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Hey hey, friends!  It's book review day!!

Some of you are now clicking that x in the top right corner of your screen because books are not your thing.  I get it!  But if you are saying to yourself "I don't have time to read" then let me try to convince you that you do!!  I say it all the time.  I don't have time to read either.  

Ok, that's not entirely true.

I would absolutely find time to read if reading was my only option when it came to books.  But there are these lovely things called AUDIOBOOKS, y'all.  And they are lifesavers.  You can multitask while you "read" and there is nothing I love more than multitasking.  #canIgetanamen

I'm a huge Audible fan.  I know, I know.  There are ways to get free books through your local library but I have yet to make it over there to renew my library card AND I'm not a huge fan of waiting in line for my book to become available.  ;)  But I'm letting you know this in case you are a better woman than me.  haha  (For the record, we have plans to hit up our local public library this summer so I'm hoping I can include my library audiobook experience in one of my summer reviews.)

Audible is my jam though, and if you want to try it out, you can get 2 audiobooks for free!!  Find out more about it HERE and if you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them!

Now onto the review!

I "read" 4 books in April.  One thriller, one chick lit novel, and 2 autobiographies.

So let's dive in!  Just click the titles and they'll take you to Amazon so you can add them to your Wish List or your cart!

Starting with...


Ahhhhhhh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these ladies!!  They are so real and so funny!  If you don't already follow these girls on FB or Instagram, then you are missing out.  They are besties who chat about #allthethings that real mamas deal with on a daily basis.  From Spanx to day drinking and everything in between.  They don't ever try to pretend they are perfect or have it all figured out and I ADORE them for that.

So they wrote a book that was just released last month and I was dying to read it!


They read it themselves. Yay!
It's funny, of course!
If you have small kids especially (and love wine!), you will love this book!
You MUST have a sense of humor to enjoy this book.  They tell it like it is and if you are easily offended or are a pearl clutcher, then you should pass on this one. ;)

Not so great??
Well...nothing beats their live banter.  That's the only negative.  The book was funny, insightful and entertaining BUT I love their spontaneous wit so much more!

Would I still recommend this book?!  ABSOLUTELY!  These ladies are hilarious, humble, sweet, loyal, real, and they just GET IT.  And these are the kind of girls you want to root for.  They don't try to pretend they are perfect and they are so grateful for all the support and great things that are happening to them.  And it makes you want to support them even more.  Check out their book and like them on FB.  You can also go to their YouTube channel for all their videos.  Be prepared to laugh your butt off and want to be best friends with them.


Ok, so I chose this next book because I love a fun chick lit novel that is also advertised as "laugh-out-loud".  And this one was advertised as such.  BUT, I did not "LOL" one single time in this book.  It wasn't a bad book at all!  It just wasn't funny.  And I was really confused on why anyone would put that in the description!

This book is about a woman who has been living the high life for the past 10 years.  She's got a rich hubby who takes care of everything and she's completely settled in her life as a wife and new mom.  And then one day her husband turns up missing and everything that follows is super sketchy.  Is he really missing?  Has he been kidnapped or is this something a little more complicated?

She finds herself with no money, no home, no staff...and nowhere to go.  She's told her husband has procured a job for her across the country at a small private school in the Bronx.  So she leaves everything and heads to NY with her baby daughter while waiting for her husband to come back and save her from this mess.

And yes, it's a mess.  This book was really solid and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it was NOT FUNNY!  And that's why I chose it! I wanted to laugh!  The description's first line says "A refreshingly honest, laugh-out-loud novel...".  But there was no laughing.  I mean, I definitely smiled a lot but laugh?  No.  Were there sweet moments?  YES!  I loved seeing the relationship develop between Agness and her wayward students.  It was all very Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds.  But I was irritated about how they described the book.  So I knocked off a star. 

Overall, yes I would recommend it as a fun chick lit novel.  You'll love Agness and her sweet baby girl.  And her students will tug on your heartstrings.


Ok.  This was a crazy book!  Here's what they say about this one...

Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this wildly compulsive debut thriller about a couple whose fifteen-year marriage has finally gotten too interesting...

And yes!  This one is kind of a sick Dateline episode that you can't look away from.  This husband and wife team is twisted and awful but when they aren't being twisted they are sweet and normal.  It's very much Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Dexter.

The ending was great and even the last page leaves you going "Oh crap!".  haha  This was was a great read if you love a crazy thriller!


Let me start by saying I LOVE Stassi.  I love Vanderpump Rules.  (My night at SUR can be found HERE!)  You guys know I'm a huge Bravo fan.  Period.  So I was so excited for Stassi's book to come out!  I definitely consider myself "basic".  And I don't mind a bit.  Most of us are and I love that Stassi totally embraces that and makes it something to be proud of instead of something that makes you feel inferior to all the less basic girls on IG, YouTube and blogs.

So the review...

I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads but I think 3.5 stars is a little more accurate.  I bumped it up to 4 because I love Stassi.  And this book was all Stassi.  Definitely no ghostwriter here.  Unfortunately, I was hoping this book would go a little deeper into some behind the scenes on VPR or would have some juicy gossip...and it just doesn't.  I just wanted to hear more about the stuff we didn't already know about her. (I mean, we know she loves ranch dressing, Taco Bell and a great OOTD.)  We just didn't get much of anything new but we did get a lot of her being unapologetically herself and I love that about her.  (Sidenote:  We also get to hear about her losing her virginity which was hilarious and a little disturbing...)   

Bottom line?  If you are looking for behind-the-scenes stuff, this is not it.  But if you just want to hear Stassi speak to you (from the pages or from the audio version which she reads herself and does a great job at) about how much she loves ranch dressing and the top 10 places to eat hot dogs around the world, then try it!  It really is very much like a handbook for embracing your inner basic b*tch.  And I completely commend her on her writing a book.  I just wish she would have given us some good dirt!


And that's it for April!  You can follow what I'm reading this month over on Instagram (check my Books Highlights) and on Goodreads.  You can also see all my past book reviews HERE.  

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And one more thing before I go!  I'm working on a Q&A post for later this month so if you have a question for me, please ask!  You can comment below, email me, DM me...whatever.  I've gotten some really fun ones so far and I can't wait to get started answering them!

See you later this week!



  1. I need to read all of these!

  2. O.k.....so I asked a question on Instagram but I have another. :)

    What is the best part of being a "boy mom"?

  3. This might be my first comment so, hi! I love book reviews. The book I just finished made me giggle so much. I did a quick scan of your last several reviews and didn't see the cover listed so maybe you've already read this one but if not, get The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I'm an audiobook girl too and I just found myself smiling/giggling a lot with it. Super cute, fun, and romantic...perfect beach/pool book. And I used to do Audible but kept thinking "why do I want to own these books??" so I'm using the Libby app and somewhat patiently going through my library. It's a total bummer to have to wait and then there's weeks like this one where I've gotten 8 books that are all due back in 21 days and I'm overwhelmed. I don't think I'm gonna get through them all!! lol.


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