Sunday, September 5, 2021


 Happy SUNDAY, y'all!! What the heck? Are there even any rules to my attempts at being consistent on this blog anymore? When have I ever posted on a Sunday!?

I had this post scheduled for Monday but then I realized the sale I wanted to share ends on Monday night. And if you're like me, you hate missing a great sale by just one day. Why does that always seem to happen?! So I wanted to post a day early to give you some extra time to see it in case you want to take advantage. 

Y'all know I take my skincare seriously and have my tried and true favorite brands when it comes to skincare. Colleen Rothschild products are at the top of that list and have been for quite some time. They are quality products that live up to they hype and I mean seriously, what more do you want, right? Aren't we all searching for THE cleanser/moisturizer/sunscreen/serum/etc that will just speak to us?! I found some of mine a few years ago and was hooked and I know that a ton of you ladies have discovered favorites with this brand as well. I've been singing the praises of this line way before CR ever offered to partner with me on a post like this. 

Quick Detour: Yes, they gifted me some goodies and this is a sponsored post. So let's just get that out in the open right now. I still feel incredibly blessed to be working with a brand like this. As a smaller blogger, I get offered some pretty random collaborations and I always turn them down. 

Case in point: Someone wanted me to do a sponsored post about China dishes one time and I had to turn them down because in what world does my family ever use fancy China? Could I have scrambled something together about a special occasion and pretended we all sat around the dinner table with candles and our China plates--and then cashed their check? Sure! (OMG would you have bought that for a second?!) But it was NOT me and there's no way I would have felt right pretending otherwise. Even on Thanksgiving, we tend to eat on heavy-duty paper plates because it's fewer dishes I have to do. 🤷‍♀️

All of that to say, I am thankful and proud to be chosen to work with this company that I'm such a fan of and I'm happy to disclose that. 😉

Now back to the Labor Day Sale! So today and tomorrow the entire site is 20% off with the code LABORDAY! Whoop!! How often does that happen?!

I know I have done a ton of skincare posts in the past but it's because I'll be 40 in a month (literally to the day) and I'm not gonna lie. I'm freakin' out a little. 🤪 Skincare is just so much more important to me than it has been in the past. Kind of wish I wouldn't have waited so long to figure all this out so if you are younger than me and reading this, do your skin a favor and get that skincare routine in check!


I know I tend to talk about the same favorite products each time but it's because they really are my FAVORITES. I know I'm doing all I can to combat the fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, elasticity etc with my collagen routine and the rest of my skincare routine. This time though, I was looking for a way to really combat the dark spots/hyperpigmentation/melasma...whatever you want to call it...that have permanently attached themselves to my forehead and get darker any time the sun hits them for more than a half a second. 🤦‍♀️☀ So I found myself with some new favorites that you may want to try too because they are proving themselves worthy!


This first one is actually not a brand new favorite. I have used these Glycolic Acid Peel Pads in the past but ran out a while back and kind of forgot about them. So when I was perusing the CR website a couple of months ago to see what they had that could target the melasma/hyperpigmentation on my forehead which, by the way, is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE (well, besides my cellulite...grrrr...), I saw that these would help with that. Like I said, I've used them before and really loved them. They are like those old-school Clearasil wipes we all used to use (do you remember that smell??) but these are a tiny bit gritty on one side so you can get in there and wipe away all that dirt and oil while the good stuff goes to work targeting fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Yes please and yes please.

HOW I USE THEM: I use these right after I cleanse with the all-star Radiant Cleansing Balm (please promise me you have tried this by now!) about 3 times a week. My skin always always always looks brighter, clearer, more even, and not to borrow a word from the balm but more radiant the next morning.

I've been using them consistently for weeks now and I have noticed a significant reduction in how dark the spots are on my forehead which has obviously kept me faithful to them.

This brings me to...


Since the Peel Pads are a stronger treatment, I like to follow it up with a whole lot of soothing moisture. I was just using a moisturizer. I have several I love including the Extreme Recovery Cream which is light and bouncy but still gives great hydration. But since I was wanting to try some new things, I grabbed the Intense Hydrating Mask, and friends, this combo is killer!

I use it like a moisturizer but it says you can slather an even layer on, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wipe off the excess if you want to use it more like a real mask. It also says you can sleep in it for added hydration. So that's what I do. On the nights I use my Peel Pads, I always follow it up with the Intense Hydrating Mask and I have no doubt it contributes to that glowy skin the next morning.

It is also going to be amazing when it gets cold in the winter and my face gets super dry and tight.

This is a great combo!!


And since I know the best way to keep those dark spots at bay is to protect my skin as best I can every time I go outside, I decided to try their new Triple Defense Sunscreen too. I have bounced around between sunscreens for my face forever. Some I like more for no makeup pool days and some are more for wearing under my makeup on a regular day. I have had issues with them being too greasy and my makeup sliding off though and that's never cute, right? So I was extremely pleased to see that this one was pretty fab, honestly. It doesn't make my face greasy at all. It goes on white and dries clear. It's an SPF40 and it is definitely one I'm going to stick with. 

If you're looking for a solid sunscreen to wear on a daily basis, be sure to try this one! And I know someone will ask, but no this hasn't broken my face out in the slightest. Not even a hint of a new breakout. So another yay for that!

So there ya go. Three new faves in the rotation! If you are in a never-ending battle of dark spots, this may be a great time to try out something new! The code LABORDAY will get you 20% off sitewide and shipping is free over $49! Sale ends Monday!!

You can see my full skincare routine HERE.

Have a great Sunday and Labor Day, friends! Thank you for being here! 




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