Thursday, January 30, 2020


Ok. I told y'all yesterday I'd be back today with some thoughts on the Bachelor up until this point and OMG.  This season is crazy.  

There.  That's Thought #1.

Thought #2 is that this post took way longer than it should have because I got sucked in by all the memes out there.  😂😂😂

This season has been bringing the drama and we're only on week 4!!

So let's start with Chris Harrison dropping a bomb on these girls at the beginning of the episode.  He was all "Peter isn't here anymore..." and the girls were all "act like you're super worried even though we all know he's gone to Destination #1".  And then Harrison spills it.  "Pack your bags, ladies!  You girls are headed to the gorgeous, exotic, ultra-romantic--Cleveland, Ohio!!"  (Ok, maybe he didn't say it exactly like that but you get the idea.)

The silence in the room was deafening.  And hilarious.  I mean CLEVELAND?  Are you kidding me?  I'm pretty sure that's exactly what these girls were thinking at the time too.

However, Cleveland did look pretty and the downtown area they were in looked really nice and somewhere I'd definitely head to for dinner with the girls or a date night.  So no knocks on Cleveland but it's not exactly what these girls had in mind.  Hmm.  Wondering how much Cleveland paid to get them to film there??


Victoria F. got the first 1-on-1 date and, as a reminder, this is the girl who came in 2nd last week in the runway challenge. You know.  The girl who said she was super insecure and shy about walking the runway but then came out looking like this and we were all like "Uhhh insecure about what?". #notbuyingit

Victoria's date was honestly my favorite.  I would have LOVED that date.  Peter flew them on a tiny plane ( thanks) to an amusement park that was rented out just for them.  That means NO LINES!!!  Talk about the best day ever.  Even if I was there with my worst enemy it would still be amazing.  Riding roller coasters back-to-back-to-back with no waiting is just about a dream come true.  The two of them looked like they had a great time during this part of their date and then...the producers got involved and screwed it all up. #dang

Roller coaster time is over so they start walking hand-in-hand to what is clearly a concert.  Screaming fans, the sound of a guitar could literally see her face go pale when she started to realize she knew what song was being played.  And then she started to inwardly freak the (bleep) out.

If you don't watch the show, then it was her ex-boyfriend (or ex-hookup depending on who you believe), Chase Rice, that was on stage and about to serenade them. #awkward

Peter, mind you, was in la-la land. He was 1 million percent oblivious to any awkwardness whatsoever.  He was GIDDY dancing with Victoria on a tiny stage surrounded by screaming fans while her ex-boyfriend sang to the happy couple. Not awkward at all, right?

But Victoria was dying inside.  I get it that it was awkward but it's not like she was engaged to either guy.  Not Peter and not Chase.  From what I've read, the relationship with Chase was more like a fling.  So I'm not sure why she was acting like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

But OMG watching this conversation between Chase and Peter after the concert was brutal since we all knew what poor Peter did not.  Do we think Chase should have mentioned knowing Victoria?

Then it's time for them to clean up and head out for their romantic dinner for two in the middle of some giant museum.  (or something.)  Victoria comes clean about knowing Chase after fumbling her way to it for what seemed like ages.  And honestly, that was more awkward to watch than the dancing/singing portion of their date.  Girlfriend just could not spit it out. It was like she was about to tell him she's actually his sister or something.  When she finally told him about Chase, Peter was all "Chase?  Like the guy on stage singing?".  Yes, dummy.  The guy on stage. With the guitar.

You could tell this was literally the LAST thing he thought she was going to tell him.  And he was very clearly super hurt.  Not by her but you could see the thoughts just tumbling one after the other in his head.  He knew the producers set him up for that and he seemed really hurt that they would do that to him.  It's like you could almost hear him saying "But I thought they were my friends?".  They are not your friends, Peter.

Well played, ABC.  Well played.

I know they set Victoria up too but I feel like she was being a little dramatic.  Was it shocking to see her ex up there singing and was it super duper awkward?  Sure!  But did it warrant her running to a corner to hide and cry at dinner and tell Peter she understands if he doesn't want to be with her anymore?  Ummmm no.

I mean seriously.

Why not just grin and say "So...tonight was a little awkward.  I didn't want to tell you while we were on a stage surrounded by screaming fans while Chase Rice was serenading us and Chase actually dated a little bit last year.  It wasn't serious at all and I don't have feelings for him anymore but I just wanted you to know that I do know him.  (And that this was all set up by production to make this seem more dramatic than it needs to be...)

Once Peter was finally able to process everything, it's almost like you could hear him telling himself "This really isn't that big of a deal when you think about it."  It was definitely more of the fact that he felt lied to by production and by Chase and I'm sure he even felt a little hurt by Victoria for not mentioning it sooner.  But she was put in a very tough position and I don't know how I would have handled that either.  Maybe not great to yell out over the screaming fans surrounding you with their camera phones, "HEY PETER!  THAT GUY ON STAGE IS MY EX-BOYFRIEND!  ISN'T THAT FUNNY?!"  I get it.

