Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Happy Tuesday, friends! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a very relaxing couple of days where I got basically nothing productive accomplished other than a couple of loads of laundry and I took some new product pictures for the Etsy shop. As much as I hate wasting a weekend, I felt like it was exactly how I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day weekend this time around so I'm glad I didn't push myself to get all the things on my list done.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend. :)

Friday after school, Mason came riding up the driveway on his scooter carrying a crape myrtle! Every year, each 5th grader in Mckinney ISD is gifted a crape myrtle just in time for Mother's Day. How cool is that?! Matthew's is planted out in our backyard and is somehow thriving even after that super harsh winter storm we had. I'm hoping this one is just as tough because I tend to kill all the plants under my supervision. (Except weeds. They seem to love me.)

Matthew got home from school about an hour later and was exhausted from a long week and a pretty torturous day in athletics too. 

I wasn't mad about it though. I got some big kid snuggles. ❤

He stretched out on the couch and I just can't believe how big he is now. He'll be 13 in about a week and I'm struggling.

After a couple of hours of rest, it was time for some Friday Night Lights.

I love Friday night games like this. Warm weather, clear skies, and the "good" field. 😂 (Baseball moms...you get it right? There's always that one field that we prefer.)

Mason's buddy, Zach, is at all the games too because his big brother is also on Matthew's team. They run the ballpark looking for trees to climb, chasing foul balls and joining or starting pick-up games on empty fields.

And when they get tired of that, they sit and play baseball on the phone instead of watching the live game right in front of them. 😂

Saturday was supposed to be a day to get things done on my list but instead, I sat in my sunroom playing on my phone, watching movies, and basically wasting the day away. It was pretty great.

I'm still loving this 64oz water bottle I got on Amazon the other day. I swear I have upped my water intake so much because of it. You can check them out here

Chuck got a new BarkBox in on Saturday and Mason did an "unboxing" video that he wanted me to put on Instagram.  This month's box theme was breakfast/brunch. So cute! This is such a fun little subscription if you love to spoil your dog. We started after we rescued him last year and had no toys or anything so it has been a cute way to add to his now out-of-control collection.  😂 Here he is loving his new blueberry muffin and omelet.

Speaking of love: Rainbow pillow cover HERE. Yellow pom pillow cover HERE. Black/White pillow HERE.

Saturday was a fun mail day! Not only did we get the BarkBox but I also got my new can coolers in for my Etsy shop! I've been waiting on this supplier to start making standard-sized can coolers and they finally did and the colors are gorgeous!! I only ordered 12 in a variety of colors to see how they sell but I feel like these will be popular! The skinny can coolers are HERE if you prefer those but don't forget you can always grab one of each. ;)

These can be personalized for sure! I just hadn't gotten around to it just yet. I'll have updated pictures this week. 

After the photoshoot with the can coolers, I hung out by the pool with this dude...

...and this one eventually joined me. 💚

Next up. Family Movie Night! The boys picked...

....Captain Underpants. 🤦‍♀️ Not my favorite but I'm still thankful that movies like this are still their go-to even if they are ridiculous.

On Mother's Day, my family knows I prefer extra sleep to some sort of breakfast in bed situation. So there was none of that. We did manage to get out the door to church on time which I appreciated and this is also probably the only day of the year I can get my family to smile for a picture without any complaining. 😂 They had this super cute little backdrop set up outside and after a few attempts to get the wind to cooperate, we got a good one. I thought it was good. Matthew will probably kill me for posting this because he was NOT happy with his hair. I told him I was going to anyway though because we don't get family pictures all that often. Sorry, dude. Pulling the Mom Card here. ;)

We went to lunch after church and after we got home and got changed, they gave me a few gifts. Acts of service is my love language for sure but I won't turn down a gift. ;) This year, Craig picked out this pretty Kendra Scott set for me at the annual Manda Strong golf tournament this weekend. KS is a partner/sponsor and they always have a table set up with ready-to-go gifts which work out perfectly since the tournament is always Mother's Day weekend. I'm sure the guys are pretty thankful they are there! I've been wanting one of these little heart necklaces for a while!

They also got me a new pool raft which they immediately claimed as their own and we hung out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

Since Craig and the boys know I'm an "acts of service" girl, Craig (finally) fixed the hole in our fence where a baseball went through it a while back (see below) AND they re-pebbled the area next to the house where the love seat is. I forgot to take "after" pics but I will.

Craig grilled steaks for dinner (yummm) and that pretty much a wrap on Mother's Day 2021! 

It was the best kind of weekend, friends. I'm so very thankful for the two boys who call me Mom. I feel completely undeserving of such amazing kids. They aren't perfect or anything, don't get me wrong but I feel like I'm doing ok on this whole mom thing so far.

And hopefully, these aren't famous last words before my firstborn turns into an official teenager in a week. 😬


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  1. Your weekend sounds relaxing like mine. Simple = happiness :) Have a great week!


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