Friday, January 10, 2020


Hello hello!  It's time for another round of Friday Favorites!  As always, I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share some of my favorite things from the week!

This is my second Friday Favorites post of the year.  Did you happen to catch my first?  It was a good one!!  I posted a big list of my "all-stars" from 2019 and you can find that post here.  Those are always so fun and I covered everything from skincare to haircare, makeup, clothes and other randomness.  You can always find it easily if you go to my menu/header here on the blog and click on the "favorites" tab too. I've also got 2018's list in there too. Lots of good stuff. :)

But today I've got new stuff for you guys!  Some of it you may have already seen over in the Deals group.  You girls get sneak peeks of the goods over there before they land here.  And I've also decided to add in a random favorite each week...from my favorite movie to my favorite thing to order at a restaurant to my favorite brand of chips.  See?  Random.  So stay tuned for that at the end of each Favorites post in 2020...or until I just run out of favorite random things about myself.  Whichever comes first. ;)

But let's move on to our list for today.

I shared this in the Deals group yesterday but had to repeat it here because it's that good.

I bought this hoodie a couple of months ago (for full price...ugh) but I absolutely LOVE it.  With a big ole capital L.  It's meant to be oversized and cozy and snuggly and it's just all those things.  The hood and the lining of the pockets are this minky soft material that is ahhhhhmazing.


I found this after I saw one of my favorite Instagrammers, The Rambling Redhead, wearing it in pink.  By the way, if you aren't following her, you should be.  She is the best!  Anyway, I just had to scoop this up and when it lived up to the hype, I knew I had to pass along the rec to you guys.  So here ya go!

Best part?  It's currently on sale for 60% off!!  It drives me crazy when I buy something and then I see it go on sale, especially at such a deep discount.  Dang it!  So take advantage and grab this one, girls!  It comes in several colors too but with such a low sale price, these aren't going to stick around forever.

I'm wearing an XS in the color "true black" although this picture makes it look a lot lighter grey than it is.  So the true color is more of a super deep heather gray color.  What you'll find on the website.

It's supposed to fit oversized but I sized down to an XS because I didn't want it TOO baggy and I'm glad I did.  I think a small may have been too big.  So I recommend sizing down one and you'll still get that oversized look.

Grab it HERE and also check out this other one I have my eye on!  It's currently in my cart... ;)

Another OOTD this week.

This top was on Lightning Deal on Amazon earlier this week (last week?) and I posted it to the group and told y'all that I had it in three colors already and was going back for the new white/grey combo.  And I did and it's another Amazon win for this girl.  Also, you need it.  Seriously.  It is THE PERFECT top to wear with your leggings.

My blue, grey and red tops are a slightly different material than this though which isn't bad at all, it's just different.  🤷‍♀️  The other colors (from this same seller) are thicker and more of that heathered material.  I am the worst at explaining it, clearly.  I'm not sure what "heathered material" really means but it's the best I got, friends.  Either way, it's awesome.

I'm wearing a small.

Also, my black camo leggings are my favorite compression/workout type leggings.  They are high-waisted, hold you in in all the right places and are straight up comfy.  But you can find some great dupes HERE on Amazon for way cheaper if the others aren't in your price range.

Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Yoga Pants 7/8 Length Leggings with Pockets (S, Deep Grey Splinter Camo)

And my favorite black mesh sneakers are also an Amazon find.  These get an immense amount of attention year-round here in Texas.  Super comfortable, perfect for walking around a lot and they look cute with leggings or jeans.  They also come in a million different colors/styles.  I find them very TTS.

TIOSEBON Women's Walking Shoes Lightweight Breathable Yoga Travel Sneakers 7.5 US Black

Look what showed up in the mail this week!!  Craig got these football cards at one of the Packers' games we went to in the fall (more on those HERE and HERE) and decided to get them signed for the boys for Christmas.  Thankfully, he's still got connections with his old team. He talked to a couple of the guys and they said it'd be no problem.  They showed up after Christmas, which we expected, but the boys were so excited to see them! 


The Etsy shop is in full swing, ladies!  I've got new items coming to the 160+ listings that are already there so stay tuned for that!  But for now, here are a few things you might be interested in.

I'm having another little flash sale on my earrings!  There are over 50 pairs of earrings to choose from and all are on sale for either 10 or 15% off.  I just ordered new cork on leather prints (my favorite!!) and I can't wait to show you guys!

These are just a few that are waiting for you... ;)

I'm also loving all these Word of the Year sign orders!  These are such a cute size at 3.5" tall and 10" long. They can stand alone or be hung.  And like most of my signs, you can choose your own edge color.

These are so cool to add to your bookshelf in your office, hang on a gallery wall, or prop on your desk to remind you daily of your #onelittleword.  I've had several customers who get a new one every year and coordinate the colors so they have a pretty gallery full of them.

A new favorite to the shop this year has to be these insulated travel mugs!!  They fit perfectly in cupholders, keep your coffee piping hot and have a great little slider lid.  I've got them stocked in 3 colors right now and you can personalize them however you want.

And finally, a best-seller in the shop!  These 32oz double-walled tumblers are the best way to stay on top of those water goals in the new year!  They come with a water tracker on back and you can choose one of these sayings or just put your name or monogram on the front instead.  I've been using the heck out of this tumbler since January 1st when I reset my goals and of course one of them was to drink more water.  This really does help!

