Tuesday, October 8, 2019


So I guess this is what 38 looks like!  How am I THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD?!  I'm not sure what I imagined myself as at 38 when I was a kid or a teenager.  But probably much the same as I actually am.  Mom, wife, days and nights at the ballfield, church, friends, family. (Not in that particular order.)  I had no idea what I'd be doing for a career when I was younger though. I danced around many many ideas.  Child psychologist, pediatrician, optometrist, marine biologist, teacher, architect, wedding planner.  I was definitely not one of those kids who knew what they were going to be their whole lives.  (My best friend growing up, Chauna, was the opposite though.  She knew she wanted to be a vet her whole life and now she is!  And she's making a lot more money than I am.  😂😂😂)  But even though my chosen career path isn't something I envisioned for myself, it works for me.  And in 10 years, who knows what I might be doing! 😉

But I am extremely blessed with my lot in life.  I know this and don't take it for granted for a second.  I also know that it could all disappear at any moment (which keeps me up at night worrying about all the ridiculous things we moms worry about at 2am).  But honestly, I couldn't ask for more.  

(But if I DID, it would be for a full-time housekeeper and cook.  Just FYI.)

This weekend just happened to have all the fun things going on which coincided with my birthday so that was pretty sweet. Here's a little recap...

I told Craig and the boys that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was my car detailed.  I'm not a big presents person.  I always feel guilty when people spend money on me and it takes some of the fun out of it.  However, my car really really needed to be deep cleaned.  It is the epitome of a mom-mobile complete with stale french fries lurking between seats and a dozen half-empty water bottles rolling all over the floorboards.  I know I'm not the only one but if you keep your car immaculate please keep it yourself.  I think the jealousy would kill me. 😉

So Friday afternoon, Craig took my car got it detailed (yay!) and got back just in time to get ready for his friend's wedding at a cute vineyard just outside of Mckinney.  (Who knew we had vineyards?!)

The setting was so simple and so pretty.

The bride's dress was beautiful with a gorgeous ivory lace overlay.  I loved it.

The cake was right on trend and so pretty!

We ended up leaving when the dancing started though b/c Matthew was out at a band event with a friend and Craig's brother, Ricky, was in town and was with Mason at his baseball game.  We felt like we needed to get back.  But we did manage to grab a quick pic all dressed up! (A.K.A.-not wearing jeans and flip flops.)   I LOVE this dress!  I bought it for full-price and then days later I saw it was almost half off.  UGH.  You can see it here.  I feel like it works so well with ANY body type.  The front buttons all the way down and there is a tie at the waist so you can cinch it in as much as you'd like.  The three quarter length sleeves are perfect for fall.


Saturday was my actual birthday and Ricky and Craig went to play a round of golf that morning so I asked the boys what they wanted to do.  Matthew wanted a haircut and Mason wanted new shoes (that he desperately needs).  I checked in at Sports Clips online and saw we had an hour wait.  So while we were waiting my friend (and next-door neighbor) texted me to wish me a happy birthday and ask what we were up to.  She said they were headed to Six Flags later that day for Fright Fest and I got to thinking...  We have season passes so a fun day at Six Flags might be just the thing for us too!

The boys were definitely on board, so we decided to squeeze it all in.  First-haircut.  Then-shoes.  Then Six Flags.

Haircut was great so we headed out to Academy Sports to check out shoes.  Matthew found some he loved (in A MEN'S SIZE!) and Mason decided he wanted the ones he found online at Nike.com.  (He wanted THESE in case you have a kid about his age and are wondering what they think is cool these days.  He is SO particular about his shoes.)

And while I was there, I decided to pick up a back-up pair of my favorite sunglasses.  I should say that I have two pairs of favorites.  These are my favorite dark glasses and these are my favorite aviators.

I posted this in my Daily Deals group too but in case you missed it and see me hiding eye bags and wrinkles behind dark sunglasses all the time and wonder where I got them...here ya go!  Cheap too!

I would CRY if I lost these.  They are comfy and cute and again..hide a multitude of sins.  ;)  So snagging an extra pair for when the inevitable happens and I lose them or break them was just a no-brainer.  I'm so glad they still have them!

