! 😉)

After living all last year in my comfiest clothes, I'm determined to look cute in my last year in my 30s. We shall see.

Also, now that I know how to make a collage, I'm going to try to utilize the Like to Know It app a little more so if that's your jam, you can follow me @ That Inspired Chick. ❤

I posted this last night in my Daily Deals group on FB. Did you see it?! Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten so frustrated watching TV in bed at night and when it's time to fast forward through a commercial, the remote is lost in a sea of covers. Why are they all black?! They are impossible to find. I was just telling Craig the other night that all remotes should be glow in the dark. And then I saw this on one of the Southern Charm girls' stories. A glow in the dark cover for your remote! Uhhhh, genius.

You can find these Firestick 4K ones HERE but there are tons of others for all kinds of remotes. (Apple Remotes, Roku etc.) Browse those HERE. How did I never know this?! 

Right now, we have one of these Tile stickers on each of our Firesticks and I absolutely love them. When we can't find the remote, we can just go to our Tile app and click "find" and the remote starts to ring. It also works in reverse. So if we lose our phone somewhere nearby, we click the Tile and our phone will ring.

Now I want to put a case on our Firestick and then attach the Tile to the case. 😂 #toomuch?

I posted these tablespoons in my Best of 2020 post last week but they arrived so I wanted to show you "real life" pictures of them. I love them!! They are perfect to use for my Trim every morning but would make fantastic soup spoons too.

See! Look at all that delicious fat-burning goodness in that cute spoon!

I know a lot of you want me to keep you posted on any sales and promos with the collagen so here's what's going right now. 

Ok friends. Please don't roll your eyes or put up a figurative wall right now. Just hear me out. 🤪

For those of you who have already purchased and are loving your collagen products, this may be a no-brainer for you... Right now, they are doing $30 off enrollment. What does that mean exactly? Well, if you need to re-order another Lean Body System or a couple of bottles of collagen, you can do that and then--for another $10 (normally $40)--you can get your own link/code so that you're able to earn free products and commissions when you share it with YOUR people. I can't imagine it would take much to make back your $10 investment, friends. 

Listen. It's not just influencers who can share a code, y'all. You're already influencing when you share a fun thing you found on Amazon or tag a restaurant in a picture on social media. You're just not getting paid for it. This is no different except you WILL get paid for it if someone purchases using your link or code. And why shouldn't you? You're advertising for them. You should get paid for that!

There are other (better value) bundles you could grab too but this is just an example of how to get in now and just see what happens for almost no risk. You're already buying the products meaning you must like what you're why not have that link in your back pocket just in case you decide you want to earn a little extra money, a lot of extra money or if you just want to make a few bucks when your mom/husband/best friend wants to buy it too?

Now for those who fall under the "I've been wanting to try this!" category, you can do the same! If you are excited to try it then don't you think your friends will be too? Why not buy a business for $10 just to have in case you want it? There are no catches. Grab the Lean Body System plus a way to make commissions and earn free products for just $10 more. 

Interested? Watch this less than 3 minute video to see why this company is different than so many others you are probably lumping this in with. It's easy, they've taken out all the guesswork and you don't work alone! Our girls (and some guys!) are in constant contact every day to help support, answer questions etc. As a matter of fact, we're headed to Scottsdale, AZ next month for a fun little leadership trip! This has really been the coolest company to partner with and I know I made a very smart decision when I said yes.

Did you know that 80% of all women who make over $100k a year, do it through Direct Sales and Network/Social Marketing? It's true! It's a statistic taken from the Direct Selling Association. 

 I'd love to work with you too if it's something you think you might be interested in. Please reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook and I can answer any questions you have and get you all set up quickly. 

Find the full website here. And more info on the products HERE. ❤

Also, if this is not for you, that is totally fine! Thank you for listening!! I just know how great it's been for me. And obviously, I wouldn't have known unless someone shared it with me. So I'm just extending an invitation to find out more. If you're even just slightly curious I'd love to chat and share with you the awesome things our team is doing. 

And that's it, friends! I hope you have an amazing weekend!! Thank you for sharing part of your day with me!



  1. Love DS, it’s one of my favs. Team Tom all the way!!!!

  2. I watched Season 1 of Designated Survivor and I probably should go back and finish it now.

    1. Season 1 is the best! Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger and then got cancelled. Ugh!

  3. Why have I never watched New Girl???

  4. Now I need to know how you made those collages!!!


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