Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Welcome to the September edition of What's Up Wednesday, friends!

Lots to get to today so let's get you caught up on all things that have been happening over here lately!

Thanks to Sheaffer and Shay for hosting this fun linkup every month!

We have been trying to eat healthier lately around here. And when I say "we" I really mean "me". 😏 The countdown to my trip to Cabo is about a month so I'm doing my best to eat clean and stay on keto as best I can. (And then it's ON at Thanksgiving...hahaha).

So I've been doing a lot of roasted veggies mixed in with turkey sausage, chicken and/or shrimp lately and oh it's so good. I could eat this every day.

And I tend to stockpile Chick-fil-a sauces and dressings (like we all do, surely) and have been making my own salads but using their dressings. Creamy Salsa is my fave.

Speaking of Cabo...I'm definitely excited about it!! This is an all-expenses-paid incentives trip I earned through Modere and I cannot WAIT to be there with my girls! Modere has rented out the entire Hard Rock Resort in Cabo for us and I'm just praying nothing crazy happens that will mess with our trip. This day and age, you just never know, right? We've already had one trip cancelled recently so I'm cautiously optimistic.

I honestly don't know if I would say I'm looking forward to this or not but next Tuesday (October 5th) is my birthday. The big one. 4-0. It still feels surreal to say that. I don't feel 40. In my head, I still feel like a 25-year-old. Or even 18 somedays. But then others...I definitely feel 40. 😂

Do I have plans to celebrate? Sadly, no. The boys have a couple of games this weekend. One of my best friends is going to be in Italy for the next 10 days or I'm sure I'd have plans with my little bestie duo. Another friend is having her big 40th birthday party the following weekend though so I'll be seeing a ton of my favorite people there and that will be so fun! I'm probably more excited about that than I am for my own birthday. Ha!

I do hope I can come up with some way to celebrate though! You don't turn 40 every day. (Thank goodness.)

I'm loving my fall decor but secretly wishing it was Christmas decor. 😉 I love the lights I added to the mantle and my favorite little light-up owl that I've had for years now and will be so sad when he stops working. And my battery-operated candles flicker to life on a timer every evening too. (My exact ones are sold out but you can see a ton of options here.) I love the warm glow they add to the room!

Last weekend I spent a morning sitting out here by the pool and enjoying the gorgeous weather. We are finally cooling off a little here in TX and it's much appreciated.

Did you see that it was National Son's Day yesterday!? It got me all up in my feelings. Sigh. Look at what my life used to look like! 🙈 This is our playroom which is now basically an X-Box hangout spot. I do miss the days when this was my life. Look at baby Matthew hanging out playing with his little kitchen set. How sweet is he?! Mason was most likely asleep b/c he would have been a baby then. And check out the blanket fort. I mean...take me back to this mess.

Speaking of Mason...hello sweet boy!! All his favorite things are here. Paci, Ellie, Cars slippers, cars in hand. I can still feel his little baby soft skin and chubby little hands.

And I love this picture so much! My precious little guys.

Football on Saturdays! Last Saturday we played a Prosper, TX team and got whooped. They were really good and we had several players out with injuries. But both teams wore tall purple socks (hard to tell in the pics) in honor of a local high school cheerleader who suffered a severe spinal cord injury during a freak tumbling accident.  

Baseball is also in full swing (see what I did there??) and the night games are even starting to get a tiny bit chilly! I love it when all I need is just a sweatshirt...but not a  blanket. ;) Perfect fall ball weather.

Who is watching Big Brother?! Who do you want to win?! Who did you vote for America's Favorite Houseguest?! The 2 hour finale is TONIGHT and I'm predicting a win for Xavier. I had him chosen from pretty much Day 1. He's played smart, strong and with character this whole time and I am here for it. Plus he's a handsome lawyer who is wanting to win so he can help support his nephew who just lost his father (X's brother) a few months ago. I mean, come on! 

I love Azah too though and hope she comes in 2nd. She has played the whole game without lying (much) to anyone and has kept her cool, won some comps and played smart as well.

