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Welcome back to the March Edition of What's Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay! I love this little linkup!! If you read here and also blog, please feel free to drop your link in the comments so I can return the favor! I'm trying to expand my blog roll a little more and would love to read yours!

Now on to WUW...


Our dinners around here are not typically something worth sharing. But I will say that we had these BBQ shrimp tacos from Home Chef this week and they are one of my favorite recipes from them. I had them for the first time back in July and I could not stop thinking about them. I was so happy to see them back on the menu for this week!

I use my low carb tortillas instead of theirs just because why not go a little lower in carbs when you can, right?

So yummy.

We have tried several Home Chef meals and I've decided that the only ones I'm really interested in are the Oven Ready kits. They are so simple. Mason really likes them too because he can cook dinner all by himself (with supervision) like he did with this Panko-Crusted Chicken and pasta dish! He was so proud!

I posted that on IG the other day and had questions about portions. You can choose how many portions you want when you order. (2, 4, 6 etc). This is 4 chicken breasts with 2 big helpings of pasta which was perfect for me, Craig and Mason. Matthew doesn't eat things like this (Lord help me with that picky child) so it's just the 3 of us on these dinners. Mason and I each had one piece of chicken, Craig had 2 and we all split the pasta.

Did you see where I was a guest blogger over on the Holiday Inn Club Vacations blog last week? Eek! I always get nervous about guest blogging!! I absolutely love partnering with the HICV peeps though. They are so sweet and  If you missed it, you can find that post HERE. I recapped my trip to Galveston with two of my besties and we had a blast. I highly recommend checking out this resort if you're headed to Galveston any time soon!

Also, if you're looking for a more rustic, lake-life type family vacation, be sure to check out their resort in Flint, TX. (Near Tyler.) We went there at Christmas in 2019 and it was so much fun. It had a real "family camp" style vibe which we loved. (Plus they have a little indoor waterpark that's awesome in addition to the outdoor pools.) You can read that post HERE.

In other news, I'm still loving my little collagen biz. ❤ Every day I get messages from you girls about how your skin is changing or your hair is growing or how you've lost pounds/inches and it makes me so happy that 1) it's not just me that loves this stuff 2) I can add some sort of small value to an aspect of your life. 

(Collagen HERE)

Message me on Instagram any time if you need more info or help, have questions, or are interested in becoming part of this yourself.  If you're feeling the nudge, you're looking, you're interested, you want a change, a chance at building a business of your own no matter how big or small... If this sounds like you I'd be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions. I absolutely love the girls I work with on a daily basis and have never felt so supported in any business I've ever been a part of which I know is a huge reason why I've had so much success at this company when I've been completely unsuccessful with others in the past. I know I ran them ragged when I first got started with all my questions and they never let me down. They showed me how to succeed and help others succeed and I am so happy to have found my place. The company, the environment, the products...all of it. It's just different. ❤

Ok, ladies. Have you watched Ginny & Georgia on Netflix yet?? I just finished the first season and I loved it!  It's like Gilmore Girls but rated R instead of G. haha And the girl who plays Georgia looks like she could be Julia Roberts's little sister. (Or daughter. How old is JR now? Google says 53 so yes...daughter.)  Also, Jason Street is in it and he's the mayor and he's just as adorable as he was in Friday Night Lights.

I couldn't stop watching and was so sad when it was over! Although it does make me cringe thinking of having teenagers. 😏 

And I listened to this cute book on Audible a couple of weeks ago! It is a sweet, light, fun read about a girl who runs into the boy who gave her her first kiss when she was 12 only to find out he's about to marry a cheater. She can't sit by and do nothing (can she??) so she tells her hunky childhood friend about his cheating fiance and all hell breaks loose.

Of course, he is totally perfect (as they all are in these books) and she's adorable and irresistible. A "fake fiance" situation presents itself which they play out in order to save a huge overseas deal he has and you know how it goes. Predictable but still a sweet book and worth the read if you're looking for something in the chick lit genre.

We are back in full swing with baseball around here and loving it!

Craig is back to working his football camps after they cancelled last season due to quarantine and Covid. He worked a camp a couple of weeks ago with future NFL-er and Notre Dame QB, Ian Book. The boys tagged along to help out.

Besides sports, the boys have been busying makin' that money. Mason especially. He wants an Oculus (which I kind of want too, honestly 😂) but they are $300. It's a virtual reality headset thing if you aren't familiar. So he's working his booty off trying to do every job available that will pay him. 

He gathered up a couple of his buddies to do a lemonade stand on our corner last week which turned into more than just a couple of them. They did pretty well so they did another one the next day and then I told them to cool it or the neighbors would think they were greedy. haha Maybe just once a week.

So he's added yardwork to his list of jobs too.

Cutest little yard boy I know. 😉

Craig and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on March 19th! This was taken in 2009 when we went to the Sandals Royal Bahamian for a week. We loved that vacation! 

Hello beautiful!

So last year, I got the boys a snow cone machine from Target. It was like $25 and it worked fine but it was really loud and it took forever to make one snow cone. So we had to sit through that noise for a long time... Since they used it so much, I thought about keeping them a better one. And then at a ballgame one night, my friend told me she bought the Margaritaville machine when I posted it in my Deals Group when it was on sale one time. She said they use it for snow cones and slushies too so I checked to see if it was on sale wasn't. Womp womp. But I kept an eye out for it to drop and it did! They have it on sale as I type this for $70 off plus another 20% off coupon plus $30 in Kohls cash. So I bought it. Because it was clearly a sign. Right?

