Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 Ok, my bad. Apparently, taking a week off after my birthday led to an extended vacation from Blogland. For those of you who have commented or messaged me saying you have missed me around here...thank you! Y'all are the sweetest and it's always nice to know you've been missed. I really didn't mean to be gone so long but things just got busy busy and this blog is the one to take the hit when I have to let something go in order to save my sanity. 😉

I feel like I've got so much to catch you up on but hopefully, you've been following along over on Instagram. (I'm @amandanall.) If you haven't, here's a little peek at what's been going on in our world for the past month.


Halloween was fun! The weather was perfect and our little group of 6th-grade boys is always a good time.

So are their mamas!

Matthew had absolutely no plan going into Halloween night but his buddies told him to go get a Grinch onesie from Walmart at 5:30 on Halloween night and come trick-or-treating with them. So after a long day of baseball, we ran home and I traded one regular baseball player for a zombie baseball player and then raced up to Walmart to grab the onesie, hoping they had his size. Thankfully they did. Crisis averted. I was in and out in 15 minutes and my kid was happy. 💙 (Until they all started sweating to death in those silly things. 😂)

The next day was all about getting Cabo-ready!! If you don't already know (which if you're reading this, you probably do) I'm with a company called Modere and earned a trip to Cabo with my team for 5 days. (I'm still pinching myself.) I've only been with the company a little over a year now and it has brought nothing but joy to my life in every possible way I can think of. The products have changed my health, my skin, and my body, and the opportunity it has created for me to contribute heavily to my family's income has been incredible. This company is unlike any other, I can promise you that. (And I'm well aware there are some amazing companies out there.) But this one is leading the way in so many things with its desire to produce clean, safe, non-toxic products that are scientifically proven to be SO effective. Plus our CEO is a boss babe with a heart of gold and smart as a whip. So thankfully I gave this a shot. ❤

Moving on to other important things. Like lashes. ;) I know we talked about it over in my Deals group a while back but I bit the bullet and got lash extensions for the first time and friends...I'll never go back. I WILL say that when she flipped that mirror around to show me after she was done, I was like, "Nope. Take 'em off. They look crazy." But I refrained and let myself get used to them and now I am HOOKED. It's been 2 weeks and I've lost some of course because your eyelashes naturally have shedding cycles but they still look pretty great! I'll get them filled at the end of the week (to something a little less intense than this) but it really did feel so nice not to have to worry about mascara (and removing mascara) the whole time I was in Mexico. Saltwater, pool water, tears...no problem. They can handle it. 😉

I took this right after I had them done to send to my friends to see what they thought and they said they loved them. So thankful for sweet friends. (and great filters 😜)

Take me to Mexico, baby!

My roomie had to pull out of the trip at the last second because her son got Covid so it was just me in a beautiful hotel room all by myself! Can't say I was mad about it! 😉

While I waited for everyone else to arrive, I threw my swimsuit on and headed down to the pools and gave myself a tour. We stayed at the Hard Rock Los Cabos and it was absolutely beautiful. It's all-inclusive too which means we didn't pull out money or give room numbers all week. 🙌

(Swimsuit was my absolute favorite but it's sold out in black and there are just a couple left in blue. Fits TTS and I'd buy it in every color if they had them. Earrings are my $20 Gorjana dupes and I do mean EXACT dupes compared to the $60 version. I lost my Gorjana ones that I wore every day and when I saw these, it was a no-brainer.)

My gorgeous friend, Haley. I just love her.

I have this Amazon dress in 2 colors and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with another at some point. The fit is so flattering and it hits perfectly at my ankles instead of being crazy long. (I'm 5'5".) If you're looking for a great vacay dress, try this one! It comes in so many great prints!!

Surrounded by the sweetest, most beautiful friends for 5 days did not suck.

My girls.

Do you see that raven-haired beauty? She's another leader on our team and is also the mayor of a town in California. Talk about a boss babe.

Of course, I showed up with custom cups for my girls. 😉

Love my Manda. I'm so happy to have these girls in my life.

Breakfast burrito in bed. ❤

Followed up with some swinging over the water while waiting on the rest of my crew.

Night 3 was one of my favorites outfits! I love this sweet little top! Girly, fun and flirty. This would be great for a date night!

Top | Jeans | Heels (similar) (regretted the heels by the end of the night)

And on our last night, I kept it casual with my favorite "nice" jeans and another Amazon find. I was also rocking some sunburned shoulders so this was my best option.

Quick elevator selfie before anyone caught me! 😂😬

I love these people!

When I posted this next picture on my stories, I had so many people wondering what was up with the red pool. 😂😂😂 Red tile, y'all. Looks like a crime scene.

We had the best time. We ate, we drank, we laid out by the pool, we danced, we laughed, we bowled...it honestly felt like a much more responsible Spring Break for grown-ups. 😂 #hereforit

Cannot believe this is my life and these are my people. I feel so incredibly lucky.


And here's a quick little room tour. I snapped a few pics before heading out.

How insane is that tub?!

As pretty as the shower is, I was not a fan. I need walls or I freeze. I froze.

Another big tub on the balcony. And I rearranged the furniture so I could sit on this couch and see the ocean. It was up against the opposite wall which I thought was crazy. 🤪 I need the view! I would come sit out here at night for a while after everything got quiet. There is nothing like the beach at night with nothing but the sound of waves rolling in. I even saw a shooting star on my last night. ❤

My luggage just looks sad, right? It was.

