Friday, July 19, 2019


So...are we tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet??  😂😂😂  If you are a blog reader then I'm sure you've seen post after post about this sale for the past week and seen everyone's favorite picks.  I know I have.  (And I don't hate it because I seem to find new great stuff with each post.)  We just got back from vacation so I just started looking through the site on Monday (and purchased my first pair of jeans!) and decided to go ahead and whip up a few easy to shop widgets in case you want to just browse quickly.

Today the sale opens up to the public! Things will sell out and come back as people return items so keep an eye out if something you really want is showing as sold out right now.  Also, most of these items will be restocked after the sale as we head into fall, so if you do miss out on the sale price, there's always a chance it'll go on sale again later in the season.

But let's get to it, shall we?

The first thing I did was check out the jeans options because I get the most wear out of those.  When I saw these jeans for $38 (whoop whoop!) I thought it was a mistake.  I checked out immediately because I thought it was too good to be true.  Which I still thought until they arrived yesterday.  And OMG.  I tried them on and immediately fell in love! They are lightly distressed with a small rip and that fading is on point!  Lighter in the center and darker on the sides gives the illusion of smaller thighs and for me, I am all in when it comes to making my thighs look smaller!  And did I mention...$38!!!  I haven't checked but that's got to be the cheapest pair of jeans in this sale.

I grabbed my favorite plaid and my favorite booties for this little try-on session so if my top looks a little rumpled, it's because it's been stuffed in my closet with no breathing room for the past 6 months. Haha


(Booties are from last year and are sold out.  This plaid shirt is not available in this color anymore but DOES come in this one and it's on sale for only $14.99 right now!  It is the softest plaid shirt I have ever worn. I could sleep in it.  I'm wearing a medium but ordered my new one in a small.
Also...New rug--yay!--HERE.)

And here are a few of the others that stood out to me.  Love them all!!  I also included my favorite shorts that aren't part of the NSale but they are ON sale.  ;)

When it came to tops, there were several that really stood out to me and made me wish I had an unlimited budget.  If you need help narrowing down your choices, here's my opinion.  GET A BAREFOOT DREAMS CARDIGAN.  Any of them.  Any color.  They are all amazing.  You will never regret it and you most likely will never be able to get it at this price either.

Also, most of these tops come in several prints and colors so you'll need to click through to see them all.

My go-to fall outfit is almost always whatever pair of skinny jeans I'm loving at the moment, a soft plaid button-down and booties.  Seriously...#givemealltheplaid  This one is my favorite from the sale.

I am going to try to branch out a little more this fall and here are a few favorites.

And moving on to beauty and guys know I'm a big fan of lash serums.  The Neulash serum is available right now as a buy-one-get-one deal!  You are getting two for the price of one!  If you've been waiting on a great deal for a lash serum, go check this one out!  Stock up!

And finally, SHOES!!  There were so many great shoe options to choose from!  I grabbed these and these (my first pair of leopard booties!) but look at all of these others!  Oh the choices! Mine haven't come in yet so I'm dying to see how they fit!

I know I've missed a ton so go get your shop on, girls!!  There are great things for every budget and honestly, even if you're just window-shopping to earmark some things you may want to buy later on, it's still fun.  

For more awesome deals and sales, don't forget to check my Deals Group!  The two Prime Days just about wore me out but there were so many great deals to be had!

And speaking of Amazon, I ordered a few rugs from RugsUSA the other day and they are so great but the round one I ordered was too small.  They didn't have the next size up that I needed so I jumped on Amazon to grab my second choice and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  It was a great price, great quality and just so pretty!

(Please don't look out my back door into the sunroom...hahaha.  Our 1980s ping pong table died a sad death the other day so its in pieces right now as we reconfigure that whole room for the 12th time.)

This one is the navy/light blue 6'7" round.

The colors are even prettier in person than they were on the website.  Love!

Happy Shopping today for those of you are hitting up the Nordstrom Sale and good luck!!  I'll see you back here next week with Part 2 of our Branson Adventures!  (You can find Part 1 HERE in case you missed it.)

Happy Friday!



  1. The round rug under your table is beautiful!

  2. I found your blog over a year ago through your other McKinney blogging friends! I just want to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog and thank you for the time you put into it! :) Your Nordstrom sale picks are great and your new breakfast room rug is beautiful! Your home and your blog reflect your love for your home and family!


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