Big D on the other much as I enjoy him, he hasn't done anything to warrant being in the final 2. He's never won a comp and is typically one of the first ones out. He's basically been a floater this whole season and yet I don't know if we've even HEARD that classic Big Brother word at all this season. Have we? I think they've kept him around for so long because everyone knows they could easily beat him in the final 2. No one is going to vote for him because he just hasn't done enough to deserve $750,000. It'll be interesting to see who Azah or Xavier bring to Final 2. (I don't think there's any way Big D will win this final competition.) If X and Azah want to bring the one who deserves to be there, they'll bring each other. If they want to bring the one they KNOW they can beat, they'll pick Big D. It's a huge decision for them and could cost them $750k so is it wrong to say I'd pick Big D...? Then maybe slip the one I didn't bring $50k of my winnings as an I'm sorry?? 🤷‍♀️ I'll be watching!

I went to Target the other day and came home with a couple of fun finds! I thought these sneakers were adorable and look so similar to the Madewell version that cost more than twice as much. (You can see those here to compare the two.)

I also couldn't leave without this super soft camo pullover. It had pajama bottoms that went with it too but they didn't have my size. But I may need those too. This was thin and soft and crazy comfy so I knew I'd wear it on repeat.

It fits TTS. I'm wearing a small. My favorite jeans are sold out but you can find a good variety at the best prices HERE or HERE.

Also on repeat are these little soft shorts I picked up at Old Navy last week. (Gray tee is here.) I've been wearing them around the house and sleeping in them. After a shower, I just slip into the next pair. 😂 They were on clearance when I was there and I actually got them while they were on sale and then marked down another 30% off. I'm not sure what sale they have going on right now but be sure to check the price they give you at checkout. It's almost always lower than the one listed! These are totally worth it. 

They fit TTS and I tried on both a small and the medium...but went with a medium because I have a booty and thighs that make me hate when my loungy clothes are tight anywhere.  The waist in both is big for sure though but the drawstring cinches it in just fine. (Tie-dye here, leopard here. Couldn't find the stripes online.)

That Cabo beach body, y'all! It won't be perfect that's for sure but I'm actually working on the regular now. I even have a few muscles. Who knew?! 😂

I'm also working on Etsy orders of course! Sent this cutie out this week! Love this one! You can grab yours here!

And finally, the September collagen promo ends TOMORROW! (See more info on what all this is including my before and afters HERE.) So if you've been meaning to order or need to restock or FINALLY want to just try this for yourself to see what all the dang fuss is about, do it now while new customers/accounts can get $20 off Trim collections and existing customers get $10 off. 

And if you don't want a Trim collection and are just wanting the collagen, new customers will still get $10 off that too. Y'all know I am always here to help you and quickly so just shoot me a message on Instagram (@amandanall) and I'll get you what you need!

But if you just want the two hero products--the "fat-burning collagen" that works with your body composition (burns fat and promotes lean muscle) AND the anti-aging liquid gold I will never ever go without ever in my entire life (not even being dramatic), then just grab those HERE. You'll see the discounts come off at the very last step of checkout.

Shop ALL here if you wan to check out all the products. There are a million I'd recommend. All clean, safe, non-toxic. Dish soap, laundry detergent, the BEST moisturizer, face mask and even deoderant. You can get $10 off ANY first order.

Turning 40. 😏

I like birthdays but not getting older. I hope there is at least some Mexican food and maybe a margarita involved in my birthday somehow. I'll dread it less for sure.


And that's it for this month's What's Up Wednesday, friends! Have a great rest of your week and please come visit me over in my Deals Group and on Instagram!





  1. I am also watching BB. I think X has been the puppet master the entire game. He deserves to win but I am secretly rooting for the underdog, Azah. She has floated most of the game but has won a few comps. Big D has won NOTHING and will be 2nd place regardless. I want Derek X to win America’s Favorite. He seems like a very nice and intelligent young man. Happy 40th Birthday! Forty is easy compared to turning 50 or 60! 😭

  2. I needed to read your comment about missing the mess! That's my life right now, and I need that reminder on days I want to jump out the window from being so tired of cleaning up so much!

    I'm gearing up for Big Brother. Honestly, I'm sad this is the final 3 because I feel like X will for sure win, and I kind of wanted something a little more exciting.

  3. Your sneakers are SERIOUSLY so cute!! When I saw them on Saturday, I was obsessed!!! Go Steelers!! See you tomorrow!! xx

  4. I'm belatedly catching up on my What's Up Wednesday reading :)

    I hope you had a great birthday and felt celebrated!!! I was moving across the country the day I turned 40 so my 40th birthday was spent cleaning our new rental house. It was super fun -- not.


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