Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Ok, so I may be reaching a little by naming this post "Snow Day" but technically, snow fell from the sky here in Mckinney, so we're going to count it, k?

We get teased with snow a couple of times every winter and rarely does it come to fruition. So when we heard snow might be showing up this past weekend, we all kind of just collectively held our breath to see what would actually happen.

On Saturday, we played outside (in the freezing cold) on bikes and scooters. Craig got me a bike for Christmas (first time I've gotten a bike on Christmas morning in 30 years!) and the boys think it's so fun when I ride around with them. Until they are ready for their turn steal my bike. 😂

(Sherpa pullover here. Currently on Clearance! I sized down to an XS. Warmest top I own!!)

We were hoping that the next day we'd be slipping and sliding on SNOW. But when we woke up, it was still dry. The boys didn't give up hope. I mean...there was a little of this...

Just patiently waiting for the snowpocalypse to begin. 😂

And then, WE SAW FLURRIES!! The boys lost their minds and Charlie was just thrilled to chase them around the yard while they chased random snowflakes. And rolled down the small hill in our front yard. 🤷‍♀️

Even though you can't see it, it really was snowing so I told them we needed an official "snow day" picture. Charlie hates to be held (I swear he's got the personality of a 10 yo boy) so this pic wasn't his favorite.

Unfortunately, every single snowflake that hit the ground immediately melted. Absolutely nothing stuck so the boys had to make do with playing in it as it was falling.

It finally started coming down hard enough where you could at least see it in pictures. (Proof! Haha.) Obligatory "let me eat the snow" pics followed.

I love these next two pictures. I may have to frame them. Sweet brothers. Best buds. (Even though they'll never admit it.) 

After we'd had our fill of the snow, we went in to make a fire and used those cool color-changing flame packets again. These are so fun to add to any indoor or outdoor fire. You just throw a couple of packets in there and watch those gorgeous colors flare up!

The snow stopped after a couple of hours and we ended our day watching Designated Survivor in front of the fire. (Mason loves this show.)

Our Snow Day was a little underwhelming but beggars can't be choosers. 😉

How much snow do you get where you live? Do you love it or hate it? We'd love to have a few real snow days every year but overall, I'll happily take our mild winters over the ones we had when we lived in Green Bay and Buffalo. That was pretty but brutal.

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  1. I agree about framing those two pictures. Priceless!!! :)

  2. Marcie M7:16 PM

    Awww! Love the pic of Chuck waiting by the window for his people to come home. Our little dog doesn’t like to be picked up either. Buffalo has actually had a pretty mild winter this year. They are calling for lake effect tonight so we will see what the morning brings. Go Bills💙❤️


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