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Hey hey hey!  It's What's Up Wednesday!  I love these posts but haven't done one since March!  I can't believe it's been that long but March is right around the time I start just hanging on by a thread when it comes to school and sports and work and blah blah blah so I can see how I veered off course. ;)

But I'm here today, linking up with Shay and Sheaffer, and our July has been a busy busy one so I've got a lot to post!

Let's start with...


If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog, then you probably know I've been sucked into the Keto Cult.  Three months ago, that was the last sentence I ever thought would come out of my mouth but alas, it's true.  And I'm a HUGE fan.  I'm not hungry, I eat delicious food and the 20 pounds I wanted to lose melted off within 10 weeks.  I have officially hit my goal ( second goal.  The first goal was 15) and am now venturing into the unchartered world of maintaining while still staying on Keto.  I'm learning and messing up and figuring it all out so that I can report back to all you girls who are wanting me to post updates occasionally.  

If you missed my big post on all things Keto (how to get started, what I eat, why I do it, etc.) go HERE and check it out.  I also wanted to point out that I now have a Keto Life tab in my header/menu here on the blog where I'll post all Keto talk.  I figured it would be the easiest way for those of you who are interested in all of that to find it without having to dig through the whole blog.

So right now as I type this, I've got a Keto-friendly pulled pork going in my new crockpot.  (Isn't it cute?!  Still on sale for a great price!!)  

My in-laws and niece are in town for the week so I figured it'd be good to have on hand so everyone can make a sandwich or salad or taco or whatever they want with it throughout the week.  I followed this recipe instead of doing what I normally do which is dumping a liter of Dr. Pepper in with it and calling it a day.  I'll let y'all know!

(I can never spell that word by the way.  Thank goodness for spellcheck.)

The beach!  We just got back from Branson (I blogged all about our trip HERE) and it was amazing but my heart belongs to the white sand and waves.

This blurry family pic was our best one that year.  😂  It was a good try.  This was in 2013 in Ft. Walton, Florida.  (PS:  I loved that skirt!  Do you think it's still considered in style?)

This was my favorite picture of my sweet boys!!


I know I've told y'all about this already but I grabbed this mascara for around $3.50 on Amazon during a Lightning Deal or Prime Day sale-something-after hearing so many people rave about it.  And it is just as good as my other favorite (expensive) brand, Lancome Monsieur Big!!!  I highly recommend trying it out AND it's only $4.99!! Unless you catch it on sale like I did. Just one swipe makes my lashes long and lush, not clumpy or's just great! I love the brush and I can't believe it's so cheap.  It must be a trick!

If I see it on sale or LD again, I'll definitely post it in my Deals group on FB so make sure you've joined and have your notifications on!


Last weekend, Craig flew up to Green Bay for the annual Donald Driver Charity Softball Game.  Donald was one of his good friends on the Packers and he is also an outstanding guy as well as being a Packers Hall of Famer.

So while Craig was living it up on the field (and earning himself the title of MVP of the game!), I was prepping for a fun night out!

At the MandaStrong golf tournament, one of the big-ticket items was a party bus plus dinner for 20 people.  So a big group of us decided to go in together for a fun night out but unfortunately, that night fell on the same night Craig was away.  Such a bummer.  But we still had fun and also helped the MandaStrong foundation raise a lot of money!

Love all these pretty mamas!

Everyone was looking sharp and looking forward to Parents Night Out!

We went to dinner at Javier's in Dallas and although it wasn't the best Mexican food I've ever had, we had the best time.

(My dress is HERE.)

We laughed, we ate, we sang Livin' on a Prayer at the top of our lungs (in the bus...not the restaurant) and we even attempted to line dance in a moving bus at one point.  Such fun times with great friends!


There is one thing I'm dreading right now, friends.  Mason wants...a HAMSTER.  Ugh.  And I can't say no.  I had a hamster as a kid.  Craig had a hamster as a kid.  We feel like every kid needs crazy hamster stories to tell as adults.

We've been without a pet for a few weeks now since our sweet Abby crossed the rainbow bridge.  And I'm not ready for another dog.  So we told him he had to show us that he can be responsible, keep up with his chores (a.k.a. just clean up after's really all I ask!), and he has.  For the most part.  So we will be getting a hamster.  Maybe today.  And I'm not looking forward to having to clean poop and keep another living being alive every day.  But it is what it is.  Stay tuned for hamster pics on Instagram...


My Etsy shop is back in full swing and right now it's all about those teacher name signs and kids' water bottles for back-to-school!

I just added these two great options.  The below are both stainless steel and insulated so they'll keep your drinks cold all day.

The slim ones are 16.9oz and the big daddies are 40oz!

You can check out my full shop HERE.


School starts in 2 weeks and I am so ready to have my house back to myself!  Am I the only one??!  Yes, I hate that summer is coming to an end but let's be real here.  This mama needs a routine and 8 hours of quiet again.  Am I dreading that my baby will be in middle school this year?  OMG yes!!  I'm trying not to freak out.  


Uhhh, The Bachelorette.  WTH?!  You shoulda picked Tyler, girl.  Or Peter.  Tyler was pretty dang hot but Peter would have been the best husband.

And Big Brother.  I feel like so many of them are just icky.  Icky Michie for sure.  That dude needs to GO.  The way he talks to the girls in the house is just disgusting and his whole arrogant attitude has got me fuming.  I'm so glad they got rid of Bella too.  That whole week they ganged up on Nicole was the worst thing I'd ever seen on Big Brother and Bella was the ring leader.  I was not sad to see her crying as she went home.

Also...why do they act like the person they just voted out of the house is dying?  I understand Nick is all in love with Bella but acting like he'll never see her again and sobbing into his buddy's shoulder was a bit over the top, no?  (Nick is the one with his back to us.  I feel like his buddy, Sam, is all "Dude, she's not dead. She's just on the other side of that door..."

I'm rooting for Sam to win the whole thing at this point and I feel like Cliff will end up with America's Favorite Houseguest money.

As for what I'm reading, I've got a June/July Book Review coming for ya and I've been reading some really really good stuff lately!

Topping my list this summer are The Unhoneymooners, Surfside Sisters and The Friend ZoneThese three have been such fun reads!!  They've stood out above the rest in the chick-lit category for being funny, original, modern and sweet.  You will love them!


If you missed what I grabbed from the Nordstrom Sale, here's a peek.

These tan booties were so crazy comfortable and cute that I also ordered them in black.  Don't miss out on these!!


I can't wait to get my kids back into a routine of early bedtimes and daily showering.  Right now, our bedtimes are all around midnight and the boys' showering habits consist of lots of chlorine and sunshine.  😂  #onlyhalfkidding

And that's about it, you guys!

Have a happy Wednesday and if anyone has any HAMSTER TIPS, please send them my way ASAP!!



  1. The Essence mascara is my FAVORITE. I've used super expensive ones, and this one BEATS them all. And for CHEAP. Combine the Essence with Loreal lash primer- and you have yourself some great looking lashes.

    1. YES!! I totally agree! I got some lash primer but never remember to use it! I need to start.

  2. What a fun month and that bus ride! I bet it was the best!

  3. I'm so happy we were all about to support the MSF!!! She would be so excited to see us helping other mamas with cancer!

  4. I just ordered a pink tumbler for my daughter, Halle! Thank you so much :)

  5. Good luck with the hamster!

  6. Replies
    1. Hahaha. My thoughts exactly. This thing better be cute! ;)

  7. I also started the Keto diet a few months ago and can say that I already feel better, more energetic, and stronger at some point.


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