Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Happy Wednesday, friends!!  I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!  Ours was quiet, uneventful and relaxing.  And very much like every other day of our lives.  😂

Here's a little peek at our weekend.


I'm nearing the end of the crazy season in the shop but I'm not quite there just yet.  I worked all day on Friday because of all the teacher gift orders in the Etsy shop.  I love those pretty little teacher name signs but I'm looking forward to a couple of months away from those this summer!  I must have done at least 150 of them in the past couple of months.

Friday morning was also the MandaStrong Golf Tournament.  Craig was on the committee this year (since the golf course is his home away from home) and also served as the breakfast sponsor.  Even though I wasn't able to work the golf tournament, I did donate a couple of cute new items!

These shiny mermaid water tracker tumblers have been added to the shop and the very first one I made was one of the auction items.  I'm seriously having a moment with this vinyl, y'all.

I've been using it to make these too.

Also, I ran a flash sale on Monday and Tuesday but because I had several customers message me to tell me that they didn't get paid until Friday, I decided to extend it.  Friday is payday.  I get it.  ;)  So now the sale will last through Friday.

I also decided to make a new sign to donate to the golf tournament.  I've seen a million versions of this sign so it's not super original.  But I do love it.  I'll be adding it to the shop soon!  If you want one before I can get it posted, just message me through Etsy. :)

And then after school, Mother's Day goodies started rolling in!  Whoop whoop!  Craig brought home a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace from the golf tournament and Matthew came home from school with a Crape/Crepe Myrtle tree for me!  (PS:  You can spell it either way.  I checked.  I was #teamcrepe before I realized the Mckinney foundation spells it "crape".  🤷‍♀️)

Every year, each 5th grader in Mckinney ISD is gifted a crape myrtle from the Crape Myrtle Trails of Mckinney Foundation, the Friday before Mother's Day.  How cool is that?!  If you aren't from here, then let me tell you that our streets are lined with crape myrtles.  They are everywhere and it is one of the best little details about our town.  We already have a few in our yard but will be finding the perfect spot for this little guy this week.  For now, he's in a little pot next to my flowers that thriving!  I rarely get to say that so I'm patting myself on the back right now.  I'm not the best at keeping plants alive.

Friday afternoon, Craig jumped on a plane to Oakland for another Elite 11 football camp, I called the babysitter, and my friends and I met up for a 4-hour dinner at Bar Louie in Allen.  (If you ever go, get the mac-n-cheese!  It's ahhhhmmmaaazzinngg!)


Our Saturday was rainy and chilly so we had a very cozy, lazy day.  Since Craig was gone, it was just me and the boys.  Mason was fighting a cold so he was whiny and dramatic.  (I feel so bad for his wife someday.  haha)  Matthew was happy entertaining himself with the Nintendo Switch, iPad and TV.  Yes, you heard that right.  Screen time.  #ohthehorror  But this is real life, friends and y'all know by now this blog may not make me #goals but I'm not going to lie in order to get there.  If it helps, we don't do Fortnite in our house or anything violent so when I say screen time, I'm talking Disney Channel, Minecraft and Mario Kart.  No shame.
I worked on orders since there wasn't much else to do and caught up on some laundry.  So much fun.  But I started binge-watching Dead to Me on Netflix (with Christina Applegate) and you have to watch!!!  I seriously could not look away.  It wasn't just my kids getting a lot of screen time on Saturday! If you haven't watched this yet, you need to add it to your list.  Definitely not something you can watch with your kids in the room but I cannot wait for Season 2.

Craig's flight was due to land around midnight so I just figured I'd stay up watching until he got home around 1 which is what I did.  Totally worth being exhausted the next day.


Mother's Day!  Mason woke up with a barking cough in addition to his stuffy nose and was a total mess.  This kid gets sick more than anyone else in the family which is unfortunate because he's also the worst patient.  He is not a believer in crawling back into bed and trying to sleep when he's sick.  He's firmly in the "Take a million hot showers a day" camp.  It's the only thing that makes him feel better.  Good for my wallet?  No.  Good for the environment?  No.  But when your baby is sick you will do anything to help him feel better so, that's that.

Since he wasn't feeling good but we still wanted to go to church, we skipped Sunday School and just went to "big church".  We left him at home since our neighbor was out in their front yard doing yard work and said they'd keep an eye on him.  Sigh.  Off to a great start!

(Bag & Dress are from Jane.  Ray-Ban dupes HERE and $8.99 earrings HERE.)

After church, we went home to see if Mason wanted to come with us to eat.  He was still not feeling well but this kid has major FOMO.  (Fear of missing out.)  So he came with us and let's just say it wasn't the most relaxing Mother's Day lunch I've ever had.  Ha!  He didn't eat a thing, laid his head on the table, cried a little...I mean.  I ate as fast as I could with one arm wrapped around him and we ended up just boxing most of it up and heading back home. #momlife

Since our resident hot mess wasn't feeling well, we all just kind of did our own thing for the rest of the day.  I made chocolate chip cookies, did some laundry, mopped the floor twice because of our 15-year-old pup who is going downhill fast..., and swept up shattered glass after the boys learned why WE DO NOT THROW BALLS IN THE HOUSE.

I did get some sun though.  I took a cold drink and my laptop out by the pool and played on Pinterest.  That's my kind of relaxing!

This one came out to join me for a bit.  I was hoping some vitamin D might help.

Look at that face!  Sweet boy.

And this kiddo was the total opposite of Mason.  He was still riding a sugar high from those chocolate chip cookies.  ;)

And that was our weekend.  Being a mom doesn't stop just because there's a day to celebrate us.  We continue with our mom duties but also get extra hugs, maybe a gift or two and if we're lucky...5 minutes of relaxation. ;)

And I can't go without showing you my mama again.  We love her so much!

See you back here soon!



  1. I just started Dead to Me this week and I can't wait to watch it. I started the first episode to make sure I'll like it for my treadmill runs, and I do! I can't wait to get my water tracker from your Etsy shop! Have a great day!

    1. It's GOOD! And your tumbler is going to be so pretty in that coral glitter!!

  2. Poor Mason! Hope he is feeling better now. Your flowers look great! ... Are you watching Southern Charm this year? I have it recorded but haven't watched the new episode yet.

    1. YES!!!! The first episode was so good! It's probably tied with RHONY for my favorite Bravo show. And thank you!!


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