Thursday, May 23, 2019


Although my hubs was a football player for 20+ years of his life, we are a baseball family.  Yes, one of my boys plays flag football and the other is finally starting to show some interest.  But I have a feeling baseball will always be their #1.  And I am 1000% ok with that.  It's safer and, in my opinion, it's just more fun to watch when you aren't worried about someone you love getting a concussion or being paralyzed with every play.  ;)

Don't get me wrong.  I like football a lot...when I take the time to sit down and watch a game.  But it's just not as fun as it used to be when my guy was down there on the field.  (Ok, on the sidelines usually but still.  😉)  And it also helped when you knew all the players on the team personally. Now THAT was fun.

And now that's how I feel about my boys and their baseball teams.  I love all the kiddos, all my fellow baseball moms and cheering the team on. I absolutely LOVE being a baseball mom.  And since I played softball super competitively from the time I was 6 all the way through the state championships in high school, I GET baseball.  I've been there, I know the rules, the strategies and its definitely my comfort zone sport.  I don't get into baseball on TV all that much but any game I'm watching live has me gripped.

So last Saturday was so much fun from start to finish.

Mason had a game that day at 11:30 and we knew we were in a race for time with the storms that were coming in.  We were up by 5 runs after some ace pitching by Mason and a grand slam by one of his teammates (plus one other run...yes, I can count. haha) when the lightning sirens went off, the wind started blowing in HARD and it started to sprinkle.  The game was called and we ran to our cars to get out of this.

Epic shot if I do say so myself.  After that, it pretty much stormed for the next 4 or 5 hours straight.  But it cleared up just in time to not spoil our Saturday night plans!  Fifty-five of us from Mason's team had bought tickets for a fun family night out at a Frisco RoughRiders minor league game that night.  So yes.  Super thankful the clouds passed on by and the sun came out!  We were pumped.

Craig had to catch a flight to Nashville so he was at the airport while we got to have all the fun.  (Sorry, babe.)

I guess this is what a RoughRider looks like?

We love going to these games so much.  The stadium is so nice but not so big that it's overwhelming.  You feel at home there after a couple of games.

I blogged about a night we spent here last year around Matthew's birthday too.  This is the same field that has the lazy river out in right field!  We still haven't done that but the boys are dying to.

We had great seats and an entire section to ourselves.  There were a lot of us!

Since it was military appreciation night AND they were recognizing little league ball teams, they let the teams parade around the field before the game.  Matthew wanted to join so he slipped on an extra jersey Coach Keith brought and became an honorary member for the night.

At one point, the boys decided to put their rally caps on.  Meaning they turned them inside out.  😂  Unfortunately, this didn't work and the RoughRiders lost to the SOD POODLES (OMG that name!!!!) by several runs.  Seriously.  The Sod Poodles??  Who thought that was a good idea?

Sidenote:  After some googling, we found out that a sod poodle is a nickname for a prairie dog. I personally feel like the Prairie Dogs are better than Sod Poodle but hey, its not my call.  ;)

We had such a good time but it ended up being the longest game in RoughRider history.  It was a little over 3.5 hours I think and we were getting tired, the boys were completely stuffed with everything from candy to hot dogs and we still had to go on the field to participate in some Guinness World Record flossing thing (like actual flossing) followed by fireworks  

All was well until we got to the field and I looked over at Matthew who was white as a sheet.  I asked him if he was ok and he said he felt sick.  And I knew that look.  He was about to puke if I didn't get him out of there.  When Matthew's has had enough, he's had enough.  He can go from 60 to 0 like that.  So I let Mason stay with his buddies to watch the fireworks and took my almost 11-year-old home to sleep it off because the next day was...


My sweet sweet firstborn.  I know I said a lot of this on Instagram but I'm going to go for it here too.

He's gone from this... this.  And I couldn't be prouder to call him mine.

This boy is kind.  He has the sweetest soul.  He's smart and can do math in his head that I could never do.  He loves animals.  He's shy.  He is sympathetic and empathetic.  He's sensitive.  He's stubborn as all hell.  He's funny.  He's mellow.  He's even-tempered.  He's not the kid who is screaming and being crazy.  He's the kid watching that kid and hoping he'll calm down because it's making him nervous.  😂😂😂  He is a rule follower.  He is a people pleaser and 100% an introvert.  He's the first one to notice if I'm having a rough day.  He loves a hug from his mama and still lets me hug him and kiss those sweet cheeks as long as none of his friends are around.

I can't wait to see what 11 has in store for this boy!

Since we got in super late (especially Mason), Matthew had come home sick and Craig ended up coming home around 1:30am after delay after delay after delay on his flight that ended up being cancelled, we skipped church, slept in, and then took the boys to get donuts.  Matthew LOVES donuts.  And he said he'd rather have donuts instead of a cake for his birthday.  And I was happy to oblige. 

So we let him open presents and eat donuts to kick off the day.  I didn't even have time to wrap this one.  My mom saw it at Hobby Lobby and we knew it was perfect.  It's a little metal figure with a saxophone and since Matthew is playing the saxophone next year, it was perfect.

He also wanted new shoes and a pogo stick.  I can't believe he wears the same size as me now.  It's crazy.

After that, we headed to the new movie theater by our house (which is really awesome by the way, if you are local) at Matthew's request.

He has been dying to see A Dog's Journey so off we went!  That movie, y'all.  It was so good and sad and sweet.  We all loved and it yes, we ALL cried.

And at 1:44pm exactly we snapped this picture.  Just as my baby boy became one year closer to leaving me older.

After the movie, we played a little cornhole.  (That grass grew so fast after all the rain!)

And Matthew threw things at people who were playing cornhole.  😂  

(I talked more about our summer fun list HERE which definitely included this game.)  How fun is that shirt his Mimi got him though?  She also got one for Mason and Craig's birthdays too.

And that was our day.  We always have a joint birthday party for the boys in June because Craig is gone every weekend during April and May so I'll start planning that soon.  (You can see how we've partied in the past HERE.)

And I'll be back tomorrow some Friday Favorites PLUS I'll be answering a few of your questions you sent on a couple of weeks ago!  I got quite a few which was fun so I'm going to break it down into separate posts.

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I'm working on a new Amazon Haul post for next week too but I'm a little nervous to look back over what all I've been priming since the last one. ðŸ¤·‍♀️

See you back here tomorrow, friends!



  1. Sweet Matthew!! I'm so happy he had a great time!

  2. I'm a little behind on blog reading but looks like Matthew had a great 11th birthday. That age/month etc. t-shirt is cool--but not sure I want one at my age-ha!


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