For the record, I really like Victoria and I'm glad they were able to laugh in the end. But shame on those producers (and also high-five to those producers...?  I'm so confused?!) for pulling that little stunt.  Peter is too dang nice and naive for this show.  Victoria F. got her rose.  All is well.

 Now let's get to Peter himself.

Oh, Peter. I've never watched another Bachelor screw things up SO MUCH quite like you have.  First, there was Hannah B.  Sneaking off with her on a group date and telling us all that you are basically still in love with her then canceling the rest of the group date because you just couldn't deal with all the emotion brought on by your ex-girlfriend during your date was offense #1. 

Then, you take these girls on a date (in Cleveland) where they are told they have to strap on pads and helmets (and gross mouthpieces) and play tackle football all afternoon in the rain??  #heckno  These girls were getting DRILLED into the ground by each other and completely banged up.  How is that fun for them?  I guarantee you, NONE of those girls were happy about that date.  But they sucked it up and put on a happy face while trying to murder each other on the football field.  Because that's what you do when you want a boy to notice you.  #strike1  

Sidenote:  What is with all the aggression on dates this year?  First the pillow fight/wrestling match in lingerie where girls were actually trying to hurt each other.  Honestly, that's humiliating.  Then this stupid football game where they really didn't have any other choice but to say ok.  These girls were getting slammed into the ground and all bruised up.  And Peter is over on the sidelines jumping up and down like everyone's having the best time.  No Peter.  They were not.

You probably won't get this next one unless you watch The Good Place. But it's hysterical.


But back to the football game.

Victoria P couldn't play because her back hurt (sure it did) which gave her extra canoodling time with Peter.  How is that fair? #strike2

And finally, the girls tie.  Do they let them have a big dramatic tiebreaker?  Nope.  These producers know what's about to go down.  They want all 13 girls at the date later on that night...not just 6. #strike3

Now let's call strike 3 a foul ball because Peter's striking out for real on this last one.  During the date with 13 girls all itching for a chance to snag Peter away and tell them how they are in this for the right reasons and how many babies they want, Alayah (who didn't get a rose last week and was off the show) comes click-clacking back in with a smirk and wave.  And the girls start to freak OUT.

No ma'am.

Alayah not only comes back in the middle of the 13 girl date but she pulls him away to talk while he's in the middle of talking to Shiann who just EARNED that time with him.  She was a beast on the field.  But no, Peter allowed Alayah (who is not even an active "girlfriend" right now) to take valuable time away from all the girls who just got put through hell and bodily injury in order to get this time with Peter.  

Of course, Peter obliges Alayah because there is "just something about her" and then proceeds to spend the rest of the date trying to figure out who is lying to him about how long Alayah and Victoria P have known each other and blah blah blah.  (Good grief!  Who cares?!)  Their entire storyline with this "friends"/"my truth" drama is exhausting.  

Victoria P (who is from my husband's small hometown of Alexandria, LA, oddly enough) is not my favorite.  Especially after this episode. 

If you aren't caught up, Victoria P (the OTHER Victoria--not the one that I was just talking about) and Alayah are both pageant girls and know each other from that world.  But how much do they know each other is the million-dollar question.

Victoria P says they have only spent 3 hours (collectively) together.  They are not "friends".

Alayah says they ARE friends.  They run in the same pageant circle and even took a girls trip to Las Vegas together before the show started to film.  There are plenty of pictures of the two of them together in Vegas and plenty of screenshots of sweet comments on each other's IG photos.  So yeah, Victoria P.  Maybe you've spent more than 3 hours with her.

But I think it all comes down to how each girl defines "friend".  Alayah says "friend" like a normal person would think of a friend.  Someone you're cool with, you've hung out with before, who runs in your circle...a friend.  Not a bestie.  But a friend.

Victoria P though is banking her 3-hour lie on the fact that they are not "friends".  Merely acquaintances.  She knows her but they aren't friends so see, she didn't lie.  She knows her "truth".  Or something like that.  It was all very confusing and she was clearly struggling to keep her story straight which is why she kept spouting off things like "Peter, why don't you trust me?!"

And this is how they spent the date.  And I COMPLETELY forgot why they are even arguing about this in the first place?!  Why does it MATTER?!

Alayah and Victoria P both need to go but I'm on #teamAlayah for this one.  (If I MUST pick a team.) Neither one is right for Peter and they both irritate the snot out of me.

Now after spending all evening with basically just Alayah and Victoria P--the only two girls out of the 15 who did NOT have to endure bodily harm during the date and the least deserving of any time with him--PETER GOES AND GIVES ALAYAH THE GROUP DATE ROSE!  A date that she wasn't even on!!! Y'all, I was beyond words.  PETER!!  Are you freaking serious?!  

