Wednesday, May 26, 2021


 Welcome back to What's Up Wednesday, friends! It is the first WUW of the summer for us here in Mckinney and I'm pretty dang excited. School let out really early for us this year (May 21st) because our district decided to add on 7 minutes to each school day so we could get out a week earlier. #genius 

I think we are all fully on board with this plan for next year as well.

I feel like I have SO MUCH I want to blog about but just never get around to it so I'm going to see what all I can squeeze in here today. Want to know a secret? Blog posts take me HOURS to do. 😂 I'm pretty sure it should not take that long for normal people but for me, it does. It doesn't help that I can be a little wordy (I write how I talk--out loud and in my head...) and that I get easily distracted (my browser currently has 33 tabs open). But when I say hours I don't mean like 2. I mean like 4....on a good day.

If you're new around here, hi and welcome! On the last month of every Wednesday, I link up with my friends Sheaffer and Shay and we chat about what we've been up to this month in all kinds of areas-food, fashion, fun, family, and everything in between. 

(UPDATE: Someone pointed out my "last month of every Wednesday" mistake above and after a really good laugh, I've decided to leave it. Too funny. 🤣)

Right. Ok, let's get into it, shall we?! 


I went to Trader Joe's for the first time EVER at the beginning of the month to see what all the fuss was about. While I didn't find a ton of stuff I just had to have or can't find some version of at Walmart or Sprouts (both of which are 3 minutes from my house), I did LOVE the Elote Corn Chip Dippers so much, especially with the Pub Cheese! While you can get Pub Cheese at Walmart (and everywhere else), I can't find anything similar to these chips anywhere else. (C'mon, Fritos! These are basically your chips just with better seasoning so get on board!!) 

They are AMAZING. These were a grab while I was standing in line to checkout and made that shopping trip worth it. (Yes, the white truffle chips are amazing too but I've had those before so I already knew I'd love those.)

Please don't hate me but I honestly didn't find anything else that made me understand the fascination with this place! 🙈 Maybe it was because I made the mistake of going on a Saturday and it was packed. I couldn't just stand and browse and take my time because I felt like I was disrupting the flow of traffic and it gave me anxiety. 😂 My first time in a brand new (to me) store that has such major hype surrounding it--well, I needed space and time and got neither. So maybe I'll try again on a random Monday morning and have better luck.

I'd love to hear your favorites!

One recurring theme in our house is tacos. We love anything with meat, cheese and a tortilla.

I order from Home Chef pretty frequently and love their oven-ready meals. They are so simple, the mess is absolutely minimal and it's just a great way for us to try out new flavor combos on basic things (like tacos) that we probably would never have tried otherwise.

Last week, we had the Steak Strip tacos which is basic enough but you top it with corn and peppers baked with a little cream cheese and then add some cheese, a little creamy jalapeno ranch slaw and some crispy jalapenos. I would never think of all that but it is divine! I also love that all of it can easily be recreated on my own. 

Monday night we got a new shipment in I made these crispy chicken tacos. As good as they were, (and they were REALLY good because of the sour cream & dill Brussel sprouts mixture and the smokey sweet "chicken dippin'" sauce), they were more work than I wanted to do. They were not an oven-ready meal and I had to actually batter and fry chicken on the stove.  I made a fairly decent mess, popped myself a few times with the hot oil and promised I would never do it again. 😂 Craig, Mason, and I really did like them a lot though so next time I'll just air fry the chicken instead.

If you want to try Home Chef, you can use my little referral link for $35 off your first box. I love that you can pick and choose what weeks you want something, how many servings you need, how many different meals you want, and if you want oven-ready, classic meal kits, etc. I go in and set my meals for the month so I don't forget. You can skip entire weeks at a time if you don't like what's on the menu that week or will be out of town or whatever it may be.

We also love these frozen chicken fajitas which I've shared before. It could not be easier on a busy night when you have no time for prep work and don't want to spend time dealing with a sink full of dishes.

