Tuesday, April 27, 2021


I was M.I.A. here last week for a good reason (for once!). We celebrated two birthdays, my in-laws came to town for the week, we had league games on Tuesday & Wednesday, a tournament on the weekend, and Craig was out of town. Plus it rained and was cold but I'm not sure that counts as an excuse. ;)

But I'm here to recap our week because we packed a lot of fun in and made some sweet memories with the grandparents!

All the activity kicked off on Tuesday. Craig's parents arrived from Alexandria, LA (about 5 hours away) so they could be here to help celebrate both Craig and Mason's birthdays the next day. (They are birthday twins!) And they always love to take in some games while they are here which is a good thing because there was a whole lot of that going on.

Tuesday night, Matthew had a game while Mason had a highly nutritious ballpark meal consisting of a hot dog, a coke, and some sour straws. I'm not even going to pretend we ate well this week. #dontjudgeme 🙈

The next day was THE DAY! Mason turned 11 and Craig turned 42. Mason's teacher sent me this picture from school. I guess they get to choose a few props to have in their birthday pic.

While he was at school, I picked up the cake, balloons, and one last gift. I ran home to get it all decorated before he got home from school and Craig got home from work.

I watched Mason ride up the driveway after school and take in his birthday sign. He loves little surprises like that!

We had a pipe burst in our front yard a few weeks ago and we had to dig up the yard and pull up a bush. All those bushes are dead due to that crazy freeze and need to be replaced but the green vine growing on top of it helps it out a little for the time being. 😂 So in case you're distracted by the awful landscaping, this is why. It's a work-in-progress. 

It wasn't the ideal backdrop for my cute birthday yard sign but it is what it is. (By the way, this was just $15 and I'll definitely be reusing it over and over!).

We waited until Matthew got home from school about an hour later to do cake and gifts. Mason and Craig both love red velvet cake, especially from Nothing Bundt Cakes. So that's what I usually get every year.

Birthday boys!!

I posted the video with this candle on my IG stories and had a lot of DMs asking where I got it.

It's also from Walmart! It comes all curled up and then you light it and it pops open, starts singing Happy Birthday and spins. So cool!! You can find it HERE but I got mine in the store. (Fair warning: Once it starts singing, it does NOT stop. We literally had to destroy it to get it to shut up. 😂)

Mason was pumped to see his Nintendo Switch accessories kit (among other things) and Craig got a new pair of slides since Charlie ate his. 😉

And this boy loves to get money! Thanks, Mimi and Paw Paw!!

After we ate some cake and finished up with the gifts, it was time to get ready for Mason's game.

After the game, we were starving and let the (little) birthday boy choose what he wanted. He said he wanted Raising Canes and he was firm in his choice. ❤

The next day, I worked on lots of Etsy orders while the boys were at school. Still loving this 64oz water bottle. 

While I worked, Craig's parents ran out to do a few things and Mimi came back with some pretty flowers for my pots! It's a well-known fact that I am not great at keeping flowers alive but I'm determined to make it work this time. I get better every year.

We originally had a game scheduled for Thursday night but it got cancelled so we sat around the table after dinner with Mimi and played cards, listened to Matthew show off his saxophone skills and played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I'm pretty sure that child had just as much fun with that $1 Pin the Tail on the Donkey game as he would have had at a birthday party. 😂 (But we'll still do a party soon!)

Sadie was loving it but she is glued to Mimi at all times.

On Friday it rained and rained which cancelled the two games we had scheduled that night as well. I sat in my favorite spot and enjoyed it.

The weather cleared up and was (thankfully) starting to warm up a little bit on Saturday which was good since we had two games scheduled as part of the tournament. 

I LOVE this camo jacket so much! It's comfortable, soft and a little oversized. I think it sold out in medium and large but there were still smalls left when I checked last. That's what I'm wearing. You can use the code HELLO20 to take 20% off your entire order too!

Before we left, I made sure to take my spoonful of happiness! (PS: The $20 off sale ends FRIDAY so don't miss it if you've been wanting to try this! You can find more info on it HERE and you can always message me with questions on IG @amandanall!)

Mason likes this park because it's got some great climbing trees.

I like it because the trees help protect me from foul balls. 🤪

Switching gears real quick... Have I talked about these shoes lately? I mentioned them in my Deals Group this weekend but can't let this go by without singing their praises. These are a stretchy mesh kind of material that is virtually indestructible. Trust me. Charlie has tried to chew these up and so far, so good. They are breathable, slip on and off easily, don't leave any blisters, are crazy comfy and can be thrown in the washer. I just ordered another pair in this apricot color too. (I think they run TTS.)

If you are planning a Disney trip or something where you'll be walking a lot, look into these! If they get wet on water rides, they'll dry easily too!

Back to baseball...

We got whooped pretty good during our first game of the day and then turned around and crushed it in our second. Since we won so big in our second game, we managed to avoid having to play at 8am on Sunday morning and instead, got the noon time slot. 

Mimi and PawPaw had to leave that morning (right when we finally got some gorgeous baseball weather!) but they loved getting to watch the boys in action.

We won that game easily which meant a quick turnaround and ready for the next game.

These two both have big brothers on the team and also play together on their own team. #littlebrothersunite

Unfortunately, the second game that day had us facing the same team that whooped us the morning before. They were a select team (we are not) so it's hard to beat that but they fought hard. 

If we'd have won, there would have been a third game after that but since we didn't, we came home to enjoy that 80 degree weather by the pool. 

We all had a great week but I think Charlie probably had more fun than anyone. He loves when Craig's parents come because they bring Sadie and he LOVES Sadie! They are two peas in a pod and it really is like watching cousins together.

Yes, I know. We've got to get Chuck a brother or sister. I'm well aware. I've started keeping an eye out for the perfect rescue pup for our family so we'll see what happens. 😉

And that was our week! This week I'm back to focusing on doing all the right things during Week 4 of my FASTer Way program because last week was just...not good. (Sorry Jen!!) Craig is doing pretty well with it. I'm struggling a bit but will wait to give it a full review after the 6 weeks are up. 

Have the best day, friends! Thank you for being here!!



  1. How sweet are your birthday twins?! I'm so glad you guys had a great week celebrating them both!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    So glad to see you back! Mason looks way grown up and ready for middle school, tell your hubby he is looking great, excited to hear what you think about FASTer Way. I think its awesome Matthew plays the sax, my oldest is in high school and plays alto for marching and bari for jazz band- he loves it. Your family always looks like you are having fun making memories- time shared with Grandparents is so important, thank you for sharing


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