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Hey girl heyyyyy!!  Lord have mercy.  I am so glad it's Friday!  My house has been in complete disarray all week long because I ran out of time for all my projects last weekend (cleaning and reorganizing) and had to stop in the middle because Monday came!  Stupid Mondays.  I cannot wait to put my house back together!!  Saturday and Sunday--it is ON.

For all the procrastinators or cleaning fiends who need a break from washing, dusting, and organizing Bored Panda has put together a list of hilarious cleaning

I've been working so much this week on some of my normal things (Etsy orders, the Deals group, the blog) but have a couple of extra work things going on too at the moment.  Fun things for sure but they are definitely adding to my work pile.  And I kind of feel like I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth. I just need a day between Sunday and Monday to get caught up. Is that too much to ask?

It did not help matters that my Keto Pizza Chaffles post on Wednesday did not save the first time I wrote it and disappeared...after spending almost 2 hours on it!  And so I had to completely redo the entire thing.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. (I did a little of both.) So if you read the post on Wednesday, just know the first version was better.  haha

Now moving on to the fun stuff.

Lately, Matthew has been doing his homework in his room instead of at the kitchen counter or table where he usually does it.  Mattie is my little mini-me.  He likes to hole up in his room and just decompress for a while and he needs his own space to get away from everyone.  Doing homework at the kitchen table is never easy because even if we try to be quiet, it's just not.  We are all in and out of the fridge, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, watching TV.  It's just not ideal.

So I told him we should get him a desk for his room and he lit up like it was Christmas morning.  (And this would have made the best Christmas gift if I'd thought about it sooner.  Crap.)

I knew there was only one spot that the desk could go in his room so I had to look for something small that would fit and allow the closet door to open fully.  I also knew I wanted simple and nothing too heavy looking.  His room is small so I needed to keep it light.  So I went to good ole Amazon and found this 39" desk for $60 and this chair for $30 which brought me in under $100 total.  Not bad! (Sidenote:  Amazon prices change all the time so that's just what I happened to get these for.) 

I just checked and it looks like (as of now) they are sold out of the 39" size.  But they do have a few of the desks left in stock in other sizes and colors.  I hope those of you who sent me a message for the link on Instagram after you saw this were able to grab it while you could in the size you needed! This desk is just so perfect for the space and he loves it!  The brown wood part on the side lifts up for some storage too.

We did a little wall decor shuffle after we got the desk and chair set up.  Matthew got several baseball signs from Santa this year that we had yet to hang so I decided to make a little focal wall with some of the things we had to work with.

He got a new dog calendar from Mimi for Christmas this year and that map is also from her from another year.  We love that map!  It's a Wall Pop map which means it's just peel and stick!  Plus you can pull it off and restick it as many times as you need (supposedly).  We've moved it a few times and it's still really sticky but I always go ahead and add a little thumbtack to the top 2 corners just to help it a little.  It comes with a dry erase marker too so you can write on it and erase it as much as you want.

I've been meaning to create a little wood frame for it just to make it look a little more expensive but it's not at the top of my to-do list right now.  This also comes in a United States one that is super cute!  The States map is around $15 but the World Map like Matthew's is on sale for $8.33 plus (as of right now) it has a little clickable with it that takes off another $1.20!

Calling my low carb and Keto friends!  This Keto Pizza Chaffle recipe will have those pizza cravings crushed in no time!!  They are desperately good, friends and you barely even notice it isn't real crust.  They are fantastic so be sure to head to Wednesday's post for the full recipe!

And speaking of Keto, Craig and I are both using these Ketones in the lemon flavor right now and I wanted to share in case you other Keto-ers were interested.  Honestly, we have no scientific proof that they are raising our ketone levels but the ketone strips we use typically show up darker within hours of drinking it so I think it does.  The reviews on it are basically perfect too so it's definitely not just me.  You can buy them in with caffeine or without too.  We have been using the one with caffeine but I'm going to try the with no caffeine next time because I'd like to sip on it at night before bed. 

We've been mixing it with flavored sparkling water and it's so good!!  So far we've tried it with this wild cherry and the lemon flavor...delicious.

So let's talk Amazon finds!  I ordered this casual top the other day and I was so excited when I pulled it out of the package and felt it.  The material is soft, it fits great and looks cute with a front tuck (or not).  It also comes in 7 other pretty colors!  I'm wearing a small and think it runs very TTS.

