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Friday Favorites #16. {6.23.17}

Hey friends!!! I'm so happy to be back for Friday Favorites! I missed last week because we were whoopin' it up in Waco but I'm excited to be back today!

(Check out the Waco Weekend recaps here and here.  We had fun!!)  

As always, I'm linking up with my friends Erika, Narci and Andrea--so let's get started!

Today I wanted to include some of my favorite summer wardrobe staples.  Comfy and cool are my go-to's!!

SIDENOTE: I do want to let you know that I am aware that I am not a great selfie-taker. You may have already noticed this.  I also don't have a full-length mirror anywhere in my house with great lighting.  Or even halfway decent lighting.  So let's just pretend I look exactly like the models do in these clothes.  ;)  One can dream, right?? 


My first favorite of the week is my entire Dillards order from a couple of weeks ago.  I loved it ALL and that rarely happens. 

Last summer I found a pair of shorts at Dillards and snatched them up before our beach trip.  I LOVED them and wanted to wear them 24/7.  They were cute, comfy and versatile.  I seriously wore them to bed all the time, as well as over my swimsuit or out running errands.  They were perfect!  

Until I accidentally dried them in the dryer.  And then they shrunk about 2 sizes and fit more like underwear.  #notcute  #layflattodry  I seriously wanted to cry.

DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER.  Big mistake!  Huge!

I went back to and found a couple more pair that were almost identical in style but not in pattern.  So I bought a few options and figured I'd return what I didn't like.

So here are the first ones I'm obsessed with...Perfect for that 4th of July pool party or BBQ!

If only this chick's legs came with the shorts....

I do have a couple of pictures of me wearing them.  I've got them on here but it's clearly a little hard to tell.  I'm wearing them with my favorite Madewell t-shirt too.  If you need some good quality, basic, solid colored t-shirts, be sure to check these out.

And this is the only selfie attempt I made right before I walked out the door to go drop off my packages on a different day.  Not exactly fashion blogger status, I know.  ;) 

For size reference, I'm between a 4 and a 6 at the moment and ordered these in a 7 because they are juniors sizing.  They fit great!


I also knew I wanted a pair of cute white shorts and saw these as I was browsing the website. I love the soft eyelet fabric and that they can be dressed up.  They also aren't see through (unless maybe you wear some lime green undies or something crazy which I don't recommend...).  These run a little big.  I ordered a 7 but could have gone down to a 5.  I still may.  I'm so lazy when it comes to returns!

Find them here!  (They also come in black!)


And these are the same as the first pair I showed you but in different prints. I ordered the navy but I think I'm going back for these white ones as well!


Oh swimsuit season.  I love to hate you.  But you are a necessary evil when it comes to summer fun.

In my Dillards order, I added in this pretty little tankini top because I loved the print.  I am all about color and this one was just so bright and cheery!

I've got several tankinis in this style and they really are the best.  They are tight enough to where I don't feel like I'm in danger of some sort of wardrobe malfunction and strapless so no funky tan lines! (Although they come with attachable straps if you want them.)  Plus they have some fun ruching in the front which is always a good idea!

I already had some navy bikini bottoms so I didn't need to buy those.  But the other day I ordered these swin shorts from Athleta because swim shorts are my go-to when I'm at a waterpark.  And they totally work with this tankini top too.

I hate walking around a waterpark all day feeling like my tush is hanging out...and let's not even mention what waterslides do to bathing suit bottoms at the end of every ride.  #amIright?  I also love these for the beach when you just want to play with your kids and not worry about everything riding up every 3 seconds. 

So these are adorable and practical without making me feel (too) old and uncool.  The swim bottoms are built right into the shorts so it's all one piece.  Great option if you're looking!!

Check them out here.  (Also available in black and a few patterns!)

And I had to add in these black ones that are almost identical to the ones I wore a lot last summer.  (The only difference I see is that these have what looks like a small zippered pocket in back.) 

I LOOOOOVVVVEE the soft, fold-over waistband.  There is absolutely nothing digging into my hips so it doesn't create any sort of ugly muffin top situation.  ;)  These are also just regular shorts so you can slip them on and off easily over your bikini bottoms and swim in them too if you want.  

Find these here.  (also available in a bright coral)


I never finish a Friday Favorites without shamelessly promoting my own Etsy shop!  So here are a few goodies that I'm loving at the moment!