If you've been wanting one, now is a great time to grab it!! It's been on sale all week so it could end at any time. We put it out in the sunroom so that it can live there and we won't have to be one more thing in our pantry. ;)

So you know how I mentioned that Craig and I were going to start Weight Watchers since we had a free membership through his NFL Alumni program? Well, we have sucked at that. We just haven't been able to stick with it for more than a day or two and I blame all the traveling he's doing with his camps now and all the baseball games during dinner time and #insertexcusehere.

My childhood friend, Jen, is a FASTer Way to Weight Loss coach and we have been super supportive of each other's new ventures and are cheering each other on as good friends do! She is on the collagen now and I'm signed up for her next round of this whole FASTer Way to Weight Loss thing! I honestly love a good program to follow. I really don't know much about this program though other than it focuses on carb cycling. Y'all know how much I loved Keto when I was on it so I figure this will be similar except with more carbs. Kind of a mix between Keto and Weight Watchers. 

When I did Keto a couple of years ago, I had a goal and a deadline in my head and when I get that way, I usually do really well. It's the kickstart and the structure I need AND I have another goal and deadline (Leadership Trip to Utah in June!) in front of me so I'm motivated! I want to actually get in shape this time too--not just lose the extra fluff. (Although losing extra fluff is important.)

Jen has a new client round starting up April 5th so if you're interested, you can do it too! I signed Craig up! haha He better behave and do the dang thing!

Find Jen on Instagram and or sign up and do this with me HERE!!

Ugh. We had a pipe burst in our front yard so there will be some digging up of bushes and tearing up of yards in our future. So that's fun. Right now it's just a soggy, mushy mess. I don't know if this was some residual effect of all the sub-zero temps or not but it's definitely a pain in the butt. Craig tried to tell me about it yesterday but my eyes glazed over after a few seconds. I don't understand plumbing. Just tell me how much it's going to cost and how soon it can be fixed.

I took this after Mason was done mowing the backyard and Craig was out there doing what he could with the soggy mess. See all that water draining into the street? Ugh.

And that's about it for today, friends! Just a reminder to my collagen customers that today is the very last day to double your rewards when you share your referral code with a friend! Be sure and message me if you need help with that! I know a lot of y'all have taken advantage of that this week so be looking for your Live Clean Credits to show up in your accounts on April 1. I can show you how to use them too if you need me to. If you missed it, this is a customer appreciation promo they are running until the end of the day today! Share your referral code with a friend and they get $10 off their order and you get $20 back in shopping credits. Tomorrow it will go back to $10 instead of $20. (Still a great deal but obviously $20 is so much better!)

Here are the steps! Super easy but again, I'm always here if you need help.

For more info on all this collagen stuff, you can check this post HERE or message me on IG for more info. :)

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

UPDATE: Our team announced a ONE DAY ONLY giveaway today so I wanted to put it here in case you wanted to take advantage. (Giveaway ends March 31. Bundles can be grabbed anytime.)

For every person that orders one of these bundles by 11pm central, you will be entered to win a free bottle of Trim! 

Bundle #1: Grab the Trim (any flavor), Body Firming Foam, Facial Cleanser, and Exfoliator and get the Lip Complex FREE!

Bundle #2: Two bottles of Life (liquid collagen...2 bottles is a months supply if you are taking it twice a day) and Body Firming Foam and you'll get the Cleanser and Exfoliator for FREE!

Bundle #3: Lean Body System (any flavor), a bottle of Life and the Trebiotics for gut health and get the Fresh and Clean collection for free PLUS free shipping! This includes laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish soap and the fabric spray that I love to use on stinky shoes!!

Message me on Instagram (@amandanall) or FB (Amanda Crain Nall) and I'll show you how to get the right price to show up in your cart.



  1. I've been contemplating Ginny and Georgia...I should watch it? Yes? You also told me to watch The Queen's Gambit though...ha! I think this one is probably more my speed!

    1. I still can’t believe you didn’t like the Queen’s Gambit! 😂 But yes! You’ll love this! Very quick wit, cute characters, a little spicy, and some mystery. You’ll know if you’re going to like it by the first episode!

  2. Oh my goodness, you described Ginny and Georgia perfectly!! I am watching it now and love it so far! I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more!

  3. I am so proud of your entrepreneur-Go Mason!!

    "Well, we have sucked at that" made me LOL! Again, thank you for your honesty. Hope your front yard gets back to normal soon.

  4. Fantastic baseball photos!
    Sorry to read about your burst pipe. I giggled at your 'eyes glazed over' response to your husband's description of the plumbing fiasco.

    1. He’ll tell you my eyes glaze over a LOT when he starts man-splaining things to me. 😂 I don’t need to know the details. Just tell me how much it costs and when it’ll be done. 😂

  5. I did FASTer way back in 2018. If you can stick with it, it is a great program. Focus is mainly on nutrition. I did feel the best I have ever felt though and it does work. I will warn you it is hard to stick too during ball tournament weekends. 😉

    1. I literally have no idea what I’m getting into but I totally trust my girl, Jen so I’m going to give it my best shot. And I’ll be honest-I have a bit of a pretzel and cheese habit at the ballpark. They are SO GOOD!! I’m a little worried. 🥴

  6. I'm belatedly catching up on my What's Up Wednesday reading! I too glaze over when it comes to boring house stuff (or boring money stuff). Just tell me how much money to throw at it to make you stop talking about it!!! I'm really hoping my son gets to do baseball this spring. Currently our province is under it's THIRD lock down so it's not looking hopeful. Ugh. He misses it so much and I miss getting to watch him do his thing.

    Since you asked for blog links, if you want to check out my blog about life in Canada raising a just turned 12 year old boy and an almost 10 year old girl, feel free to check it out at: but no pressure :)


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