Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Happy Wednesday, friends!! Today I'm linking up with my friends Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday for the first time since MAY!! What in the world?! I had no idea it had been so long since I've done this link-up and it's one of my favorites!! I'm going to try not to miss one this year but then again...I  make no promises when it comes to my blogging. 😂

But I'm here today so let's get started with:

So I hate to admit this but I have fallen off the audiobook bandwagon HARD over the past few months! I've listened to a handful but normally it's more like a 3 or 4 handfuls over the same amount of time. Ever since things shut down last March, I've just gotten out of old habits and picked up new ones to replace them with. For so long, I would watch the news all day because it was like one giant reality show and I didn't have time for audiobooks at all. 

Now, however, I am over the news and ready for something a little more positive in my I started a new audiobook about a bunch of people who get murdered in a chalet after getting trapped in a giant avalanche. 😂😂

Shay recommended this one in her book review yesterday and it looked fun! I love a good "whodunit"!

And my latest binge-watches were Designated Survivor and Shooter.

Designated Survivor was so good. I love Tom Kirkman so much!! Can we get a Tom Kirkman to run for president next time? That would solve so many problems! I'm really bummed that show got cancelled. It ends on a cliffhanger and now we'll never know what happens next. That's just not fair.

Season 1 is the best season though so just be prepared. Season 2 is good and Season 3 surprises you with the sudden onslaught of cursing! When I first had it, I was like "How are they allowed to cuss like this?!". Apparently, they left ABC and got picked up by Netflix--that's how. I had to google it because I was so confused.

And then, because I've been completely into all these political dramas (both real and on TV), I started watching Shooter. The fact that it stars Ryan Phillipe didn't hurt. 😉 Has anyone watched this? So good! I will say though that all these political shows that are based on all the dark stuff that goes on behind the scenes in Washington really make you wonder how much of this could actually true... 😬. It just seems like a running theme in all of them. #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm 🤔

Definitely rated R--the violence is a lot in this one but it really is good.

I am working on a lot! Right now, my Etsy shop orders are about 90% Word of the Year signs. My poor craft room is a DISASTER with a capital D. There are just so many moving parts when you're making signs that it's impossible to keep it clean. I'm looking forward to being done with this batch so I can do a quick clean and organize before the next batch comes in! Don't get me wrong--I love doing them for y'all! I just hate the mess!

On that note, I wanted to let y'all know that starting today until Friday, I'm putting ALL my drinkware on sale! (I'm clearly dying to create something besides signs for a little bit!) So head on over to the shop HERE and scoop yourself up a personalized insulated tumbler, a water tracker bottle, a confetti cup, a stemless wine tumbler, a shot glass...and message me on Etsy with any questions!

I'm also working on lots of fun stuff with Modere. We've got a new promo coming out TOMORROW and it's so dang good!! We're introducing a new bundle and it comes with a free gift!! (I love free gifts!)

So starting tomorrow, you'll be able to get a bottle of our award-winning fat-burning collagen, Trim, along with the Body Firming Foam which is such an awesome product! I've seen so many before and afters with both of these products that FOMO got me and I had to order the BFF for myself. And if you aren't aware, the Trim (the 1tbsp of yummy pudding stuff a day) was voted the #1 weight loss product over the past few years. I'm loving it and so are so many of YOU!! 

Anyway, tomorrow you'll be able to grab that little bundle and you'll also receive a free Collagen Lip Complex! I loved this stuff until my dog ate mine! 😂 I can't even get the cap off anymore. I guess now is a good time to get one for free! But this bundle would make an EXCELLENT Valentine's Day gift!! Let me know if you need a link to the exact bundle and you can send it to your husbands. 😂 If you're going to get chocolate for Valentine's Day, make it the fat-burning kind!! Find me on Insta if you want to see some awesome before and after pics with this foam! (@amandanall) I'll post some tomorrow went the promo goes live!

Not sure exactly what the heck I'm talking about with all of this? Head HERE to read more or find my collagen bubbles on my Instagram profile! As always, you can message me to make sure you are ordering the right stuff and getting the best price! There are definitely ways to order to get it cheaper! :)

Oooohhh y'all. I haven't really been going anywhere lately but I have BIG plans in February!! So I ordered a few things from Pink Lily to give me a few new options and while some of them are getting sent back, I wanted to show you what I LOVE!!

This sweater was SO MUCH BETTER than I'd even hoped for. I wasn't expecting it to be as soft and cozy as it is but it is both of those things. Cloud soft and a little oversized make it perfect for cold weather. It hangs a little longer in the back and the sleeves are just a tad long so that it makes you feel like you're wrapped up in a blanket. I may wear this with a little cami underneath next time because if you're not careful, the v-neck can get a little low but it can also be perfect for a date night. ;) 

I bought it in the "berry" color. It look RED in these pics but it's definitely more a "berry" like in on the website in real life. It comes in a bunch of other great colors too. I really want to go back and get another one! Wearing a small.

The tan booties are also from PL! Super cute, comfy, great price and fit TTS.

And this next top I've already worn twice. Once just around the house because it was just that good. This one is even softer than the one above. Again, I wasn't expecting the material to be soft but it is! Oversized fit makes it cute and comfy and works with or without a front tuck. Wearing a small. Get this one!!

And not to sound like a broken record but take a look at this next picture and tell me what you think it can only be described as.