And now for this week's random favorite of mine.  Ah.  I'm literally picking this out of a list of prompts. haha  I love hearing random things about people so I thought this might be fun.  Or weird.  Or both?

So today we're talking favorite...sandwich shop!

Told you it was random.

Image result for joey tribbiani sandwiches meme

Now some people are Subway fans, some love Firehouse Subs, some will always say Panera.  I get it.  Honestly, I've never met a sandwich I'd never pass up food from any of those places.  (My inner Joey Tribbiani comes out when it comes to sandwiches.)  But if I had to choose just ONE favorite it would have to be...

What to Order at Jimmy John’s When You’re Trying to Be Healthy

Jimmy Johns.

If you have never tried a Jimmy Johns sandwich then you need to find the nearest one and just do it.  (No, this is not an #ad. haha)  Honestly, I can't even tell you with 100% confidence that it'll be YOUR favorite ever.  I feel like it's a total personal preference that really comes down to the bread you like best.  But I just love their bread.  A little crunch on the outside and super soft on the inside. #OMGmymouthiswatering

I always always order a #16-Club Lulu, no tomato, add cheese.  So its turkey, mayo, lettuce, cheese, and bacon.  Nothing special, right?  But for some reason, theirs is the one I crave.  Add some jalapeno chips and a coke and I'm in carb heaven. 

Unfortunately, Craig and I are both back on strict Keto right now so JJ will have to wait.  It's his first time to do it so I'm trying to be super good and show him how it's done.  But what I would do for a #16 right now... ;)

Yes.  Yes, I did just spend this time talking about my favorite sandwich.  Maybe I should have gone with my favorite movie for this first one. ;)

Tell me your favorite sandwich shop!

That's it for today, friends but before we go I have to ask one thing:

WHAT DO WE THINK OF THE NEW SEASON OF THE BACHELOR?!  Did you watch the first episode?  What do you think of Hannah Brown and Pete?!  I kind of want them to just give love another chance!  I'm a spoilers girl.  I read Reality Steve and I know the final two but I also know this is the first year we may not get the ending spoiled which is KILLING ME.  Have I mentioned before how impatient I am?  I think half of America is completely over Hannah B. but if Pete isn't then that's a problem, right?!  How is it fair to those other two girls if he's proposing just two months after he's basically said he's still in love with Hannah?  Hmm.  I'm very interested to see how this plays out this season.

If you have thoughts on this or anything, talk to me in the comments!

Happy Friday!!



  1. Try the Jimmy Johns Unwich!! That's what my husband gets and he's on Keto. (Personally I gotta have the JJs bread - yum!)

    1. Yes, the unwich is yummy too!

    2. I do too!! I just stay away from that place because my willpower goes out the door as soon as I smell it. I do want to try one though! Maybe I'll have to get Craig to run up there and get us some.

  2. I am currently drinking out of my Baby, It's Cold Outside cup!! It's my fave for winter!!

  3. my favorite sandwich shop is JJ too!!! Did you know you can order an unwich? it's a lettuce wrap (your favorite sandwich minus the bread) it's one of my go to's when I'm cutting carbs

    1. I've heard of it but never ordered it. I can't go to JJ and NOT get the bread. hahaha I have no willpower so I just stay out of there when I'm doing Keto. ;)

  4. random question... do you find that Keto raises your total cholesterol and LDL? Just asking from your experience. I love your blog and the sincerity and realness that comes through. 😊 I can relate to your tales of living with a house full of boys. 😉

    1. Great question! So I only did strict Keto for about 4 or 5 months then drifted into more of a low-carb diet to maintain once I'd hit my goal weight. We've just started back on strict Keto for a week now. I had my yearly blood tests done several months before I started Keto but I haven't had anything tested since then. (I'm due!) So I'll be interested to see what how they've changed. However, when I think about it, I don't see them going up at all. With Keto, I'm basically eating all the same things I've always eaten--minus the carbs. But @datketolady on Instagram (love her account) just posted a YouTube video where she covers this topic! She's been doing Keto strict, no cheats, for 20 months and she just went over her cholesterol changes in the video. They all stayed within a very normal range and may have even gotten better. I'm dropping the link here for you to check out. :) And THANK YOU for your sweet comments!

  5. I have been loving Amazon fashion lately too!

  6. OMG the best sandwich place, no questions asked, is Quiznos, BUT .... they have vanished from my area. my STATE. They all closed. Idk if this is nationwide or not, but MAN do I miss it! Second place, firehouse :)

  7. Love your blog and your true genuineness that shines through!

  8. I just wanted to also say how much I enjoy your blog. I do love the way you are honest and real about your life. I relate to it a lot and often find myself laughing at things you say, your memes, etc. I have 2 boys too! Keep up the good work.

  9. I've never even heard of Jimmy Johns! I love sandwiches too; as long as the bread is fresh.

  10. Britni6:02 PM

    I love JJ...but my fave sandwich place is Jersey Mike’s.
    I loved Hannah B on the Bachelor(eye) but I’m ready for her time to be over. I’m team Madison all the way!


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