Friday, October 8, 2021

FAVORITES FROM LATELY & THE BIG 4-0.'s my first blog post in my 40s, friends. As of October 5th.


But I can't complain. I've had an amazing first 40 years and I intend on the next 40 being even better!

We celebrated with a fun dinner out with friends (who Craig had called-ahem-at the very last minute) to see if they wanted to join us. Almost everyone had sports stuff going on so there weren't many who were able to come on such short notice but some of my favorite neighbors did make it and were able to surprise me!

We went to Mckinney's newest hot spot (well, sure to be a hot spot!) called The Stix Icehouse. It's got 14 acres of land below that big deck behind us where they have cornhole, frisbee golf, ping pong, a wiffle ball field, and honestly, I don't even know what else. The kids ran down there and we barely saw them the whole night. They came up to check on food after we'd already started eating ours. Haha.

I have been on such a health kick lately but you don't count calories on your 40th birthday obviously! These chicken nachos were delish.

Everyone loved their food. (Once they finally came to the table.)

Matthew refused a picture with me because #teenagers but Mason obliged once I told him I'd only order his food after he smiled for one second like a normal person. 😂

Birthdays aren't so bad! Check out those pretty flowers my sweet friends sent me! And as excited I was to see that cake, it is not Cabo-friendly. I've got less than a month before my vacay and that is not on the menu. But I did have some...and now need everyone else to finish it off stat! 😉

We ended the night with (newer) Ghostbusters which if you haven't seen it, this is the month to watch. I think it's hilarious. I love the all-girl Ghostbusters and the cameos from the original ones.

Now moving on to favorites this week. First up, we have the Apple Airpods Pro on sale for $179 (reg $249) which has been a FAVORITE in my Deals Group on Facebook this week. Lots of people swooped in and scored these for this great price before it goes back up! (And by the time you read this, it is quite possible the price has gone back up so if it has, I'll come back and correct this when I catch it.)

If you know you'll be needing these as a Christmas gift, I can't imagine they'll go lower than this but who knows?! But you could totally knock this off your list now. Just don't forget where you stashed them! Start a list on your phone now! I've made this mistake before...

Another favorite this week? These cute buffalo plaid and cork earrings with the mustard yellow fishtail leather that I just added to my Etsy shop! I definitely saved myself a pair of these! You can find them here for now but I don't have a ton of the mustard color left so order while you can!

So I showed yall this on Instagram the other day and so many of you said you've used this before. I got a surprising number of DMs telling me not to plan on wearing sandals for a while after this too. (Most definitely.) But have you seen this? 

You open it up and stick your feet in these plastic booties filled with some kind of goop, wear them for an hour, rinse your feet off and then in 5-7 days, the bottoms of your feet start to peel off like crazy. Once it's all peeled away, you are left with baby soft feet. Fun? Gross? Both? I don't know but I went for it! I did mine on Tuesday so I'm still waiting to see the peeling but I can already tell something is happening. And no, I will not be wearing sandals until I'm all healed up which they said should be in less than 2 weeks.

Now speaking of baby soft skin, did you see where Modere released their newest product? It is a Double Cleanser which I've always heard about but y'all know I am so devoted to my Cleansing Balm. So when I heard about this I was like "Ummmm...I don't know. It's going to be so tough to get me to switch!" (For the record, I was the same way with their Cellproof moisturizer and oh my gosh, I don't know why it took me so long. Modere's moisturizer is the best one I've ever used. Everyone who tries it agrees. It is just so so good. (You can check out my skincare post here but I have a feeling I may be updating it soon...) For the record, I have not tried it yet. Mine should be arriving today.

Anyway, now you can get the Double Cleanser with the whole system--DC, moisturizer, serum (instant tightening effect which is awesome) and that FAB "champagne facial" bubble mask.

My friend Andrea got to test out the product early and look how good she looks after just 7 days with the cleanser! Who knew that double cleansing was a thing! I've heard beauty people talk about how they double cleanse when using the Cleansing Balm. Like they'll use it first and then follow up with a separate cleanser to make sure they've gotten all the oils and impurities off completely before applying their skincare. If you want the most out of your skincare you need to start with a very clean slate.

Now what is getting me super intrigued by this is that it sounds like a hybrid of my beloved Cleansing Balm and a more traditional cleanser in that you put it on dry skin (just like the balm) and it melts away all the impurities--makeup, sunscreen, oils, dirt, #allthethings. That's what I LOVE about the balm. You can even use it to get your eye makeup off. So this seems to work the same way. But then once you've rubbed the Double Cleanser in for a minute, you add a little water to it and it begins to foam up a tiny bit to finish cleaning your face. And then you just wipe it away with a warm, wet washcloth. So it seems VERY similar to my balm but like an upgraded version with extras. I'm always up for extras!

Today you can get $10 off any Double Cleanser Collection and $5 off any Double Cleanser Basic Collection in case you want to try it too! I'm telling you. You cannot go wrong with any of their skincare products. Add in the collagen and you are going to see huge changes in your skin. (Please take before and after pictures even if only for yourself! You will be floored.)

You can check out all the options HERE on the website but if you want info on how to bundle and get those collections CHEAPER and with free products, please message me on Instagram! I don't want to take over the blog post with Modere/skincare stuff but just know, if you are already on smartship and have an order going out this month, we can probably add this to your order for way cheaper than it already is. (It's only $30 bucks with no discounts...and y'all know I can get you discounts.) You'll get $10 off no matter what you buy with your first order SO if you wanted to try any of the collections, you'd actually be getting $20 off in total. Which is huge.

