Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Hey, friends!  It's time for another What's Up Wednesday!
What's Up Wednesday
We've had a busy month over here with the end of basketball, the return of baseball and Craig starting to travel again each week for Elite 11 football camps across the nation.  February is my least favorite month of the year because by this point I'm so over winter and ready for SPRING!  Thank goodness its also the shortest month of the year.  Now bring on the HEAT!!

But today I'm sharing all about what we've been up to lately so here we go...

All the usual.  Tacos, pasta, salads, grilled chicken and yes, I'm still obsessed with my roasted okra.  My go-to meal lately has been grilled chicken, mashed cauliflower and a big helping of roasted okra.  So filling but low-cal and low-carb.  Perfect if you're trying to get back on track with healthy eating! (🙋)


Last week, I took a stroll down Memory Lane and share another installment in my Rewind Series!

There were 2 parts to this post because Dani and I took TWO trips to L.A. in 6 months and our second trip was the best!!!  If you are a Vanderpump Rules fan, you might want to click over to see what we got up to while we were there!  ;)


Still obsessed with my new Pilates Reformer!! I use it almost every day for at least 30 minutes and I'm already starting to see muscles that have been missing for quite a while.  ;)  I've had several emails asking about the one I bought so you can find it HERE if you're curious.  Message me on Instagram or comment below and I'll get back to you!

And speaking of obsessions, I've been raving about this blowdryer for a couple of months now and so many of y'all have tried it now too and are loving it!  I had to take the opportunity to let you know that (as of right this minute) there is a 20% off clickable coupon for it!  So if you've been eyeing it, go now!

You can read more about why I love this thing so much HERE!

(The Uplifting Foam is also amazing.)


My back is slowly getting better.  I've been going to the chiropractor twice a week and some days are better than others.  But Saturday, I had a moment where I just needed to stop and lay down on the floor in my room. It helps pop my hip back into place which gives immediate relief.

So I figured I'd snap a pic of my view while I was wallowing on the floor on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Flat on my back, knees pulled up and rolling side to side.  A common sight in my household.  

Matthew walked in while I was doing this and immediately came to lay beside me to keep me company.  He hates when I'm feeling anything less than 100%.  Such a sweet mama's boy.  He also took this opportunity to beg me to make cookies. ;)

So we did.  And they were delicious.  #thankyoupilsbury


I love baseball season...except for the late practices and games.  Those will start soon and I've got to say, I'm not looking forward to it!


I'm going to share more about this tomorrow but look at our new chore chart!

This is working SO WELL.  My kids are learning that you have to work hard in order to earn money to buy the things they WANT but don't NEED plus it's taking so many things off my to-do list!  It's a win-win for everyone.  I'm working on a separate post for more on this so stay tuned!

As for work stuff, it's been all about those teacher name signs in preparation for upcoming Teacher Appreciation weeks!  I know they can differ all over the country (ours was in February last year) but if you are wanting something super cute for your kiddo's teachers, I've got everything from cute drinkware to these sweet signs!

I recently restocked some of the most popular colors in these best-selling tumblers!  They'll keep your drinks cold (or hot!) for a long time and we love them!

You can find my Etsy shop HERE if you want to look around!


SPRING BREAK!  We don't travel on Spring Break because Craig has to work during the week and then always has to be out of town for camps on the weekends but I'm a homebody anyway so this works for me.  And a week of no alarms, my comfy bed, working on DIY projects around the house, going to the movies, and braving the crowds at Six Flags will work for us.  Craig's parents are also coming into town for the week though so my pajama time won't be quite as extensive as I'd normally prefer.  haha


I'll have my February book review up next week but if you missed January's you can find that HERE.

Find ALL my book reviews HERE.

As for what I'm watching, I am dyyyyiiinnggg waiting on Real Housewives of NY to come back!  So I've binge-watched RHONY on Hulu (I love Hulu so much) starting with Season 1 and then skipping the seasons without Bethenny.  Because it's just not good without Bethenny.