Leaving was ridiculously hard. I just wanted to stay in that bubble forever.

One last sunset before we boarded the plane.

Thanks for the memories, Cabo. I will try not to forget a single second. ❤

As soon as I got home, I propped my little cheesy souvenir on my bathroom shelf so I could see it every day. All you need is Los Cabos Beach and Love apparently. And maybe a skinny margarita or 3. 😉

My boys were so happy to have me home which made me so happy. Mason hugged me for the longest time and Matthew laughed at my jokes so I call that a win.

In other news, we have a neighborhood squirrel who may think she's a dog. She has been chasing all the kids in the culdesac around and loves to be held. It's a little bizarre. They love her but I don't know how long she'll be around. She's already fallen into the storm drain once and had to be rescued. 😬

Sleeping was so hard for the first few days back. Cabo was 2 hours behind us and then I flew back home on Daylight Savings. So my sleep was just a mess and I couldn't shut my brain off thinking of all the things I needed to catch up on.

I'm not a HUGE coffee drinker but I do love those mocha lattes and this mug from Anthro too. (On sale for under $12 right now). And coffee has been necessary lately. 

Things finally started to settle down a little and once I fell back into a routine, I got the itch to decorate for Christmas. Last year I decorated on November 7th so I was already behind. 😉 

(I will be sad when that tan fades.)

I'm still in the process of getting it all done because Modere's Black November sale started early for my customers (open to the public on Wednesday) and I've been trying to handle orders for everyone who needs me. I'll do a blog post on all the deals and freebies tomorrow so you can see and shop easily! They are insane! If you've been wanting to try for the first time or just re-order, you're going to want in on this! (Message me for a sneak peek!)

Friday night was spent hanging with this guy (who also missed me a lot it seems) while Matthew had a band thing, Mason was with friends and Craig was at a golf tournament.

Saturday morning started bright and early with more band for Matthew. He made the All-Region Honors band (coming in 14th out of 72 other saxophonists) and they were having a special concert that night. 

He thinks I'm embarrassing but secretly loves how much I love him. How did I get such sweet boys? 

We had a big hot air balloon sighting in our neighborhood that morning too. These things are everywhere but we never get tired of seeing them. How pretty is that?

After I dropped Matthew off, it was time for a day of baseball! Mason was playing in a tournament with kids from his middle school so it wasn't his usual team. They played against other middle school teams in the DFW area and although they weren't amazing, they had fun. And the weather was perfect, unlike previous years when Matthew played. Sweatshirt and jeans for the win! (Ignore the mess behind me. The Christmas transition was in the beginning stages.)

I live in Abercrombie sweatshirts during the winter. They are so soft and cozy. You'll never regret an A + F sweatshirt, friends. This exact one is from last year but they have a ton of others!

Look at that cute boy!


After Mason's games, we headed back up to the school for Matthew's band concert! I'm always amazed at how he knows how to play like he does. He's so good! Proud band mom, over here.

Sunday we were back at the fields watching #16 play an awesome game and make one of the best catches at shortstop that I've ever seen. I wish I'd gotten it on video. He also pitched again which wasn't ideal considering he'd pitched a ton the day before but there weren't a lot of other options. I love watching him play.

They lost a heartbreaker in the last inning but at least there were smiles afterward. (Unlike the day before. That was not a great day.)

(PS: I bought him new pants b/c these were so tight and short but he refused to wear them. At what point do men learn to just say "You were right"? Because he knows I was. 😂)

Oh darling, don't you ever grow up...

After the game, it was time to come back home and get festive. I have to admit, I really wasn't feeling that Christmas spirit while I was doing it and still don't...but it'll hit me soon. Possibly once I get my house put back together. It is an absolute disaster right now during this process which makes me crazy.

Here's a sneak peek at what I've got going. ❤ More to come soon!

And that's about it, friends! I'll be back on the blog more now that some of the chaos is dying down. Don't forget to check back in tomorrow if you want the scoop on Black Friday collagen deals! And for all other Black Friday deals, head on over to the Facebook Deals Group!

See you soon! (#promise) 😘





  1. So glad your back! Your posts are ones I always look forward to and enjoy! Glad you had a great trip and your boys are the cutest! Hope that sweet squirrel is doing okay!!

    1. Awww thank you so much, Lea!! I’m hoping that squirrel is ok too! We haven’t seen her in a few days. 😬

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Missed seeing you here, your trip sounds amazing- and you look fantastic in those pics- seriously whatever you are doing, you look great! You should feel really proud of your career success- I bet your boys are super proud of you too

    1. Thank you, Mary Sue!! I appreciate that so much! ❤

  3. Alexis8:04 PM

    I’m so happy you’re back!! Love reading your blog - and you always have the best (and most affordable) recs! Also, side note - you look beautiful in all the pics and picked such gorgeous outfits, too! Glad you had so much fun. Jealous of that beach vacay!

    1. Ahhh, thank you Alexis!! It was an absolute dream and I can't wait to do it again!! ❤

  4. What are your boots in the picture with your feet propped up on the fence??? So cute! Hoping you can link them.

    1. I can’t find my exact color anymore but it’s these! https://rstyle.me/cz-n/fyjfhscqs57


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