Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Birthday Fun, Makeup, Friends & Family!

Hey there, friends!!  Right now I'm laughing at myself as I re-read last week's posts.  Clearly, I have all these big plans on when I'm going to post to this blog and what I'm going to write about.  And then those plans always seem to fall through.  Does that make me a flake?  #owningit

Wednesday's post about mascara recs had me promising a makeup post for my Friday Favorites.  But all my birthday fun kept that from happening.

And then I said on Friday that I'd have my birthday week recap and Packers/Cowboys weekend post up yesterday, but I now see that I was absolutely delusional thinking I'd have time to get that done by Monday morning!  We didn't get home from the game until really late Sunday night.  When we walked in the door I went straight to our room, dropped my suitcase in the middle of the bathroom floor and crawled into bed.  I was WIPED OUT.  We both were.  But we had an amazing weekend so it was totally worth it!

So I am still planning on a makeup/beauty product post SOON (I've learned not to give myself an actual date anymore) but am including a few new favorites today.  And our weekend with our Packers family is on the docket for tomorrow or Thursday.  You won't want to miss it!  We had so much fun!!!

But for now, here's a little from my birthday week.

Last Thursday (October 5th), was my actual birthday.

On Tuesday, I had plans with my girlfriends, Dani and Pam. We met up for girl talk and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in the mall and then hit up Nordstrom because I needed a new foundation. (And an excuse to stay out later.)

pink plaid top / similar flare jeans / similar jeans (on sale!)

(Or build your own similar look HERE)

I had been scouring beauty blogs lately looking for the best foundation.  And what I found out is this:


Boo.  :(

I really wanted everyone to tell me the same foundation name so I'd know, hands down, that it was the best.  And then I could just go with that!  Just tell me what to buy!!  But it didn't work like that, unfortunately.  I found so many different opinions.


There were one or two foundations that were mentioned over and over again in Top 10 lists.  So that helped narrow it down.

The two that were mentioned the most were the Nars All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

I decided to go with the Nars because I've used Make Up For Ever before and loved it but wanted to try something new.

So after Dani, Pam and I finished up dinner we made our way to the Nars counter next door at Nordstrom.  Big shoutout to Brandon who was behind the counter and helped us all find our perfect color match.  We each ended up with new foundation and I snagged a new blush as well.  (I love Nars blush!  I got Dolce Vita.)

I snapped this pic with my favorite mascara (Chanel Le Volume) but after hearing all your suggestions for a new one, I'm now in the process of finding out what else I might love as well!  More on that in another post!

So if you're wondering how I like the foundation, let me just say that I'm very happy.  It has that buildable coverage that is just necessary these days and goes on smooth.  It lasts all day too and feels like you have nothing on your face.

 And not to sound like a makeup know-it-all (because I am definitely NOT), but using a moisturizer or primer before you apply your foundation really does make a world of difference.  Brandon gave us all samples of this Nars moisturizer and I love it!  It feels like a cool, silky drink of water for your skin.  I am using it sparingly so it'll last as long as possible but I have a feeling I'll be purchasing some once it's gone.

So that was my rainy Tuesday night birthday fun.  :)

Thursday was my actual birthday.  Craig's parents came into town that afternoon so they could catch some of Matthew and Mason's games and stay with them so we could go to the Packers Rally and Packers/Cowboys game that weekend.

On their way into town, they stopped to pick up my favorite cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes here in town.  Craig had ordered it ahead of time but they were sweet enough to stop and grab it for him on their way into town.

Their red velvet is to die for and ohhhhh that frosting!!!

Thursday night, I had plans with a few girlfriends to try out a fun new place in Frisco called Eight 11.  We had cocktails, salads and pizza outside while listening to some live music that may or may not have been just a tad too loud.  #oldpeopleproblems

(You MUST try those truffle and parm chips if you go!!  They were amazing!!!!)

We had the best time though and if you are local, you should definitely hit up this place for a fun girls night or date night!  Just don't get seated near the speakers.  ;)

Love all these gorgeous girls!!!  Girls nights can do amazing things for the soul!

On deck for either tomorrow or Thursday is our weekend recap and let me tell you, it was SO much fun!!!  I know I say that with a lot of exclamation points but it really was.  I'm not sure we'll be able to top that for a while.

Craig was asked by the Packers several weeks ago to represent the Packers Alumni, along with Pro Bowler Bubba Franks, at the Packers Pep Rally at The Rustic in Dallas the Saturday before the Cowboys game.  The Packers organization is amazing and always treat their alumni and their families like gold.  Craig was drafted by the Packers in the 5th round in 2002 and was with them for 4 seasons before he left to sign with the Bills.  He ended up back with the Packers in 2007 though and they will always be "our" team.  

Along with getting to attend the rally, the Packers also hooked us up with a sweet room at the Omni and tickets for the game in the President's suite the next day.  (President of the Packers Organization.  Not of the USA.  Just so we're clear. haha)  

I also got to meet Clay Matthews.  Yes, he's an amazing football player.  I get that.  But he was also in Pitch Perfect 2.  Which to me, is almost just as cool.  ;)

Talk about Happy Birthday to me!!! #daymade

I have a million pictures to share so be sure to check tomorrow or Thursday for that post!

And before I go, my favorite casual, distressed flare jeans are on sale HERE and are now under $70 with the 15% discount you'll get when you hand over your email address!  (Totally worth it.)

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. Nars blush is my favorite too!! I have a sample of their foundation that you've now convinced me to try :) Beauty posts are some of my favorite to read so I can't wait!


  2. The beginning of your post made me laugh! No ones holding you to any dates! Don't even worry!

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    What a fun week, girl!!! Can't wait to hear more! :)

  4. Happy belated birthday... what a fun week. The Packers are simply the best... love them!!! Can't wait to hear more about your weekend at the rally / game!!! #gopackgo #suchagreatgame!!! :)

  5. Yum, we have something similar to that bundt cake place around here too and they are DELISH!! The red velvet is my fave too! It looks like you had the best birthday!

  6. What's Clay like in person!?

    1. Dreamy. 😉 But seriously, he was a really nice guy.


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