Once again-SO DANG SOFT. In the winter, everything I buy needs to be soft and cozy or I just won't ever wear it. This cute little sweater is like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. You'll want to pet yourself all day. Wearing a small. Earrings are from my friend's boutique but I can't find them on her website. (Use the code AMANDA10 if you see anything you like over there!) I did find them on Amazon though!

And finally, this little tie-dye pullover is perfect with jeans or with joggers...which is what I've been wearing it with! I did an Instagram story the other day wearing it and so I just grabbed a screenshot from that so you could see. It's definitely something you can sleep in and then throw on with jeans to wear to Target the next day. 😉

PS: USE THE CODE KATY20 for 20% off your purchase! I think it's Katy Roach's code from livingmybeststyle so she can thank me later. 😂

My gold Mama necklace I'm wearing in all the pictures is HERE. (Also a great valentine's day gift for yourself or your mama!)

The Green Bay and Buffalo games on Sunday got me reminiscing hard about this time in our lives...

We had planned on introducing the boys to Lambeau Field this season but obviously, Covid squashed that idea. We can't wait to take them up there during another one of these Alumni Weekends as soon as the world calms down again.

They are just starting to really comprehend that Dad played in the NFL. They've always known but now that they are getting into watching the games more and their friends are starting to ask more questions about it too, it's just becoming real to them. Green Bay will always be our #1 since they were "home" for 4.5 years out of the 7 Craig played. We have been back many times since he retired but when we finally get to take the boys with us to show them Dad's old stomping grounds, it's going to be really really cool. ❤ 

I have a blog post coming answering some of the questions you guys had from my IG poll the other night too so I'll get into this more soon! Let me know if you have any other questions you want me to answer! You can also read more about our life in the NFL HERE.

I've had a lot of DMs lately asking if I'm back on Keto because I've posted a few Keto-friendly meals and the answer is....kind of? The holidays are over and it's time to get some of the extra fluff off that accumulated while I was ignoring the nutrition facts on everything in November and December. (totally worth it though.) I know that Keto and low-carb are the fastest way I shed unwanted pounds so I decided to combine that with my Trim & Burn to see if I could get back down to pre-holiday size fast.

I'm not tracking though or even testing so I have no way to know if I'm truly "keto" right now. I feel like I probably am. I'm not hungry, I'm not bloated, and I'm not craving anything. And I'm down 5-6 pounds. I think the combo of the products I'm using plus eating keto-friendly foods is really helping me shed some unwanted pounds quickly and easily. 

Here are a few things we've been eating...

This Mexican Chicken Soup was yummy. I threw on a little more cheese and a dollop of sour cream right before I ate it. Perfect on a cold night and it's done in the crockpot!

(Recipe HERE)

I also made this fun recipe after I saw it on Instagram. It's a Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole and it totally hit the spot. 

(Recipe HERE)

And whenever I'm craving pizza, this one just can't be beat! I use the Cut Da Carb flatbread as my crust and load it up with a little sauce, cheese and pepperoni. It's done in 13 minutes and is almost exactly like Dominos thin crust. Yum. You can only get the flatbread from their website though so I linked it here. Follow them on IG @cutdacarb for some of the most delicious keto recipes made from this!

EEEEEEKKKKK!!! I've never been so excited about FEBRUARY in all my life!

I have two very fun trips planned in February and we all know what happened the last time I got this excited about a trip. A hurricane hit.

TRIP #1:
I think we are all aware that I started a new business with Modere a few months ago, right? 🤪 It has been the very best thing that has happened to me personally, physically (hello hair and skin!!) and financially in like...forever. I have found something that I am passionate about, something I truly believe in, and something that has given me a full-time income plus a new sisterhood to belong to. 

Now, I say all that because I earned myself a spot in our Leadership Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ next week! We're staying at a gorgeous house on 2.5 acres with a private chef, a lifestyle photoshoot, yoga, hiking, a theme night, and of course, tons of girl time! I cannot wait!!

TRIP #2:

I partnered with Holiday Inn Club Vacations again and this time I'm grabbing two of my besties and we're headed to Galveston! The HICV people invited me to check out their Seaside Resort in January or February and the only time we could make a trip work is Valentine's Weekend! 🙈 Craig and I are not Valentine's Day people so it's no big deal at all really. Galentine's Weekend it is!! It is going to be so fun to explore down there with 2 of my favorite people! And even though it'll be a little chilly for hanging out on the beach, I can't wait to see the ocean again! Any recommendations while we are down there?!

I haven't been anywhere since December of 2019 so I'm itching to go. If anything messes up THESE trips, I will be devastated. So I am praying that things go smoothly!

And that's it for What's Up Wednesday! Hoping to be back on the blog tomorrow but you know me--I don't make promises! 😉 If you have any questions about anything, you can reach me the quickest on Instagram! (@Amandanall) 

Have a great day, friends! 



  1. Drinking out of my Cozy sparkly cup right now!! Love them so much!!

  2. That is exciting that your boys are finally realizing what BIG DEAL it is that their dad played in the NFL. I so hope ya'll get to take a trip to Green Bay next year.
    Your two trips sound like a blast!! Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes as planned. Congratulations on being invited the to Leadership Retreat-you definitely have earned it.

    1. Thank you, Kara!! I really appreciate that!! ❤

  3. The Kemah boardwalk isn’t far from Galveston and it’s fun!

  4. Oh, I hope your trips work out. I miss traveling. And I'm headed to your Etsy shop to see if you ship to Canada. I want a water bottle tracker...


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