Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Because Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh.

Ugh!!  This is so me!!!  With the blog, I tend to start writing my post the night before I publish it...somewhere around 9;30 maybe while I watch all my shows.  Which is basically whatever Bravo produced that day.  And if you've been following along, you know that I am not an early bird.  I'm a night owl (which I hate and it honestly makes me feel like a total slacker sometimes) and sometimes I don't finish posts until midnight--or later.  I get distracted, y'all.  

But also, I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  So when I saw the above quote on Pinterest the other day, I thought it should have just said "Amanda is a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex."  

Which brings me to why this post is kind of a cop-out.

So last night around 9:30, I started thinking about what I wanted to post today. I had no idea and wasn't exactly in the mood to think too hard.  And then I got distracted on Facebook with all my friends' vacay pics.  Which made me think of the I Mom So Hard girls and their hysterical swimsuit post that I'm sure you all saw.  It was EVERYWHERE because it was the funniest thing ever!!!  So I re-watched it for the hundredth time.  Have you seen it??  I'm going to post it below just in case.  I was dying!!  And Craig watched it and did some hard chuckling too.  ;)

Even if you've seen it, it is just as funny the second time around.  (Or 3rd or 4th...I tend to re-watch it when I need to relax after I've had to herd the kids to bed and had to physically force them into brushing their teeth.  Why are they always sooooo tiiiiirreeed when it's time to brush teeth?)

After watching THAT video again, I got even more distracted and pretty much fell down the rabbit hole.  I re-watched a ton of their videos including this one which is recent.

It's all about the humble mom brag except they keep it totally REAL with the Mimosa Brag.  This is absolutely me and I'm pretty sure I did this at the reunion this weekend when one of my relatives mentioned how well-behaved my kids were.  I couldn't help but throwing out a "Thanks! They definitely are....but you should see their other 'quirks'..."  (Let's just say that my oldest will most likely be seeing a Food Psychologist soon because of his aversion to trying ANY new food.  And when I say new food I mean basically all normal food.  Lord have mercy.  I am pulling my hair out just thinking about it.)

Anyway, enjoy this!!  You'll laugh, I promise!!

And then before I knew it, it was midnight and I'd watched like an hour of I Mom So Hard videos and also finished Below Deck and Southern Charm Savannah (that I record but still hate...why do I watch!?!) and was yawning, ready to call it a night and realized that my blog post was still empty.  But instead of just leaving it, I was inspired to share a little happy with yall!  (And yes, I tend to multitask 24/7.  I watch videos on Facebook while watching TV.  I make it work.  ;) )

So here is one more video that I seriously hope I've linked correctly and I hope will make you laugh.   (Please let me know if any of these don't work!)

Have a happy Wednesday!!  See you back here for Friday Favorites!!



  1. Hilarious videos!!! Night owl, early bird, who cares?! As long as you have some quiet time! And don't worry about your picky eater! Once boys hit a certain age/size they turn more like men and will eat anything and everything you give them! I had one who only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until he was 12. I really thought something was wrong with him! Now at 17 he is killing my grocery budget and I would like to return to our sandwich days.

    1. Girl, we have been waiting for him to start eating and it's just not happening! He's so much more than the average eater. For instance, he has never even tasted: a hot dog, hamburger, sandwich, (basically any bread or red meat), spaghetti, tacos, mac and cheese...all normal kid foods! He refuses to even touch them. And maybe once a year we'll be able to convince him to try something and he immediately gags and/or throws up. It's all in his head! He had a bad gag reflex as a baby but we had him checked for sensory issues and they gave him the all clear. We are getting nervous!! And he's about to leave for camp for a week! I have no idea what he's going to eat.

    2. My young daughters are very picky, but your situation sounds incredibly stressful. What does he eat during a typical day?

  2. Those "I Mom So Hard" ladies are hilarious! They just did a show in Fresno and I totally missed it. Even us old moms get a kick out of them!

    1. They had a show here in Dallas too and they sold out before I could get a group together and get the tickets! I swear I almost cried!

  3. Those videos are so so funny!!

  4. I feel for you with the eating. My son is younger than yours but refuses all food too. He got to the point where he wouldn't "chew" anything. Literally anything. All he would have was yogurts and Pediasure drinks yet the Pediasure drinks are like milkshakes and would fill him up so he would have NO incentive to actually eat anything. We've been in feeding therapy for a few months now and have made a little progress. Now he will eat pizza, biscuits, crackers, cantaloupe, and of course, donuts. The good thing is though that he doesn't fear food anymore, he is just choosing not to eat it. I'm taking that as a small victory.

    His therapist would make it a game to work into the food. They would have contests of who could hold a grape longer on their tongue. And say things like 'it would be so goofy if you licked this piece of cheese" so of course my kid whips out his tongue to lick. She would basically desensitize them to the food.

    Sorry for the book but I know it gets frustrating. Hang in there Mama. BTW- Love your blog.

    1. No, thank you for saying all of that! It helps so much to know there are other people dealing with this and overcoming it! Fear is definitely what his issue is so I hope we can work through that. Once we take the next step in finding some help, I'll be sure to update it on the blog. Thanks so much for your comment!!


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