Tuesday, July 2, 2019


It is JULY, friends.  How did that happen?!

We have been busy around here living out our super basic summer in the best ways!  We always say we like to summer like it's 1989.  Haha.  Lots of swimming in all the pools in the neighborhood, running around outside with friends from sun up to sun down, playing hide and seek, riding bikes, having lemonade stands, having sleepovers, eating popsicles, going to the movies, pouring baby oil and dish soap on slip-n-slides...and then playing in the mud created by said slip-n-slides...(don't get a slip-n-slide.)

So I thought I'd show you a little of that with a bunch of pics pulled straight from my phone. :)

Starting with friends, swimming and watermelon! Can't get much more "summer" than that!

We LOVE our neighborhood!  Look at these cute boys with their popsicles!  

We also love the Beach Club.  Especially when there's another big group of buddies there as well.

Mason and I love to play Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo.  It is basically the only skill I have that impresses my children.  This mama is good at Super Mario, y'all.  The muscle memory that comes back when I put that controller in my hand is crazy!  My best friend and I used to spend HOURS playing Nintendo growing up.  Back when there was no such thing as "screen time".   ðŸ˜‚

See what I mean by summering like its 1989??  

One of our favorite days so far has been Mason's end-of-the-season baseball party.  We hosted it at our house this year and rented a giant waterslide which was a HIT.  Although all the boys complained of being sore and their backs hurting the next day. haha  They went HARD for hours.

The company came and set up the slide several hours before our party started so Matthew and Mason got a lot of time to themselves on it before everyone got there.

The party was for all the boys and their families so we had around 50 people show up. Thankfully, it was a pot luck so everyone showed up with yummy food.  One of the moms made these adorable cookies and handpainted the team logo on to them!  And we do not have an easy logo.

Unfortunately, as soon as everyone arrived, the clouds rolled in and we got hit with a pretty severe storm.  Super high winds, thunder, lightning and lots of rain.  We hid in the sunroom and kitchen for a while, let the kids go play upstairs for a bit and when it cleared out, it was time to party!

It was actually a blessing in disguise since the temperature dropped considerably after the storm and made the rest of the day so much nicer.  If it weren't for the rain, we would have been sitting in 95 degree temps in the sun instead of being shaded by clouds and enjoying temps in the low 80s.

Last week, I told the boys they could each pick two friends and I'd take them up to this fun little aquatic center here in McKinney.  It was a great way to spend the day and break up the monotony of their everyday routines.

Matthew brought two of his friends and y'all, if I could handpick friends for him, these two would be it.  They are three TERRIFIC kids.

Mason brought two sweet friends too and then we met up with a few more once we got there.  

I'm really starting to notice how tall Mason is getting!  He's definitely got those Nall genes.

One thing I loved the most about this place?  All the snow cone flavors are colorless.  And that is GENIUS and I'm wondering why everyone else hasn't jumped on board with this.  All the flavor.  None of the stains.  YES.

And finally, Mason's been playing in the World Series with Smith and Nixon's team this week and it has been fun but exhausting!  (Probably more so for Mason than me but still.  haha)  We played one game on Saturday, two games on Sunday, one yesterday and could possibly play 2 today and 2 tomorrow.  All of the games are 45 minutes away too which is not ideal but we've won all 4 games so far which is exciting!  

Livin' that baseball life.  😂😂😂  (By the way, if anyone sees this blue water bottle laying around the park this week, please let us know.  It's the last time we saw it. 🤦‍♀️)

And look at this gorgeous picture I took of the last pitch of the game on Saturday.  #nofilter

The timing of the tournament could not be worse though.  Craig's biggest football camp with Elite 11 landed on the exact same dates as this tournament.  His camp is here in Frisco at The Star (about 15 minutes away from our house) from Friday to Wednesday and all the coaches stay in the hotel all week.  This is the big finale...kind of like the Super Bowl of the camp season. He has been able to come home for a half hour twice now but that's it.  And he's missed all of Mason's games.  I know he hates that. 

I've had to miss two games this week (yesterday and I have to miss this morning) because I've got so many Etsy orders that have to be sent out before we leave for vacation on Monday.  I didn't realize all these games this week would be during the day and I didn't plan at all for that.  #momfail  It doesn't help that Thursday is the 4th and I know I won't be getting much work done that day either.  So I worked all day long yesterday trying to power through as many as I could so that I'm free on Wednesday for the championship game.  Now let's just pray we make it that far!  Eek!!

And that's life lately, friends!



  1. WHOA it's crazy that they have games during the week? That sounds so difficult to schedule! and GEEZ I wish I could summer like, the 90s again :) that looks SO fun!

    1. I think it's only because this is the World Series and is a really big week long event. There are teams that came from different states to play in it and are using vacation time for it. It's fun but yes, really difficult when people have to work! I should have planned better!

  2. Friend, I'm still thinking about that party you hosted! Hahahaha! You know why! ;)

  3. Your boys make me smile... I have one boy who is now 17. Your photos bring back such precious memories of him and his buddies. Your boys are in the sweetest stage. Cherish the time! (I know you do!) I love your blog!

    1. Awww thank you!! Yes, they really are in such a sweet stage! I'm just hoping they don't turn into monsters once they hit those teen years! 🙈

  4. You guys have been BUSY!

  5. Girl! You and me BOTH! Fingers crossed they're still playing on Wednesday!


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