Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites #15. {6.9.17}

It's Friday which means it's time for another Friday Favorites!  As always, I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika to bring you some of my FAVORITES from this week!

FAVORITE #1.  My Boys.

This has been a very full week for the Nalls!  The boys had baseball camp every day from 1-4 and then Mason had football practice on Monday, a football game on Tuesday, an All-Star practice after the game (that got rained out, yeeesss!!), and the All-Star game on Wednesday!  Busy little bees!

After practice on Monday, he ran upstairs to show me his new jersey.  And that's my new rug that I'm still loving and is still stainless!!  You can find it here.

It's indoor football this summer which is new for all of us!

They lost pretty bad but these boys all had fun!

He is LOVING this mouthguard.

All Star game!  Photobomb from the big brother!

Our little Pee Wee!!

We won 17-7!  #1!

All-Star fun!  Ignore the devil-child face!  #hethinkshesfunny  (I mention my nail polish below...!)

Thursday after practice they went straight to a fun pool party at their friend, Cade's. 

You'd think they would be exhausted when they got home! #nope

Anyway, we are really excited about a Friday with nowhere to be!

Well, they are.  I have to finish several orders up and then get the house and backyard ready for some birthday party fun plus run a few other errands to make sure all is PERFECT for their party.

We are expecting a lot of people so I'm mostly stressing that we didn't order enough cupcakes, ice cream, ice cream bowls, sprinkles, juice boxes...basically everything.

FAVORITE #2.  Jean Shorts.

The past week or so I've been on the hunt for some new jean shorts.

I ordered a few pairs over the past couple of weeks and these are my favorites!

First up are these cuties.

For those of us who want cute shorts but NOT Daisy Dukes, these are so such a great option!

I love that they are longer and hide more of my flaws.  Because Lord knows, my thighs are NOT my best asset no matter how much weight I lose.  #bottomheavy

If you are between sizes, size up.  Other than that, they seem to run true to size.  

Next up are these high-low shorts.  They remind me so much of the shorts I used to make myself in high school.  Higher in the front.  Lower in the back.

I kept these too!  I couldn't help it.  They were comfy AND made me feel like I was 17 again.  I basically stood no chance.  Now if only I had the legs of my 17-year-old self.  :(

And finally, these boyfriend shorts.  I adore these!!! I think they are my favorite.  I wore them all day running errands yesterday and they are so comfortable and even my hubby said I looked cute in them.  And he NEVER notices my clothing choices.

I ended up keeping all three of these shorts because, let's face it, sometimes you feel super cute and skinny and think you can rock the short shorts.  And then sometimes you are feeling bloated and ugly but it's 115 degrees outside so you NEED shorts.  So those longer ones are perfect.  And then sometimes you're just feeling "eh".  So we go with the high-low shorts.  Perfect compromise.

FAVORITE #3.  Confessions of a Domestic Failure.

This book was so funny!!  It makes for a really great summer read!  It's light, it's funny, and it will make you feel better about your mothering skills while also making you go "Ohhhh yeah, that's so me!!!". Plus, you clearly like reading blogs because you are reading HERE!  And this story revolves around a mom who idolizes a mom blogger who seems to have it all.  

This book made me laugh a lot but really feel for the mama.  As moms, we always try so hard to be the best we can be.  Especially with that first baby where we have no idea what we are doing and we're trying to live up to all the expectations we've read about in books, on blogs and in magazines.  And when reality hits, it can leave you feeling depressed, unworthy and just plain sad.

This book will leave you feeling happy though so don't worry.  :)  

FAVORITE #4.  My Etsy Shop.  ;)

If you're new here, I have a busy little Etsy shop!

This week I've made a large variety of cute things!  Here are a few of my favorites.

These gorgeous ombre glitter dipped tumblers are just so pretty!  Create Your Own glitter tumbler here.  For a Plexus glitterdipped tumbler, find those here.  

18oz multicolored confetti glitter water bottle.  (Confetti moves around!)  Find it here.

These are some of my favorites!!!  Pink confetti glitter tumblers.  22oz.  Find those here.

These were teacher gifts but you can put any name on them!  Find them here

.And I did several of these gorgeous signs this week and they are always a hit as a wedding or engagnemt gift, anniversary gift or housewarming gift.  Can be done in any color combo.  Just ask!  Find them here.  