And my earrings are also an Amazon find that I've been raving about over in the Deals group.  You get 9 in all different colors for just $8.99!!
No photo description available.

I wore the black ones with this cute sweater and my favorite black jeans to church last Sunday.  

Get these!!  They will be so pretty for spring too!!

I wanted to quickly mention this awesome basket that I bought for all the blankets in our media room!  This thing is currently holding 5 throw blankets rolled up and tuck in tight.  The basket is extra-large, amazing quality and it's so cute!  (All of our random throw blankets that are seasonal or don't match anything tend to land up here.)

If you're looking for a BIG basket to hold toys or blankets or whatever, you might want to check this one out! 

And finally, last week I told you I was going to start adding in a totally random "favorite" at the end of every Friday Favorites post.  These might be anything from my favorite roller coaster of all time to my favorite song to sing in the shower to my favorite position to sleep in.  hahaha  RANDOM.  But I love hearing random things about other people and what they like and why so I thought it would be a fun new addition to FFs in 2020.

Last week I told you that my favorite sandwich place was Jimmy Johns.  Mmmmmm...

Today I'm sharing my way to put myself to sleep.

Bet you didn't see that coming!

So several years ago, Dr. Oz did a show about hypnosis for weight loss and while I didn't need to lose much weight, I was completely intrigued.  He said that they were going to hypnotize the studio audience AND those of us at home into eating healthier! I mean, if I could make my brain crave broccoli instead of french fries, why wouldn't I try?!  So I watched the show, "got hypnotized" and honest to goodness I swear it worked for a couple of months!!  I'm guessing it was more the power of suggestion and a placebo effect or something..?  But I dropped about 10 pounds and was actually craving healthier food and my willpower to say no the bad stuff was strong! Even my friends noticed and asked what I had been doing and I finally told them.  They laughed me out of the car basically.😂😂😂

(Also, if you are interested in that episode, you can watch it HERE! You know you're curious!)

Anyway, during those two months, I'd also downloaded an audiobook that was basically a hypnosis tape.  I'd listen to it while the boys were napping or right before bed.  Again, do I think it worked?  I have no idea honestly.  And the "effects" wore off after a couple of months and it no longer seemed to work for me.  Boo.  But I'll never forget the way the hypnotist in the audio would get you to relax.  She'd tell you to close your eyes, take some deep, slow breaths and then starting with your feet she'd say, "Now...feet relax.  Calves relax.  Knees relax.  Thighs relax." (I think she skipped "butt relax"?  I feel like I would remember that. haha) But she went all the way up to stomach, arms, shoulders, chest neck, face, and finally head.  And each time she said something, I'd literally feel that part of my body become heavier and completely relaxed.  It was so weird.  

So now, when I can't fall asleep, I just repeat those commands in my head starting from the toes and going all the way up to my head.  Most of the time I am asleep before I get past my arms.  It really works for me!  And the other night, Matthew told me he couldn't sleep so I told him my trick.  The next morning he said "That trick you taught me really worked!"  So see!!  Worth a shot anyway, right?!

And since Friends memes make everything better, I thought that the episode where Chandler tries to quit smoking with hypnosis tapes was appropriate.  😂😂😂

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Happy Friday, everyone!


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  1. Can you please come tidy up Smith's room?!?! There are so many "piles". Sigh.

  2. OK that sleep trick ... i will so try. lol!

  3. That Friends Meme made my day! Great post!

  4. Christy12:46 PM

    I would love to see the full room! I love the wall and desk.

  5. Love those two sweaters: very cute. My son's don't have much homework and my oldest typically gets it done before coming home. We do have a spot upstairs at our puzzle table (we need to get back to those) where he could work in piece. As a teen though he is more likely to use his bed to work.

  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I am going to attempt to purge and organize tomorrow!

  7. I really want to watch that Dr. Oz episode. #highhopes

  8. Hi Amanda, I have been following your Keto journey and have been trying your suggestions for recipes, Ketones (just ordered from your link), etc. I made the pizza Chaffles and loved them! Should I have eaten 4 of them through the night? no. Ha. Soo good. Anyway, I mixed it up this morning so I could take them to work today. I put everything but the sauce in the batter and made a Chaffle with the egg, cheese, spices and the chopped up pepperoni. I dipped it in the pizza sauce once I reheated at work. YUM!!!

    1. Hahahaha...they really are so good!! And what a great idea!! I'm going to have to try that!


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