Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Do you see what I see, friends? The finish line. That's what I see. We are 4 days away from SUMMER BREAK and I'm over here bouncing back and forth between super pumped and super sad. Pumped because SUMMER of course but sad because our family is saying goodbye to the elementary school that we have loved and been a part of for the last 8 years. Mason is "graduating" from 5th grade this week and then that's it. I'll officially have 2 middle-schoolers and as if they weren't enough to make me sob into my pillow, on Wednesday, one of those will become an official TEENAGER. 😩😩😩 #makeitstop

Seriously. If you need me, I'll be curled up in the fetal position crying on the floor of my closet. It's too much.

Today is the little graduation ceremony for Mason but their last day of school is on Friday. It's really starting to hit me that my kids are growing up SO fast and there is nothing I can do to slow it down. 

Mamas, once your kids get into elementary school it will FLY by. Hold on tight, my friends. Take all the pics. All the videos. Make all the memories. Get all the snuggles. Because one day you'll look over and they'll be your height, wearing the same size shoe as you, and showing off their armpit hair.


But moving on to our weekend.

We had baseball games Saturday morning. Saturday morning games are my least favorite for obvious reasons. Who wants to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door by 7:15 on a Saturday?! Oof. #hardpass

Mason had a game at 8am and Matthew played right after him at 10. Now I've never really had allergies that bothered me before but this spring has hit me differently. Within 20 minutes of being out there Saturday morning, my eyes started to water and my nose started itching and I was basically like "What the crap?". I dug into my handy dandy mom bag that I have with me at every baseball game and found my little first aid baggie that's filled with a few Advil and some allergy pills. (Craig has really bad allergies so I keep it in there for him.) 

I was trying to watch the game so I was a little distracted and I pulled out the hot pink allergy tablets, popped two the same way I do Tylenol or Advil which is the only other medicine I ever really take, and as soon as I did that I stopped and thought "Hmmmm...was I supposed to take TWO?". I didn't even know exactly what the medicine. I just knew the hot pink ones were what Craig takes sometimes for his allergies. I had poured half the bottle into a mini ziplock to have with me in my bag--so there was no actual bottle to look at. I decided to google to make sure I wasn't going to die. Google helped me find "hot pink allergy pills" which turned out to be generic brand Benadryl and it said adults could take 1-2 tablets. So I wasn't going to die. But I was going to be very very sleepy.

Let's just say I may or may not have blinked my eyes verrryyyyy slllooowwwlllyyyy during Matthew's game and of course, Craig had to leave to go to his quarterback training and then head to the airport for another Elite 11 camp, so it was just me. 🙈 I was sitting by myself up near the top of the stands in my chair with a hat and sunglasses on and figured no one could really tell if I was asleep...which was WRONG because after the game my friend came up and asked if I was sleeping up there! 🤣 So busted. I told her what I'd done with the allergy pills and she let me off easy. My eyelids would NOT stay open, y'all. But those little mini catnaps throughout the game helped, so I was feeling fine for the short drive home by the time it was over. 

See! Wide awake and trying to get a picture with the almost teenager. #nothappening

Needless to say, I went and took a little nap after we got home and when I woke up, there were 8 boys invading my house ready for some pool time. This was what my sunroom looked like when I went out to see what was happening. 😂 The curtain in the corner is a little changing area. We always have tons of swimsuits people can borrow so they change back there and are good to go.

I got video of the group but no pictures unfortunately but they had a big time. Charlie chased around those boys for hours, needed a serious bath and went to bed early. 

And then on Sunday, I went to my very first rowing class! My friend and her husband have been going for about a month and when she posted something about it on FB, I was intrigued. I used to love the rowing machine at the rec center in college so I thought I'd go with them and give it a try. It's very similar to a spin class...just with rowers instead of bikes.

I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed it, it was a great workout (core, arms, shoulders, back, legs, cardio all in one) and I survived. I went ahead and decided to join the gym and was all gung-ho about going back the next day but y'all...my hip flexors were SCREAMING at me for the rest of the afternoon. Especially my right one for some reason. I could barely move my leg forward to walk by the end of the day and even swinging my legs up onto the bed was torture. 😂 I was hurtin! So I have decided to give my body a little recovery time before I go back. If I was just sore, I'd go in and push through it but I've always had issues with my hip flexors and have learned not to push that too hard. 

I woke up yesterday sore EVERYWHERE which I expected but I enjoy that kind of sore. It means I'm working! I'm signed up for class on Thursday though so hopefully this hip flexor thing will be better by then and I can get back to it.

Anyway, after class it started to rain and it rained all.day.long. Like a steady downpour for hours. I took a shower and curled up on the couch with my pillow, a cozy throw and the remote...and an ice pack. When it let up a little, the boys put their swimsuits on and ran around the backyard with Chuck.

Sweet little Chuck. He's just another one of the guys.

At this point, I started wondering if I should intervene...

But I let them carry on because why not. My yard was already a mess, they were already wet and in a few years I'll be wishing they were still wanting to play with the water hose and zoom around that big yellow Tonka truck that has been such a big part of their childhood. (Seriously. We've gone through 3 of them. One was stolen, one was run over by Craig and this is the remaining one. If you have little boys, get it!)

Chuck was not happy to have to take a bath two days in a row but I feel like he'd tell you it was worth it. 😉

And that was our weekend! We're expecting more rain all week long which is a bummer because we have graduation today, three games this week and Matthew's birthday on Wednesday! The big 1-3. I can't believe I'll have a real teenager. I feel completely unprepared for the next few years to come, y'all.

If anyone has any great advice on dealing with teenage boys, feel free to drop it below!

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Have a great day, friends!!



  1. My twins graduate from 5th grade today! I can't believe our elementary years are over. I'm a big mix of emotions right now.

  2. Our house is jealous that your school year is almost over. We don’t get out until June 18th as we started late due to Covid. I am dying.... we are finishing 10th and 7th grade and I am freaking out.

    1. I will definitely be freaking out once I have a 10th grader. 😩 Hope the next month goes by fast for y'all!! June 18th is just not fair!

  3. I have been SO intrigued about rowing!!! I want to go and check it out myself!!!

    1. You should! I'm sure you'd love it! The only thing they need is a big 3D screen of some water in front of you so that it feels like you're actually getting somewhere! 😂 Text me if you have any questions!

  4. OMG two benadryl would've had me COMATOSE. And ya'lls kids are getting out so early! Normally here it's end of May, but thanks to COVID last year, they are in until mid-June!

    1. Haha! It was a little unnerving how I could feel it start to affect me. And yes, this is the earliest I think we've ever gotten out! Last year it was the end of May and the year before that it was the first week of June! But this year they added on 7 minutes to every school day so that we'd get out earlier! Great little plan!

  5. You are hilarious! The Benadryl story-so funny! But glad you were ok! Hope atthew has a great 13th birthday! It is going too fast!

  6. Hi - what's the difference between the Modere Life and Pure?

    1. There are 4 different formulas of the Biocell but they are all going to give you the hair/skin/nails/joints benefits. And then just spin off with added benefits depending on what you need more. So the Life is kind of our "overall body" formula. It's what I started out with and what my husband uses. It has added ingredients for joint and heart health specifically. And it also tastes the best in my opinion. (Tastes like a tangy apple/grape juice.) Pure is just our purest, bare-bones, formula for those who want zero calories/sugar/carbs and/or who are allergic to berries. I've never had that one but I heard it doesn't taste as good. If you want to message me on IG (@amandanall) or FB (Amanda Crain Nall), I can send you the links to the product sheets or get a little more specific. :)


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