Or you can even try it by itself and get it for $20 with your new customer discount.

I will of course be reporting back on how I like it (completely honest review too) but after hearing about the ingredients in it (all clean ingredients just like all of Modere's products) and the research and development behind it and why they chose them, I am just blown away. This company is the GOLD STANDARD, y'all.

And I'm not alone when I say that! Did you see where Modere was announced as the #1 Woman-Led Company of the Year. This wasn't among other direct sales companies or skincare or anything like that either. The #3 company was an oil company. The #2 company was a telemedicine company.

Modere is the fastest-growing woman-led company in America right now. It has grown 1700% from 2016-2020. There is a reason for this! The products sound gimmicky but when you finally let yourself try them...(and use them consistently...) the results speak for themselves. And they aren't just collagen. They are clean living and health and wellness. All the good stuff backed by science and research and clinical trials. I would be happy to show you.

So proud of our girl, Asma. She's an amazing, kickbutt CEO and smart as can be.

Yesterday was actually my 1 year anniversary with this company and for those of you who have been here since the beginning, you've seen my heart and my sincerity when I talk about this company and these products. It's not a gimmick. It's not snake oil. It's not magic. It's science.

I think all these ladies will agree with me. We attended a virtual conference (should have been in Phoenix but Covid ruins everything) on Friday night and some of my local girls and I got together to watch and learn. There is something so empowering about being in a room with like-minded women. I honestly never really got it when I'd see people go on and on about this kind of thing before. But now I get it. It feels incredible to be part of something so positive. And knowing I can help change other people's lives with this business and mentoring them is an awesome feeling. 

Moving on.

Ok, this cutie patootie on the left popped up in my FB memories this week and I just had to do a side-by-side of this kid today. 😂 Y'all, this trumpet! This was my Saturday morning entertainment. We are still getting the hang of it, let's put it that way.

How sweet is that baby dimple though?!

And this was our Saturday afternoon. HE's not happy the velcro strap on his cleat won't stay closed anymore. I tried to run out and get him some new cleats before game time and of course I got the next half size up but apparently, Adidas runs wayyyyyy different than Under Armour. So it was a no go. #mamatried

Switching gears to my latest trip to Ulta.

I went in there for more self-tanner and mitt and ended up leaving with that plus some other random stuff. Want to see?

I love trying the little sample sizes of products to see what I think. This Skin Treat really does give you a soft, poreless, matte complexion. It almost feels like a liquid to a powder sort of thing. I've been wearing it as my foundation for the past week and it looks pretty with your bronzer and blush! It's very light coverage though so if you need something more substantial, skip this. But if you want something with a little color and to help out your skin without full-on foundation, this a good one to try! I got it in Light.

Then I headed to the hair department because I wanted to try something new on my hair. I walked around waiting for something to speak to me. 😉 And it ended up being this pink Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator spray. (The bottle was just so pretty.) But it got me with "multitasking treatment" because that sounds great. You spray it on wet hair after you shower and it leaves my hair shiny, soft, detangled and I guess stronger and more protected. That's what it says it does so I'm going to believe it!

And I was not planning on trying any new mascaras but this hot pink Tarte Big Ego Mascara was sitting all by itself on a shelf where someone had obviously decided against it and just put it down somewhere. 

I have 2 favorite mascaras...a cheap one and a more expensive one and I use them interchangeably. But you never know when you're going to find your next favorite product, right?! So I threw it in with my other goodies.

I do like it. It gives plenty of volume and length. But I don't like the brush as much as I do my other favorites. So I'm still going to recommend this one ($5) or this one ($26) over the Big Ego.

Ok, remember me talking about these shoes last week? So many of y'all got them!

This week I was browsing the shoe section again and saw these too and thought they were so cute! I'm very into cute sneakers right now and thankfully these are both just 30 bucks at Target. ;)

And finally, some of you may have seen this on Instastories this week too but I'm doing a Zyia party for a sweet friend of mine who is going through some super rough stuff at the moment. She's a single mom to baby girls and hustlin' her butt off trying to provide for those sweet babies. She mentioned a big goal she was wanting to hit this month in Zyia so I volunteered to host a Facebook Party for her! I've never done a Facebook party of any kind before and I've never had anything from Zyia but I've heard great things and apparently, I'm in the minority with my friends because so many of them already love it. I have major FOMO so I definitely thought this would be fun.

If you want to be added to the party too, you can join us on FB HERE or you can just shop it all now HERE. I know she'd appreciate the support. I wish I could share more but please just keep Kirsten and her girls in your prayers.

Here are some of my favorites that have caught my eye but if you are a Zyia fan, tell me what you love!

(I thought this graphic was funny but I always was kind of like "I need the Zyia butt.")

And finally, remember our vacation to Branson, Missouri in August? Well I’m sharing some of the details from it over on the Holiday Inn Vacation’s “Checking In” blog today! If you want scroll through it to see if it might be something you or your family would enjoy (you would—-trust me) then check it out HERE! It is a family vacay paradise!! We spent time on the gorgeous Table Rock Lake, rode some of the best roller coasters at Silver Dollar a city, putt-putted and go-karted, went down a mountain coaster and so much more! Plus our 3 room villa at the Holiday Hills Resort was amazing!! I’ll try to remember to repost that villa tour I did of it on Instagram again today. It really was so cool. The boys still wish we could live there. 😂 (Not Branson…they mean in that villa.) 

Again, you can see it all HERE along with some tips on planning your own vacay!

And that's it for today, friends! Have the best weekend! All us southern gals will be spending it dreaming that our Octobers actually looked like this. 😉



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