Monday, January 20, 2020


Hello Monday and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! I'm here to day with some Monday Musings because I haven't done an official one of these in a while and thought it'd be a fun way to catch up on some bits and pieces of things going on around here lately.

First off, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr day, I wanted to throw out a few movie suggestions that have to do with the Civil Rights era in case you aren't going to be watching the Bachelor tonight. ;)

The Butler is such a good one.  Forest Whitaker, John Cusack and even Oprah!  Forest Whitaker's character has worked as a butler in the White House for most of his life and gets to see firsthand how presidents deal with decisions regarding the Civil Rights Movement.  It's based on a true story too! I love stuff based on true stories.

Selma is another good one!  Oscar-nominated and based on Martin Luther King Jr.'s march from Selma to Montgomery to protest voting restrictions.  Obviously, he was successful. But you know that.  haha  Very inspiring!!


And my personal favorite...The Help.  I love this movie SO MUCH.  I watch it any time it comes on TV and have probably seen it at least 10 times. Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses and I ADORE her character's sassy attitude, her kind heart and her bravery in this movie.  I'm sure you've already seen this but just in case you haven't, put it at the top of your list.

Now, if you happened to catch my very first "on camera" appearance on my Instastories this weekend and sent me a sweet message afterward--THANK YOU!!!  It meant a lot to get them all!  I love that so many of you said it was fun to hear the voice behind the blog and that you feel like we are real friends now! haha So sweet.  So thank you!!  

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone this weekend (after many weeks of attempting it) and finally posted a video with me actually talking to you!  I've never done that before and never thought I would. But I wanted to start connecting with all of you on a different level and push myself to do things that make me uncomfortable instead of just being stuck in my little rut forever.  It was time to conquer some fears so I did it.  And I'm so glad it's done. Hopefully, future videos will be easier.

Important sidenote:  I got a lot of messages telling me how good my skin looked and how white my teeth were in that video and I just want to make sure you all know that most of that was from an awesome IG filter. 😂😂😂  No shame in my game but I just wanted to make sure you were aware that I had help.  Ha!  IG filters can do wonders and until I get more comfortable, I'm gonna use one, friends. 😂🙈😉 #sorrynotsorry #realtalk #ifonlythefilterworkedinreallife

Also, the earrings I was wearing are now in my Etsy shop!  I've been wearing them nonstop since I made mine...they go with so much!  You can grab them here if you want a pair! (And that's the Amazon top I've been wearing the heck out of lately! Just ordered it in blue as well!)

Now can we just talk about the Bachelor for a minute??  I have been reading Reality Steve's spoilers for years and years now.  I like to know who his final two are going to be and keep my eye on them throughout the season to see if I catch little knowing glances or anything like that.  PLUS, I'm incredibly impatient.  (Ok, that's the real reason I read spoilers.) 

But this is the first year that RS hasn't been able to spoil who the winner is!!  I mean, I know the final 2 and all but I want to know what happens in the end!  Like NOW.  Supposedly, Pete has said that there's no way anyone can spoil the ending this year and so we're all coming up with our reasons as to why he'd say that.


1.  He decides to keep dating them both in the real world (secretly) and will announce his pick on After the Final Rose? (That sounds so harsh though to the girl who gets dumped, right?)
2. He realizes he doesn't want either because he's still not over Hannah B and...
-is secretly back together with Hannah (I vote for this!)
-or he just realized it wouldn't be fair to ask another girl to marry him when he's still in love with someone else
3. The girl he wanted to marry walks away (probably due to the fact that he's clearly still in love with Hannah...or maybe because he sleeps with all the girls on the overnight dates?)  But I feel like this scenario would have been spoiled already if that was the deal.

Image result for hannah and peter

Now if he DOES end up with Hannah (which I know is a longshot), she better be 100% sure before she ends up breaking his sweet little heart again.  But they clearly have undeniable chemistry (in windmills especially) and just seem to have so much fun together.  Their personalities seem to mesh well.

But if it's not Hannah, I'd like to see him with Madison.  She was adorable on their date to his parents vow renewal and those puppy dog eyes she gives him are only somewhat cheesy and annoying because I think she really is head over heels in awe of him.

Image result for peter madison

This season is already bringing some major drama and we're only like 3 weeks in?  I'm here for it.  Just tell me how this ends!!

Valentine's Day is our next major holiday and I saw this adorable sweater at one of my favorite online boutiques the other day (Pink Lily!) and had to have it!  (Sign up for emails and get 20% off! Also, they are having a huge flash sale at the moment too and there's a bunch of cute stuff in there.)  So apparently this is a very popular sweater right now because I also saw it on Jane for about $15 cheaper and posted it over in the Deals Group.  And then one of our members said it was also on Amazon (prime!) for even less!  Ughhh! Don't you hate when that happens and you realize you missed a better deal?  Dang it.

This color combo is sold out from what I can tell on Amazon but there are a bunch of other great colors OR you can still get it HERE from Pink Lily and if you use your 20% off coupon it helps!  Plus, that whole boutique is flippin' adorable.  

I'm wearing a small and feel like it fits pretty TTS but if you are in between sizes, I'd go up one. (Jeans are HERE. 30% off right now with code LONGWKND.)

Happy Monday!



  1. I used to read spoilers but now I don't just to see if I can wait, so I am glad you are telling me even RS doesn't know the ending so I won't be tempted! This season better end good for Peter, he is precious!

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I was admiring your heart sweater earlier today and thought about ordering it. I also saw a cute red sweater with a white outline heart at Walmart. I thought seriously about buying it for $15ish. So I stopped by Goodwill this afternoon and found a Gap brand navy sweater with red hearts all over it! For $4 my Valentine's Day clothing dilemma has been solved! Lol!

  3. Thank you for talking Bachelor. I read blogs, listen to podcast recaps but I like that you just write as you were having coffee with someone talking about the show.
    BTW-I HATE spoilers! hahah

  4. I love the Help and that sweater!

  5. I could watch The Help OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! It's SO GOOD!



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