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It's Thursday, friends!  The weekend is almost here and with the end of the week brings back the cold for us!!  Boo!  It's been so warm for the past several days here in Mckinney (high 70s!) and we have been relishing every second we get with it because we know it's coming to an end.  

And indeed it has.  Storms rolled in last night and brought back the cold temps.  Although I should say cold for us.  45ish is cold for us.  I know that is NOTHING compared to some of you!  Trust me.  I lived in Green Bay and Buffalo for several years so I'm well aware of those negative degree temps.  They make me want to cry just thinking about them.  I'm not even kidding when I say that.  I remember being in Green Bay when it was -17 degrees and almost crying when it was time to get out of the car and go into a restaurant.  It's a very vivid memory for me.  Whatever I ate that night was NOT worth it.  #justsayin

Friday morning, the low is 24 though and that still makes my bones ache.

Like the rest of Texas, Houston weather has a mind of it own… | 29 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Houston Knows To Be True

Winter, I'm over you.  Bring us spring already!  Sigh.  I always get super cranky about the weather in February because spring is so close but yet so far.  If I could have it my way, it would be late spring (or in the high 70s/low 80s if you aren't familiar with TX springs) year round with a month of cold weather in December.  Then done.  Anyone else?

Moving on.

Today I'm dropping in with a little update on my #onelittleword post from a couple of weeks ago.  My one little word of 2019 was HEALTH and I have really done so well so far!  Since the beginning of January I've lost 7 pounds (although I swear no one can tell except my mom), I've been working out on my new pilates reformer for at least 30 minutes a day, been going to the chiropractor twice a week for my old lady back problems, have an appointment with my new primary/family doctor this afternoon and have an appointment soon with my new OB/GYN.  Not bad, right?!

For someone who has put everyone and everything ahead of her health for the past several years, this is big.  I'm proud of myself for making these appointments because I've realized that FEAR is what has been stopping me.  You let yourself go so long without seeing a doctor for anything and then it's crazy scary to go back because you feel like something is bound to be wrong.  Am I alone in this thinking?  It's kind of terrifying.  

arms dogs goggies hugs lol scared vet vets - 5904006912

This is probably going to be me this afternoon.  ;)

I've been feeling like there may be something else going on with my back besides just ordinary back pain and although I still don't have answers-and may not get any for awhile-I'm trying to be brave and face my fears head-on.  All the while, PRAYING that I'm wrong, overreacting and paranoid.  ;)

My chiropractor is amazing and she's done x-rays to see if anything concerning shows up there and she says she doesn't see anything.  She's sending the x-rays out for a second opinion just in case though and I'll also bring them with me to my appointment this afternoon as well.

If you're wondering what kind of back pain I'm having, here's the short version.  I've had really bad lower back pain for maybe 6 months. It feels like there is a super short rubber band vertically in my lower back and if someone would just SNIP IT, I'd feel immense relief.  Does that make sense?

Also, there is a hard knot/lump on the left side of my spine towards my middle back that has been bothering me for about 6 months as well.  I felt like it was probably a muscle issue there because when I push my thumb on it hard it feels like a knot in your muscle.  You know, one of those "ouch it hurts but it feels good" type things?  But this has not gotten better or THAT much worse in 6 months, y'all.  What the heck. It keeps me up at night.  I'm constantly rubbing on my back when I'm out in public and it's stopped me from attending church on Sunday mornings more times than I'd like to admit because mornings are the WORST.  (Yes, I have a good mattress now!  It's helping!)

Sadly, we did not get one like this.  hahahaha  #sorrybabe #rollover 

Funny Cards - Snore-B-Gone Mattress

The chiropractor is helping for sure.  After my first visit, I felt like a new woman for two days afterward until it all came back.  It takes some time for your muscles/joints/bones to settle into their new normal apparently so you just have to keep going back to train them to STAY.  I had an appt on Monday and on Tuesday morning, I was almost at 100%.  It was amazing.  As soon as Craig came home from work, I was all "Guess what?!  My back doesn't hurt today!!!!".  My knot was gone and my lower back tightness was maybe at a 1 instead of a steady 5.  I knew it wouldn't last but it gave me hope.  Sure enough, it came back yesterday but it wasn't as bad as normal.  So I'm hoping, things are looking up.

Soooooo.  If you're the praying type, I'd love to ask for your prayers for my nerves to calm themselves today for my appointment.  Lord, calm my anxious heart.  Blood tests and waiting for results make me super nervous.  And some of my family members have been diagnosed with cancer in the past few years...and it all started with routine blood tests.  I haven't cleared it with them to talk about it publicly so I'm going to leave it at that for now but just know that genetics is playing a big part in the reason I'm being a little crazy.

Thankfully, I have a couples date night scheduled with some of my sweet friends and their hubbies tonight so it'll take my mind off of everything and just be FUN!  Group dates are the best!

See you back here for Friday Favorites and if it's not here tomorrow, then check the FB Group instead.  

And just as a reminder, I'm having some technical difficulties lately that I've just put off trying to figure out for right now so if you are getting an error message or a redirect message trying to get to any page on my blog, just click YES.  I don't know what the deal is because I'm the least tech savvy person ever.  EVER.

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Happy Thursday, y'all!!

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  1. I've been praying for you, Amanda. I hope you get some relief and answers soon, friend. xo

    1. Thank you so much!! I'll text you this afternoon if I get any answers after my appt!

  2. You may want to try an Airrosti doctor. They deal more with the muscles than the bones. My husband had to see one for his back and after several visits he was all better. I have also sent 3 coworkers to them and they all sing the praises of this type of doctor. Just a suggestion...

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I'll definitely check out that website!

    It looks like there are several in McKinney

  4. Gosh, Amanda. So sorry to hear about your back pain. Praying for relief and healing! I've recently had to do the dr appts and waiting on test results game. I know that fear and anxiety. Praying God comforts you and gives you peace as well as GOOD NEWS! Much love! Simply Tish

  5. I know too well how it is to live with medical fears. But with every appointment that you check off your list, you'll feel more confident that you are taking charge and can deal with the results. It sounds like you are taking many of the necessary steps to be healthy- good job and thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I'm just catching up on was your appointment on Thursday?!


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