Friday, April 9, 2021


Hello hello, friends! Welcome to another Friday Favorites where I share a random mix of all the things I've been loving this week! We've got books, pics, food, sales, shorts, and even another giveaway!

But let's start with this...


Oh my gosh. Do y'all find this as funny as I do? 😂 My friend posted this the other day and it has had me laughing so hard. Did anyone watch The Simple Life back in the day? I thought it was hilarious and I have been rewatching some of the old episodes on Amazon Prime. It's absolutely ridiculous but then again most of the shows I love are. 🤷‍♀️ #unashamed

And also, Nicole Richie has a legit question here that I'd actually like to know the answer to...Which IS the front of your hands and which is the back?? I kind of feel like it could go either way.

(Ok, a quick Google search tells me the front of your hands is the palm side. #sonowyouknow)


So this week was my first official week on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program with my friend, Jen, as my coach. (Craig is doing this with me by the way!) I'm slowly getting the hang of things as she rolls out all the info to us. This week has basically been just an introduction to the Faster Way program and is easing us into intermittent fasting (which I've done for a couple of years now so that's no big deal to me) and tracking macros etc. We haven't jumped into carb cycling days yet so I feel like we haven't really officially started...but I think she said we'll have low carb days starting on Monday and Tuesday. So things should get going with that for sure! I'm always excited to start new programs like this. It gives me motivation and, like I did with Keto, I always want to "win" every day by hitting my goals. ;) 

So one of the things I concocted for lunch this week was this grilled chicken taco with a chipotle ranch coleslaw. I stole the idea from that BBQ shrimp taco recipe I love so much from Home Chef (I talked about it last week HERE).

I used the Tyson's Blackened Chicken Strips (one strip), mixed some coleslaw with a little chipotle ranch, and put it in a low-carb tortilla. I added a little reduced-fat cheese and another drizzle of ranch and it was SO GOOD. I could totally eat that every day. And I think it was only about 220 calories! (Can't remember all the macros.) I actually made two but only needed one. So good! 


Mason went to watch a bunch of his buddies play baseball the other day. They are in a different league than him so they don't play each other but he wanted to go cheer them on! Silly boys. Mason's got more friends than anyone I know, I swear. I'm constantly hearing new names and being introduced to new faces and new moms. He is definitely my social butterfly.

Another favorite picture from this week is this:

My friend took this of her daughter the other day while she was standing in the backyard. Look at that beam of light she's standing in! How cool is that?!


This was the best we got for a family photo this Easter.

This one from my FB memories popped up though and I loved comparing them. (2012)

I only had a couple of minor mom fails this Easter.

One was that I used an egg decorating kit from last year thinking it would be fine. It was the kind where they have the dye in pouches and you put in a couple of drops and then swirl it around the baggie. Well, apparently the dye dries out, even in the unopened packages, after a year so we were squeezing hard to get tiny drops to come. 

And then I bought one of those little machines where you set the egg in and it spins and you use markers on it to make pretty colorful stripes. We really had fun with that but y'all. The stupid thing played music (loudly) the whole time it was on and you could not turn it off without turning the machine off. So you had to endure that PLUS--it was playing CHRISTMAS music!!!! We got to listen to Jingle Bells, Oh Holy Night, Oh Christmas Tree...all the classics on Easter. 😂


I don't go all out on Easter baskets but we always get the boys some candy, new goggles, swimsuits/swimshirts, a couple of tshirts/shorts, and one random gift. This year I bought them each one of these super cool light-up sound machine things. I have no idea what they are officially called but these were fun!! (I got them when they were on sale for 50% off but you can also find cheaper versions!)

They are a sound machine (white noise, waves, lullaby type music etc), project all different kinds of patterns and lights on the ceiling and you can even hook up your phone to it through Bluetooth and the lights will connect to the beat. (We haven't done this yet.)

Anyway, we were really impressed by how well it projected onto the whole ceiling and how soothing it was. Mason likes to sleep with his on but Matthew prefers it dark so he just uses it for ambiance. I kind of want to steal one from them and use it in our room! The blue waves on the ceiling are so peaceful!


Did you see that Abby Jimenez released her latest book on Tuesday?! Yay!! I loved The Happy Ever After Playlist and the Friend Zone so much and although I'm not done with this one yet, I'm already considering it a top 10 of the year. Depending on how it ends it could absolutely be bumped way up there. If you havne't read any of these yet, start with the Friend Zone, then Happy Ever After then Life's Too Short. There are cameos in all of them by the previous main characters which are always so fun! (These could all be read as stand-alone's too though!)