I need these crazy menopausal women back in my life.  Stat.  #onemoreweek


I got new Skechers and they may be the lightest, most comfortable pair I've ever owned.  If you've never owned a pair of Skechers Go Walks, then you MUST correct that!  ;)  It's like walking on a cloud.

I wore them running errands with the boys on Saturday which included haircuts!

And this is why I rarely take #OOTD pics.  Because I'm about as basic as you can get.  ;)

Jane is my go-to for inexpensive but awesome long necklaces (like $7.99) that I wear all the time with basic tees, my favorite jeans and my favorite shoes. These jeans are also new favorites if you need a non-distressed pair that you don't have to cuff.

As for makeup, I'm loving this Butter Gloss!  It's been on sale on Amazon lately for under $3 so I grabbed them in (from left to right) Vanilla Cream Pie, Angel Food Cake and Eclair.  

They are such pretty colors, so smooth and glossy and they even smell great!  Not all colors are still on sale but even not on sale they are only $4.99.

And again, since most of y'all know I'm having a major love affair with these wedge sneakers right now, I wanted to let you know that they are back on Jane today for under $40!  For the past two weeks, I've switched between these (in taupe) and my Skechers.  Couldn't love them more and I'm hoping to grab them in another color today.  I'm thinking grey.  (I already have some that are similar in black or I'd definitely go for those.)


This bonus question is right up our ally!  Especially this month.  Mason especially has been on a huge board game kick.

His favorites?

Hotel Tycoon, which is based on the game Hotels that I used to LOVE in the 80s/early 90s.

He loves that he gets to buy hotels with his money and that we have to pay him when we land on certain squares.  This kid is all about business and wanting to make money.  I already told him I'll happily live in his pool house someday. ;)

And Clue.  I bought this the other day when I found it for $7.50 on Amazon as an add-on item.  You can also grab it HERE and the classic (retro) Clue game is HERE.

Matthew is not quite as gung-ho about board games as Mason but he'll play with us sometimes.

Every family should have Clue though!  So fun!

And that's it for today!

Be sure to check out my Daily Deals page for more fun finds this week!  And if you prefer to follow the deals blog instead, I've been doing a little better at posting over there as well.  I'll try to transfer the FB deals over there today too.  But just know that the days the deals blog is dead, that doesn't mean the FB group is!  Join us and be sure to "like" and/or comment every once in a while on some of the posts there or FB will think you don't care to see any of the posts.  (So annoying.)  So interact with us if you want to make sure you don't miss a great deal!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Those are such great teacher gift ideas! I know my teacher friends would love those! Clue was always such a fun game to play when growing up. Happy Wednesday!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. That one step dryer is on so many blog posts today! It's wonderful! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Love those wedges so much!

  4. My son got Monopoly Fortnite for his birthday on Sunday and we have already played it 4 times. Ha! It is a pretty fun game and much quicker than the regular Monopoly.

  5. Ok, how cute is EVERYTHING that you shared this week! I have my eye on one of your water tumblers, they are just too cute. I've also been wanting to try a pilates studio, I have heard I'll never want to work out anywhere else once I try it out. Hope you're having a great week!

  6. Everyone is raving about this hair dryer, I think I need to try it! I also love the chore chart idea, such a great way to teach the kids how to earn their own money.

  7. i am a huge fan but not a commentor! i love that you keep things real, and your shopping links feature more realistically affordable deals.
    one comment: for the last couple of weeks or so i have not gotten your blog posts in my feed. i wasn't sure if something was wrong or something had changed, and i was even worried that you had decided to stop blogging! not sure if there is anything to be done to correct this and i for sure will not stop following you!!

  8. Rita! Thank you so much! I am so sorry you're not getting my posts in your feed! I honestly know very little about that kind of stuff but maybe try re-subscribing (through whichever way you were getting them). I changed hosting sites a few weeks ago which is why you may now see a redirect page sometimes now so I'm wondering if that affected it? I'll do some googling tonight to see what else I can find out. :) Thank you again for reading!! xoxo


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