The HOT PINK stainless steel tumblers are back in stock!  I don't know how long they'll last so get them while you can!  Love these with the white, mint or turquoise vinyl!  (These are also available now in navy, light pink, lavender, and aqua.)

For the rest of thsee goodies, be sure to checkout the drinkware section of my shop!

FRIDAY FAVORITE #5.  Shorts Story.

I ordered a couple of new polishes the other day after browsing Pinterest for awhile and this was the first one to come in.

It is going to be VERY HARD to beat this color!  It is the ultimate girly, summer color.  It sets off my tan so well and is pink with just a touch of purple to keep it from being too bright.  I am completely in love with this polish and I very rarely gush over nail polish!  

I've also got this one (Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!) coming in today sometime hopefully.  

But if you are looking for a gorgeous summer color that will make you feel feminine and flirty, be sure to check out Shorts Story!

WEEKLY BONUS!  #icanteven #justsayno

I never get tired of these, y'all.  I just can't believe there are so many hideous pieces of clothing available at such reputable stores like Nordstrom.  

And it seems like the uglier the piece of clothing is, the more expensive!

Which brings me to today's #pleasepleasejustsayno.  

This is seriously on the Nordstrom website.

And I am so confused, as I always seem to be when it comes to our bonus of the week.  

I can't even see the model's face but I can tell she's is NOT happy wearing this.  

Check out those shoes too!  It's like they are trying to make her look as hideous as possible.  This has to be a joke right?

Take a wild guess at how much this is going for right now?  

Hint:  It's on sale!  As these gems always seem to be!  #shocker

This gorgeous skirt (top not's extra!) is on sale for $395.98...down from $660.  40% off ladies!  Get it while you can!!  ;)  (#totallykidding #dontdothat)


Monday should be a recap of the birthday party so I hope you come back to check it out!  Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram on my personal page @amandanall and my Etsy shop page @thatinspiredchick!

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And in case you missed it, be sure to check out yesterday's post where I shared 25 Random Things About Me!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. oh gosh. i just love your hideous clothing portion of these friday favorites. i'm laughing out loud and snorting at 6:36am. your comment on not being able to see the model's face but knowing she is not happy {hysterical}. i'm not sure what is funnier: your words or the photo. i just had a BRILLIANT idea. you should order your hideous clothing picks and photograph yourself in them {only if there is free returns}. that would be so great. enjoy your weekend. i'll be turning on the air at the end of today to prepare for our 90 degree weather that has been forecasted for the next 4-5 days, starting tomorrow.

    1. Ha!! That would be pretty funny! I'd be scared to death I'd accidentally rip it or stain it or something and then be stuck with it!! Definitely a funny idea!!

  2. Oh wow, that last outfit is just...who would wear that?

    Love the first jeans shorts you shared! I think I could pull those off okay. LOL

    Yay for indoor football - that has to be healthier, you know?


    1. It definitely feels better with the A/C on while they are playing, that's for sure!! Especially in this TX summer heat! And I know...that outfit is words. haha

  3. What a great list of favorites. That OPI color is one of my favorites as well. Have you ever tried Essie's Mod Squad, another favorite of mine. Enjoy the Birthday party this weekend!

  4. Boys seem to never get tired. :) I love the mutli/faded glitter on those cups! And that dress...where do people come up with this stuff?!

  5. Oh, that nail polish is darling!!! 😍😍😍

  6. Those cups tumblers are the cutest! So is your boy! Have a great weekend!

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    How do you decide shipping for your etsy items? I just got started but I'm losing my tail on shipping! Help!

    1. Girl, that was such a roadblock for me for so long when I first started out! I had no clue how to start. If you want to email me, I'm happy to do what I can to help you get started! [email protected]

  8. I'm exhausted just reading your kids' sports schedules! Yikes! I am definitely putting that book on my must read list- sounds great! I appreciate that you don't live in the 2-3" shorts. Some of the bloggers that post pictures of themselves in the booty shorts make me cringe, especially when they say they wear them to their kids' schools or events- agh! Have a great weekend!

  9. Holy cow, what the heck is that outfit even supposed to be?! That is tragic!!! Love the shorts though, I might need to order some of them!


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