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Oh my goodness.  What a fun weekend!!  There's too much for just one post so I'll finish it off in my next one but again...SO MUCH FUN!

We started our weekend early with a fun birthday dinner for our friend, Tyler.  His wife, Brooke, organized a dinner at Local Yocal in downtown Mckinney for a group of us and anytime you get this group together, you aren't short on laughs, that's for sure.  And this time was no different.

Unfortunately, our group pic didn't turn out cute AT ALL and we all agreed it may be the worst picture ever. haha  So we agreed not to post it.  But we did have a really great time.

My parents had come to town that afternoon to watch the boys while we went to dinner but were mainly in town to handle our duties on Friday night.  Friday night, we were off to a Larry the Cable show in Grand Prairie and since Mason had a game that night and we'd be gone for a while, my parents sweetly agreed to come in and take over baseball and babysitting for us.  This retirement thing is really working for me.  ;)

A little back story on our connection to Larry the Cable Guy (real name Dan Whitney).  In 2006, when Craig was with the Packers, one of the trainers came into the locker room and asked if anyone wanted to give Larry the Cable guy a couple of tickets to the game.  (Games are always sold out but players have access to some that are set aside.)  Craig jumped at the chance because Larry the Cable is totally in his wheelhouse.  This was back when the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with him, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and Bill Engvall was huge and let's just say Craig was a fan of all of their humor and had all of their CDs. (Yes, CDs.  haha)

So Dan ("Larry") came to the game and after the game was over, he met up with us outside of the locker room to thank Craig and they totally hit it off.  Craig is most definitely a southern boy, through and through.  He loves hunting, fishing, and redneck jokes.  And even though Dan is from Nebraska, we all know he easily passes for a Southern redneck.  ;)

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(This was taken right after they met in 2006 after the game.)

Dan is the best guy.  Humble, genuine, down-to-earth, generous and obviously hysterical.  From that day on, he told Craig any time he wanted to tickets to a show, to text him and he'd set it up.  And that's how it began.  They started up a friendship and text occasionally and any time he comes to town, we grab a few friends and head to the show!

He always gets us passes for the Meet & Greet before the show and usually afterward we head backstage to catch up a little before their bus leaves for the next city.

But now--pictures or it didn't happen.  😂

We invited Craig's friend, Corey and his wife, Leah and Craig's golf buddy, Matt, and his wife, Teresa.

The lighting was awful in that room.  🙈


We chatted for a while, heard a few of his new jokes from his set and then headed to our seats.

If you've never been a Larry the Cable Guy show (and you appreciate his humor), then you need to go!!  Every show will have your face breaking in half from laughing so hard.  It's just a good time.  But again, you have to appreciate his type of comedy in order to have fun. He is a salt of the earth type guy who loves his family and hasn't changed a bit since we met him 13+ years ago.

And the boys love that we know Mater!  I'll put some video from the show on my Instastories today where he talks about how he won the role of Mater.  Too funny.

And now, you have to promise you will not judge me for my hideous outfit in the picture below.  I wasn't going to post it but it was our very first LCB show and our first time going backstage and we thought it was so cool.  So I'm showing you but again...it was 2006.  I was 24/25 and those weird sweater things were all the rage back then!

Welcome to Memory Lane...


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This is so embarrassing.  Why didn't someone tell me I looked like a fashion disaster?!


No photo description available.

(Look how skinny my hubby was!!  Whoa.)

No photo description available.


Signing pictures of Mater for the boys.

No photo description available.

We got to meet Jeff Foxworthy at this one!  That was fun.

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And that was our Friday night.  Lots of fun, lots of friends and lots of laughs.

I'll blog the rest of our weekend in the next post because it was also so much fun!  We enjoyed a night at a minor league game and ushered in Matthew's 11th birthday that Sunday!  How is he 11?!!  #makeitstop

That's all for today.  See you over in the deals group, I hope!  If you haven't checked it lately, you're missing out on some good stuff!  You can find it HERE.

Happy Tuesday!!

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