The Audible version is great if you're also an audiobook girl!!


In case you missed it, these adorable little polka dot wine glasses are now available HERE.

And I put all my skinny can coolers on sale for 15% off through the 11th! I sell so many of these during the spring and summer for people who are giving gifts to their girlfriends, moms, teachers, bridesmaids, you name it! They are all a gorgeous shimmery color too. It's just hard to pick up the glittery shimmer in pictures. But it's there! Grab one while you can get that sale price!

And speaking of sales, here are a few I found this week that were worth mentioning.


Anyone need new cookware?? This nonstick set is just $38 right now (reg $120) and has almost 900 five-star reviews! Even if you don't necessarily need it, maybe you know someone who does? Crazy good deal.

And I love the look of this set so much! Regularly $170 but on sale right now for $65!

There are a TON of options to choose from so be sure to check them all out HERE. And if you're not in the market for cookware, have no fear. Everything is pretty much 40-60% off right now so we're talking anything from women's clothes to outdoor furniture. Head on over!!


Time for another giveaway, my friends! All you girls who have been wanting to try some of Modere's products whether it be the liquid collagen or the fat-burning collagen (Trim) or the Body Firming Foam...whatever it may be, now is a great time to do it because every order over $150 today and tomorrow will be placed in a drawing to win a free bottle of Body Firming Foam!

Remember that BFF? Here's a quick reminder.

This is my friend in real life. Love her and am so happy she got such great results! She was pumped!
Also works on arms...

and legs and tummies and whatever else you want...

 It's designed to tone, tighten and firm the skin. I'm just now starting to use mine consistently and it definitely helps smooth and tighten up the skin on those problem areas. There's a reason this is a #1 seller! 

So if you've been wanting to try the collagen for the anti-aging benefits for your skin, to see new hair growth, for achy joints, better nails...let me hook you up, friends. I've had over 360 of you try these products now and I'd say probably 80% are repeat customers because they are loving what they are seeing. They have crossed over to the dark side with me. ;)

Look what my friend, Holly posted today on her stories. She's had such a huge transformation from both Trim (dropped 17lbs) and the collagen.

And then a girl on my team had her customer post this to her page. She's just started the Lean Body System. It makes my heart so happy to see these products truly WORK for people. I certainly wouldn't be involved with something that didn't work.

Here's the chart I post all the time to explain the different Biocells (liquid collagen) and the Trim (fat-burning collagen).

I snapped a pic of my morning routine (or noon routine actually now that I'm fasting consistently).

Right now I'm using the Biocell Life because I had extra bottles in the pantry. I flip between Skin & Life. They both seem to do the same thing in terms of that awesome skin, hair growth etc. Life just has added extras for joint health and heart health too. Can't go wrong with that! So I take a shot of that and then a tbsp of the Trim (I'm on a chocolate kick right now but it comes in 4 other flavors) and I mix it in with the Axis Trebiotic which is a pre, post and probiotic for optimal gut health.

And then during the day, I'll take 1-2 Burn capsules (burn more calories, increase metabolism) and usually have a fruit punch Go (for energy and focus) in the afternoon and their moisturizer is the best one I've ever used in my life.

If you are looking at this and saying "Ok I want so many of these things but I don't know where to start or what to prioritize or how to get it the cheapest", then please message me on Instagram or Facebook! This is where I can help you.

Also, if you place an order of $150+, MESSAGE ME AFTER YOU DO so I can make sure I check it to see if it qualifies and get you entered into that drawing!! You'll also get $10 off your first order if you're new when you go through the links or use my referral code 2617259. If your order was $150 before your discounts, that will count. ;)

And one last thing...if you're interested in what I do with this company, please reach out. I'd love to talk to you about it and answer any questions. I'm a no-pressure kind of girl when it comes to this stuff. I'm just here to give you info you wouldn't have known about otherwise. ❤  Y'all know I love you regardless of whether or not you're buying collagen. I'm just thankful for your support and your encouragement and your kindness.

Have the best weekend, friends!!



  1. I just read Life’s Too Short! Love her books! :)

    1. I stayed up wayyy too late listening to this last night. Finally had to stop but I couldn’t wait to get up this morning to turn it back on!!

  2. You have a cute family! Love the easter photo :)


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