After a semi-successful trip to Academy, we finally got on the road for Six Flags...after we drove through McDonald's for lunch.  (Yes, I feed my kids McDonald's sometimes and no I don't need any judgment.  haha  Their double cheeseburgers are amazing and let's not even try to debate about their fries.  #justsayin)

Four minutes into our on-the-go lunch and Mason had spilled his fries all over the newly cleaned floors of my car. #momlife

We pulled into the parking lot of Six Flags about 40 minutes later and drove and drove and drove to find a parking spot.  Not a great start.  It was super crowded and I was already thinking "What the heck did I get myself into?".  Then I remembered the Packers were in town for the game next day which also brings in Packer fans from all over.  And Six Flags is too much fun to pass up when you are in town visiting!  Especially during Fright Fest!

Honest truth...I'm not crazy about Halloween.  I don't like the whole evil side of Halloween.  There is a fine line between fun and satanic and let's just say Fright Fest crossed it at one point...

Evil clowns...funny enough.  Although Mason was scared to get too close.

But we were there for the thrills...as in those ROLLER COASTERS.  Unfortunately, all of the lines were an hour or more long.  We jumped on the Batman ride because we had one Fast Pass left from our previous disaster of a trip.  It was HOT, it was crowded and when we saw people leaving in droves from the Batman ride because of how hot it was getting in the tunnels where you have to wait for an hour, we knew it was a good idea to use it on that one.

So then we decided to try our luck in line at Mr. Freeze. The line was clearly going to be at least an hour wait and Mason was NOT having it.  He hates to sit still when he could be having fun so waiting in line in these small spaces was WRECKING him.  He cried and pouted and Matthew did a lot of eye-rolling.  I was somewhere in the middle of eye-rolling and crying. 😂😂😂

We ended up waiting in line for an hour and 15 minutes for a 30 second ride.  The boys were so happy once we got on but that hour and 15 was BRUTAL.  I told the boys all the rides were going to be like this today and maybe we should just play a few games, get a treat and cut our losses.

They decided on a couple of games that they lost at immediately.

 But then chose to play the "Mystery Bag" game where you always come out a winner.  You basically just use a hook to grab onto a bag and whatever is in the bag, you keep.

Mason won this pink monkey.  😂  I thought it was pretty cute but Mason said he'll donate it to someone.

And Matthew won these eggplant socks.  Ha!  I immediately thought that they'd be great for Crazy Sock Days at school so I'm calling this one a win.  Totally worth it and now I don't have to go buy crazy socks.

We stopped for popcorn and Dippin' Dots before heading out and as we were leaving, I noticed the Fright Fest 7pm show was about to start.  So I asked the boys if they wanted to stay and watch...thinking it was going to be some dancing and spooky ghosts.

Ummm. No.

This 10-15 minute show was borderline satanic, friends.  I was uncomfortable from the get-go.  Zombies, witches, ghosts..whatever...don't bother me at Halloween.  I get it.  But hearing this evil spirit guy talk about how all the other evil spirits have been waiting for 2000 years to wander the earth made my radar flip on.  And then when they dragged a normal-looking girl, kicking and screaming, on to the stage (part of the act) and made her a human sacrifice by impaling her through the stomach with a steel pole, I almost lost it.  I turned to the boys and said "You know that's not real, right?" and they were all "yeah.." but they'd seen it.  It was beyond creepy.  Creepy isn't even the right word.  It was DARK.  Not cool at all.  We left (along with half the crowd) at that point and I was so disappointed in Six Flags for this.  You can have Fright Fest without crossing into that kind of darkness.  It made me pretty mad but someone told me last night that there are signs that say children may want to leave before 7 because of how scary it gets.  I never saw a single sign that said that so I wish they'd have been bigger!  I most definitely would not have let my kids stay.  I hate that this show happened to start as we were leaving (and walking right by) on our way out.  Otherwise, I never would have stopped to watch.

So just FYI, Six Flags Fright Fest is not recommended for kids after 7pm!  Wish we'd have known that. :(

But all in all, we managed to squeeze out a little fun. I just pray they erase the memory of seeing an innocent girl get impaled onto a steel pole as a sacrifice.  Insane.

That night, Craig had a Packers' Alumni appearance with several big sponsors like Miller Lite.  He took Ricky (I bowed out of that one) so they were already gone when we got home.  We were all so tired that we ended up in bed early (or earlier than normal on a Saturday night) and it felt good!!

And then Sunday was GAMEDAY!!  Most of y'all know that Craig is a former Packers (backup) QB and was with them for most of his career.  We will always be Packers fan at heart.  So when they came to town on my birthday weekend we decided that we had to make it the boys' first NFL game.  The last time they came to town, Craig's alumni appearance was different.  That time was more about tailgating and mingling with Packers fans before the game with one appearance at The Rustic.  (You can read all about that HERE.)