I would have walked off the set right then and there.  I'm not sure what Peter was thinking or if producers suggested to him that he should give her the rose in order to strike up even more drama but he should have known better.  But man, I was ecstatic to hear the girls telling them how they felt about that later on.  They did not hold back and I was so proud of them for that. Deandra literally said this to Peter and I wanted to stand up and cheer. 

“Can I say something really quick? I’m sorry Peter, but I’ve never felt so under-recognized by somebody. And for us… who busted our ass out there on the football field and literally have the physical bruises to show, and then for you to come to the cocktail party and ignore us, half of us, who didn’t get time, and then walk in hand-in-hand with Alayah, it was like the biggest slap in the face. Like, I couldn’t even look at you.” 

It really was like a slap in the face to all of them.  I know men can be clueless sometimes but DANG PETER.  How would you have felt if Hannah had pulled that crap on you?  Peter tries to come back with "I know I'm not perfect. I'm sorry." but no one needs you to be perfect, Peter.  They need you to be a decent human being.

Do better, son.

In all honesty, I don't see him having the potential for a lasting connection with any of these girls.  I really do feel like he should have asked the producers for a complete do-over at this point. 😂😂  Like wipe the slate clean, get 25 new women in here, and let's start over.

The show goes on with everyone continuing to hate both Alayah and maybe a little Victoria P now too.  And Peter.  They aren't too happy with Peter.

The episode ends with Peter starting to panic and honestly questioning if these girls are all just going to walk out on him.  

And I'm kind of wondering that myself except for the fact that I'm pretty sure most of them are now just in it to try to become the next Bachelorette.  Or secure a place in Paradise this summer.  Not sure how many really still find Peter all that appealing.  Poor guy. I really do feel sorry for him because he seems to just be naive and not thinking straight.  And he's probably being manipulated by those evil/brilliant producers at every turn.

I'm definitely starting to see how this season may end up completely different than any other before.  I'm kind of wondering if his final two just turn him down. 😂  That's never happened before!

And before we close this down, I HAD to show you this because I thought it was so perfect!!  Remember Dylan and Hannah G from Bachelor in Paradise this summer?  (They are engaged still...yay!)  Hannah Ann could totally be their daughter!  Nice catch, @bachelorwine.

So there ya go.  My Bachelor ramblings.  If you made it through this stream of consciousness I am grateful.  😉  Now I'm off to watch Vanderpump Rules because I was too busy cracking myself up looking at all these memes to watch it the other night. 😂

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. Holy moly, this season sounds like a trainwreck! I thought Peter was supposed to be better than this?! Your recap really makes it clear how sexist the show is. Like you said - humiliating. Runway shows in lingerie, and tackle football in the rain? Ugh. Major kudos to Deandra for telling Peter how poorly he'd behaved, but too bad he didn't actually apologize. Again - UGH.

    1. Right?! I mean, he did say he was sorry technically but I don't think he even realized what he was supposed to be sorry for until they went off on him! I know Peter doesn't control any of the dates and what they do on them but he can control being a jerk and needs to try harder. He couldn't care less about most of those girls and its so clear. I don't know why they are even sticking around!

  2. Omg GREAT recap! Also, isn't it weird that these girls call him their "boyfriend"? Seriously? Most of you haven't even kissed him yet.

    1. Yes, I always get weirded out when they say he's their boyfriend! Especially the ones who have barely spoken to him! 😂😂

  3. YES, YES to all of this!!! I am so annoyed with these bratty girls and then Peter being so dumb. My only hope is the girls who are not getting screen time are actually semi normal and he decides to start dating them. Horrible season so far, in my opinion. We need an older bachelor and older women, people are who are not there looking to become famous and expand their career! Ok, off my soap box, lol

    1. I know! I wish they weren't all signing up in order to grow their following on Instagram. haha It was so much more genuine before social media was a thing. These little 23 year olds are cute and all and look great in a bikini but I agree that they should do an older season. Like minimum age of 30.

  4. Omg I agree with so much of what you said! Except I really don't like Victoria F. I feel like she was being so annoying about the Chase Rice situation. As if it's the most embarrassing thing in the world that she used to date the attractive, famous country singer that was performing 🙄 Then when she tearfully ran away after telling Peter. What the heck? She's just in it for attention for sure. Personally, I think Victoria P. is CRAZY. Like boil your rabbit crazy. Her beauty masks it, but I have a feeling we will see her true colors. It's a mess, but this season has been entertaining so far!

    1. 🤣🤣 I totally agree! Boil your rabbit crazy! I feel like Mykenna is on the verge of that too if she's not careful! And yes, I liked Victoria F a lot more before this last episode. She overreacted so much! I bet she was hoping it would make Peter jealous. (Which I think it kind of did.)

  5. I haven't watched the Bachelor in YEARS (since @shayshull bro was on, ha!) but even I heard about the Chase Rice thing. Well played producers. Well played lol.


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