Remember:  If you are on the mobile site or app, be sure to tap on Item Details in each listing for all the ordering information.  This should also answer most questions you have!

Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks right now so make sure you take that into consideration!  I do have a Rush Fee is you need to add it on!  :)  Message me if you need it by a certain date!

Summer favorites, right here!  These powdercoated, stainless steel tumblers are what my smoothie goes into every morning!  Matching straw is included! 

I should have all colors restocked by the beginning of July so check back often if your color is sold out!

Love these cute little "Our Nest" and "blessed" signs! They are approximately 5.5x12" and are only $18 right now!

And speaking of signs...I'm thinking of having a Christmas in July sale!  I was up to my eyeballs in Christmas signs in November so I feel like this might be a good way to get a jump on things!  Here are a few of the favorites from last year.

This was just a little cutie!!  Approximately 3.5x12 and perfect for a tiered tray or just to prop up on a shelf or counter.  Find it here.

If you wanted it a little bigger, I have this one in a 5.5x24 size.  The edges are red in case you can't tell.  (Colors can be reversed if you want!)  You can find that one here.

I love the simple dark grey and white with a pop of red on the edges!  This one is 5.5x24 also and can be found here.

Here are the rest!  You can find them all here in my Christmas/Fall Wood Signs section in the shop.  Let me know if you'd be interested in a Christmas in July sale in the comments!

And just for fun, here is my favorite FALL wood sign.  Distressed (on the right) or crisp and clean (like on the left).  Your choice!  Here.

Remeber, you can browse the full shop full of glittery drinkware, confetti cups, water tracker water bottles, more wood signs and burlap prints here and you can follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick for all the latest on Etsy and @amandanall for my personal stuff.  :)


Last minute add-in!

While I was browsing the Nordstrom website for my #icanteven for the week I stumbled upon these and had to do a double take!  These earrings are all on sale for 50% off right now!!!  Meaning you get two pairs of these adorable studs for $7.98 plus free shipping!  These are just like the expensive Kate Spade studs and they are so great for a casual pop of color for summer.  Don't miss this deal if you've been eyeing them!

Click here for all colors!

I wore my black ones last weekend!

Loft top (sold out)


The #justsayno award this week goes to...


If this isn't an #icanteven I don't know what is.  Because WHAT IS IT?!  According to the Nordstrom website, it is described as...

Lavish smocking and a layered skirt bring sweet dimension to a girlish minidress designed especially for Nordstrom in a relaxed A-line silhouette with a pale, pretty eggshell-pink hue

For $990.

No, this is not a child's dress.  It is designed for women.  And what is with the shoes?  At first, I thought."Ok.  They're house shoes."  But now I'm not sure.  I AM sure however that one of them is a circle and one is a square.  I'm assuming that was done on purpose to draw attention away from her dress.

Bless her heart.

Y'all have a great weekend!!!  See you back here on Monday!

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  1. Love all your signs.
    What cute shorts.
    Those shoes... oh my goodness! 🙈

    1. Thanks, Heather! Those shoes are still crackin' me up... ;)

  2. Happy Happy Friday, Amanda!! I think your selfies look great! I've been doing this for years and I'm still working on mine! 😂😂🤣

    1. Aww thanks, E! I need an awesome mirror like yours though!

  3. I love those studs. They always add the perfect touch and I love when they go on sale. I also love those shorts and how you have styled them. So cute. Happy Friday, I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, I love those studs! And thank you!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. I just bought the swim shorts! I hate having my booty hanging out and I've been looking for the perfect navy pair! Thanks!

    1. Oh yay! I love them!! I'm not a big fan of my booty hanging out either...which it does in EVERY swimsuit because I am not lacking in the booty department. haha! See you Monday, friend!!!

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes to a Christmas in July sale!

  6. Do the Christmas in July sale!!!

  7. I am loving those shorts and those earrings! And that is definitely an #icanteven. Maybe for .99 but even then... haha! Stopping by from Friday Favorites. Happy Weekend!

    1. Agreed!! .99 cents may even be pushing it! Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. I'm laughing so hard at that last dress! I really want to know who buys this stuff. Anyway, love the stainless steel tumblers for smoothies! Great idea...I totally need to be drinking smoothies every morning...gaining way too much weight this pregnancy. I wore those earrings today...they are multicolored though...great pop of color!


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