Friday, September 17, 2021


IT'S FRIDAY! Time to grab your man or those besties and head to dinner or just throw on those comfy pants after your day wraps up and order pizza and watch Netflix. Whatever your jam is, I hope you enjoy it!!

Today I'm sharing a little Weekly Wrap-Up intermixed with all my favorites from throughout the week and as always, it is a big random mix!

Let'st start with a favorite in the Outfit of the Week category. Most of you know that I work from home and don't really have many things to run out and do during the day. I sit, I work, I do house stuff...but I don't have a reason to do my hair and put on jeans and a cute shirt or real shoes or anything like that unless it's a game night! Well, we had 3 8pm games this week and on Wednesday, these cute grey (gray?) Kancans arrived a couple of hours before game time. Y'all! As soon as I put them on I knew they were going to be absolute favorites for a very long time! Game night outfit, done.

For starters, they are stretchy but are still made from that great quality denim material. I'm not crazy about the jeans that are stretchy but are super thin. Do y'all like those? 

But these are everything! High-rise (they come to my belly button), the coolest vintage gray color and they suck you in in all the right places. They also hit right at my ankles so I can wear them completely uncuffed or I can give them a quick cuff up. Either way, they are super cute. I'm 5'5" and I bought them TTS. I LOVE THEM. They are already selling out in some sizes so if you want to grab them, get them while you can! Shipping is fast and free too!

Sandals HERE, Blondie hat is sold out apparently but all of the ones in that collection are HERE.

Speaking of baseball games, here are some pictures from this week...

During Matthew's game on Wednesday night, Mason and his buddies found their own fun. First, they found this big frog and brought him over to the fans to show off. (So sweet, right? 🤪) As much as I wanted to be like, "Put that down!" I also wanted a picture because Mason loves this kind of stuff and was so proud of his find. Look at that cute face!

And look at that ugly frog! 🙈

No worries, everyone. I made him put the frog back where he found it (gently) and then go wash those nasty hands!

Good thing he did too because 10 minutes later that crew of his was bringing over a container of extra cupcakes one of the other teams had given out after their game and then given to Mason and his buddies because they had extra they didn't want to take home. Free, unexpected cupcakes for these boys made their night. Bright red icing smeared all over faces, teeth, and hands at almost 10pm on a Wednesday night?! You only live once, I guess. 🤪

Wednesday was also my sweet daddy's birthday! Happy 66 to this guy! We love him so much!! He and my mom celebrated at the beach all week which is their favorite place so I was happy they got to do something fun.

He's so cute. Best dad ever.

And then I grabbed some pics with my little Steeler after his game on Saturday! Love watching him play!

I posted this on Instagram yesterday but this is seriously my favorite scrunchie. Random? You bet. But it is! It's one of those big, oversized ones and it is perfect for pulling my hair up without causing any damage. Plus it's big and bouncy and makes my hair look fuller.

I've got it in this color and an emerald green. And then I just ordered the leopard and rust too. haha Can't have too many scrunchies (says the 80s baby). 😉

I did a whole post about this promo the other day because I like to keep those of you who are customers or who are interested informed of big sales and free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff, right?! I did a little blip on it on the main page of the blog and then linked to the full post HERE if you want to check it out. 

The last day to get an extra $10 off any Trim collection (Lean Body System, Collagen/Trim duo etc) AND be able to stack a New Customer (or new account) discount with that for another $10 off, is September 30th! UPDATE: Body Firming Foam was free with your purchase up until September 17th. That has ended but you can still get a free rose gold spoon with any purchase of $200 after discounts.

If you already use these products anyway, it's a great way to grab more of what you'll need again!

Also, I mentioned in the promo post that I was going to be sending the first 10 customers who order a promo one of these cute shot glasses! Hopefully, you have contacted me if you've ordered a promo! (If not, please do!) But my first 10 were claimed pretty quick so I opened it up for another 10. I'll go ahead and just keep it going until I run out so let me know if you place an order and want one! And I'll get you down! :)

Always feel free to message me for help or with questions! Also worth mentioning...enrollment kits are also part of this promo so if you've been wanting to join us, you can still get the promo price and freebies along with your own link. I would LOVE to take you under my wing! ❤

I tried a new green bean recipe this week to go along with our turkey sausage and cauliflower mash and it was delicious. As always, I added red onion to it because I could red onions every single day. 

These were Parmesan Roasted Green Beans were delicious. I could have had just those for dinner and I'd have been happy.

You can follow me on Pinterest HERE. I've started a new Sheet Pan Dinner board too because those have been my jam lately!

Lately, I have been all into action-packed movies and even more specifically--war/army type movies. Did anyone watch the 9/11 documentary I talked about last week? If not I still recommend it! So good. But this week I watched 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and again--SO GOOD. Have you seen it? I've got to be honest and tell you I was pretty clueless on Benghazi. And from what I've read, this movie is a very close portrayal of what happened which makes it even more terrifying. 

So if you're looking for a good movie to watch with the that he'll approve of I'm sure...try this one!
And that's it for today, y'all! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

Happy Friday!!



  1. Let's go Steelers!!!!! I'm excited about tomorrow's game!!

  2. I just ordered some Modere products.. may I please get a little shot glass? I am happy to pay for it. Thank you!


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