Mason was determined to bring in that GB hoodie just in case he could get it signed by someone.  It was approximately 1 million degrees outside too though so he was sweating to death with it just tied around his waist.

This time, Craig's appearance was the night before so on game day, we were on our own.  Normally, we'd weasel our way into the Packers box but this year we needed 5 tickets.  So that wasn't an option.  Craig asked the Packers if they could get us tickets thinking they'd have access to better seats than what we'd get on stub hub or somewhere like that.  

But no.  Sadly, we were wayyyyy up in the (not-so-cheap) seats and after climbing what felt like 7000 flights of stairs, we were finally there.  My legs were literally shaking once we reached the top.  Clearly, the Packers have no pull at AT&T stadium. 😂

The good news was that we were on the back row so we didn't have to worry about anyone behind us AND we were on the end so we could come and go as we pleased without having anyone to squeeze by.

And we were surrounded by Packers fans.  The stadium was full of them!  When you can hear a steady chant of GO PACK GO in the hometown's stadium, that's pretty special.

I love the big flags they roll out during the National Anthem at football games.

And then they flashed to George W. Bush in the box after the anthem and I was so excited!! I love a good celebrity sighting but there's something that gets me really pumped about seeing a former president of the United States "in person".  At halftime, he came down on the field with Laura and their dog maybe?  Who's dog is that?  I don't know. I couldn't hear over all the cheering so who knows what it was actually for.

The game started off easy peasy but the second half was a lot more exciting!  Thankfully, we pulled out the W and you would have thought we were at Lambeau Field with all the cheering!  Packers fans are EVERYWHERE!!

We made friends with the Packers fan in front of us and he was nice enough to snap a picture for us before we left.  The boys had the absolute BEST time and if you want to see how giggly and excited they were (plus their secret handshake) be sure to check out my Fall Highlights bubble on my Instagram profile.  Craig even got into the spirit with a little dancing. ;)

Next on our fall fun list is a trip to Green Bay this weekend!!  Craig and I are leaving on Saturday for the Monday night game.  He has a couple of alumni appearances that weekend as well as the following Tuesday and I never miss an opportunity to tag along if I can help it!  (You can see our trip to GB last year HERE.  You may have forgotten that last year everyone got a stomach bug-except me-before and DURING our trip.  And it was awful!!  The bug, not the trip. So I am PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that everyone stays healthy at least until we get back home.) 

My parents will be holding down the fort while we're gone and I'm so thankful they are willing to do this!  They LOVE their boys so much!

It's going to be another green and gold weekend and we can't wait!



  1. I watched the game...it literally was the perfect weekend for you guys ;) . (Not for Andrew!) I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!

    1. 😂😂😂 Poor Andrew!! And thank you for the birthday text! 🎂🥰

  2. Happy Birthday!! My bday was Sunday, and all I asked for was a car detailing also! How GROWN UP of us!! :-) But it was seriously the best present ever! It's like having a new car!!

    1. Hahaha! I felt the same way! My kids were like “Is this what your car looked like when you bought it??”. Umm yeah! Now pick up your mess!! 😂

  3. I am so so not interested in that fright fest business. Nope. No thanks.

    The rest of the weekend though, fun!

    1. It was no Mickey’s Halloween Party, I know that! 🙈 Never again!!

  4. I loved seeing your instastories about the Packers game. I saw the fan in front giving one of your boys a high five and wonder if he knew he was sitting in front of a former Packers quarterback. I am sure Craig doesn't really share that with everyone...does it ever come out in conversation?

    Also, was there more security to get into the game since George W was there?

    1. I don't know if he did or not for sure but I feel like he might have figured it out. He sounded like he was from Louisiana too which also made me wonder if he knew. Craig would never say though anything unless it came up in conversation naturally but Matthew wanted to tell him who his dad was! Craig said he could but Matthew never did. He's way too shy for something like that. And I didn't notice any more security measures in place other than the normal ones. Although I did see a policeman standing near the gate outside with an automatic rifle across his chest. 😲 I was glad he was there but it's also scary to know that he NEEDS to be there. :(

  5. marianne12:11 PM

    So fun! I'm going to order those sunglasses! I would rethink the eggplant socks for school. The eggplant emoji is commonly used as a penis symbol. Might not be appropriate. LOL

  6. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Laura Bush is on the field not Barbara! LOL!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 Hahahahah! I can't believe I did that! Fixing that now. That's what I get for typing up blog posts at 1am. 🤦‍♀️


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