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Happy Friday, y'all!

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I'm back today for the third day in a row--which may be a record for me--with my Friday Favorites!

Which leads me straight to #1...

Did you catch Part 1 and Part 2 of my latest installments in my Rewind Series?  This week I rewound things back to 2014 when my friend, Dani, and I headed to Los Angeles and had the very best time!

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In Part 2, we met the cast of Vanderpump Rules during our night at SUR and even made it into the background of a scene!

Ok, friends.  Have you jumped on the elderberry train yet?  Mason got sick last week with what we thought would be the flu but turned out to just be a stomach bug.  But when I went on FB to ask what the deal was with this elderberry stuff I'd been hearing about here and there for the past year, I got overloaded with people telling me I DEFINITELY needed to get some elderberry syrup/gummies to keep us all healthy.  Supposedly it helps you kick a virus a lot faster and boosts your immune system so you don't get it in the first place.  

I figured it was worth a try so we got some kids ones from the store and passed them out to the whole family.  Thankfully, no one else ended up getting sick even after Mason coughed in my face no more than 6" away from me while he was sick.

I decided to go ahead and get some regular elderberry gummies for the adults but now my kids prefer these too!

These are absolutely DELICIOUS!  I give the boys 1 a day and Craig and I take 2.  I've heard so many great things about elderberry that I figure this couldn't hurt.  Plus, you'll want to eat the whole bottle.  They are that good.  During this crazy cold and flu (and strep!) season, it's just one more thing I feel like we're doing to protect ourselves as best we can.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of casual spring slip-ons that you'll want to wear EVERYWHERE, then look no further, friends!  I have been a huge fan of Skechers Go Walks for years and I treat myself to at least one new pair every year.  They are incredibly lightweight, super cute and you'll feel like you're walking a cloud.

These are my go-to shoes 90% of the time.  From baseball games to doctor's appointments to playing outside with my kids...these are everything!  

They even match the carpet in my chiropractor's office!  😂

These are on sale HERE for almost 30% off and worth every single penny.  #thankmelater

We have been all about the board games lately.  This week I introduced these two bozos to Clue and it was a bit of a messy game as they tried to make sense of how it was supposed to work.  But by the end, they were loving it.  I wish I'd taken a picture of Mason's face when won.

PS:  I love my 15-year-old pup but it's times like this that I wish we could have a rug in the living room... #knowwhatImean?

Find the updated version HERE for $7.50 (this is the one we're playing) and the more classic version HERE.

Mason and I also played my FAVORITE game from my childhood last weekend.  It's another updated version but it was still so much fun.  Do you guys remember Hotels by any chance???

I found this picture on the internet.  THIS is the game I remember as a kid.  But it's gotten a facelift now and even though I am not a fan of change, it's still a great game!

You start the game with $14,000 each and can buy property, build hotels, charge rent...Mason thought this was the greatest thing ever!  I've told y'all before he's quite a hustler so this game was right up his alley!  It's a lot like Monopoly except with cool building you can add to your property.  And way more fun.

Bad part?  I can't find this game anywhere now!  I bought it before Christmas on Amazon HERE but it's currently showing as "unavailable".  Hmmm.  I can't find it anywhere else either. Maybe that means this will be worth something someday?  haha  Although, it could come back tomorrow or in 5 minutes.  Or in 5 years!  Who knows.  It's a good one though and will help teach your kids some money management skills for sure!

I've been busy this week working on orders!  Wanna see some??  (Just say yes.  haha)

And right now, I've got another sale going on!  Every March and April I get super swamped with all the Teacher Appreication orders.  I'm so appreciative of course (!!!) but it can get a little stressful with so many orders coming in all at once.  So right now, I'm offering a 10% discount through tomorrow on my teacher signs!  These are the biggest sellers during March and April and make the best teacher gifts!  It's something they'll keep in their classrooms forever and you can add a sweet note on the back of it so they'll remember your kiddo.  Plus, you can always tie on a little gift card to kick the gift up a notch!  😉

This is a new style I've added recently.  Choose your own color for the background, the edges and the actual name.  Make it super colorful (mint, pink and yellow??) or keep it simple and classic with just two colors like the ones below. 

Or go with my OG original!

Find them both HERE along with all my other goodies!  Remember!  Sale runs through Saturday!!

I found my hat on Amazon!!  Finally!!  It hasn't been there (trust me, I've been looking!) but I checked again this week, and there it was!  This is my FAVORITE hat!  I wear it all the time...including during our day at Epcot!

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(Find my shirt HERE.)

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Boy mamas-this one's for you!

Guess what?!  I'm finally getting back to the Deals Blog!  You should most definitely leave this blog and head straight HERE.  I've posted so many great deals and fun, girly finds over the past couple of days and intend to post more today and throughout the weekend.  

Just remember that on days when I don't post to that blog, I AM posting in the Facebook Group!  I know most of you are already members over there but if you aren't, come join us!!

Those jeans for example...100% MUST HAVES for spring!!  And baseball moms, you need this shirt!

But don't forget that Jane has all the favorites you'll ever need!  Best prices on the cutest stuff!  Remember that all deals are only available for 72 hours or until they sell out so check this site ASAP!!  I am 100% addicted but since the deals are so good, I don't feel all that bad about it.  :)

That's all I've got for today!  Happiest Friday to all of you and if you need me, I'll be here...

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  1. I’m heading to your shop to order teacher gifts now!!

  2. We watched Vanderpump Rules last night and the whole time, I kept thinking about your post from yesterday!!

  3. I ordered a teacher sign! thank you!!! I don't even remember when teacher appreciation is...but thanks for getting me on the ball!

  4. We love playing Clue! It took a full game for my youngest to really catch on but we often play and they've gotten quite good at it.

  5. I love that hat. I have only one boy and three girls so I am wondering if I can wear it. I mean, my girls are just as wild :D
    Going to check out your deals now!


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