It's just Walmart's Great Value brand and you literally spread them onto a sheet pan, bake and done. We eat them like regular fajitas, in a bowl with no tortilla (but plenty of sour cream and guac) or stuffed into a quesadilla with a low carb tortilla. They also come in a beef version.

My boys, y'all. My boys are getting so big. This month Matthew became an official teenager and Mason graduated from 5th grade. I now had two middle-schoolers. And I'm not ok. Where did my fluffy cheeked, white-haired little babies go?!

Mason's 1st and last days of 5th grade.

Matthew's 1st and last day of 7th grade. (Holy cow, where did that mini-man come from?!)

(Below left): 1st day of Kindergarten for Mason and 2nd grade for Matthew

1st day of Kindergarten for Matthew and preschool for Mason.

All with a variety of filters so none of these pictures are cohesive. 😂

I joined Row House a couple of weeks ago which is a rowing gym here in Mckinney and have been loving it!

I find myself searching for rowing videos on YouTube. 😂 When I do something, I like to do it right and go all in so here we are...

(Apple Watch Band HERE)

My hands both have blisters but I think after another week or two they'll toughen up and it won't be an issue. Although, Craig suggested I use the boys' baseball or football gloves. 🤣🤣🤣

They do make rowing gloves so if ever I was to go the glove route, I'd probably choose those. But thanks for the suggestion, babe.

It is truly a full-body workout. I leave there with wobbly legs, sore abs, and sore arms. But I am loving being part of the "crew" now!

After school on Friday (the last day), these cute boys swam all afternoon and then wanted to have a sleepover. How could I say no?! Look at those faces!

Mason loves cooking breakfast for his friends the morning after so he scrambled some eggs while I microwaved some bacon and Hudson took care of the toast.

I honestly don't know if I've ever seen a group of boys enjoy a breakfast more than this one. All I kept hearing was "Oh my gosh, this is so good. These eggs are so good, Mason. Dude, I'm going to need more eggs/bacon/toast. Is there any more milk?" It was like they hadn't eaten in days. I got them seconds and thirds on everything and finally, they seemed full. Is this what I have to look forward to?! 😂😂

After breakfast, they vegged in front of screens. We had a little cleaning to do once they dispersed but for the most part, they kept it in check.

And my big 13 year old and my little rescue mutt are still BFF.

Matthew's birthday was the 19th and when he came home from school I had his yard sign out waiting for him, the banner up and his gifts ready for him! This is that same $15 signage I used for Craig's and Mason's birthdays last month! It rained on it after this though so it's done now but not bad for 3 birthdays! (To be fair, 2 were on the same day. 😂)

And then we had to wait and wait b/c Craig wouldn't be home until 6. Matthew thought it was torture.

Cue the Jeopardy theme music...

I finally gave in around 5 and said he could open one gift. Of course, he chose the big one. ;) He wanted a new hoverboard so I got him this one. He doesn't like the Bluetooth stuff or any of the fancy things...he just wanted a basic black hoverboard. This one was under $100 and is everything he needs. And I won't be distraught if he breaks it like he eventually did his others...

I still want to do a full birthday post for my sweet firstborn so I'll save the other pics for later...not that I have all that many because it was a fairly quiet day. We'll celebrate bigger soon like we always do. ;)

Summer is here which means...

...lots of orders going out lately for the skinny can coolers...

I also posted this cute new sign on IG for people who are retiring, moving, divorcing, or whatever that new chapter entails.

And for my other side gig...

New product alert!!

Listen, friends. If you are into health and wellness, if you're trying to focus more on overall nutrition, if you're currently using supplements in order to get in all your "greens", or if you just want you and your family to be healthier overall, you will most likely be very interested in this.

Modere just released 2 new phytonutrient products last night and when I heard what they were I was really excited. It's exactly what I'd been considering buying in another form off of a TV commercial for weeks now...except this is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegetarian...all the things... plus its completely bioavailable meaning it absorbs 100% immediately (as opposed to the capsules I was considering that will only absorb about 30%) and it's going to pack a huge punch when it comes to your nutritional health.

These have protective properties and antioxidants, support immunity, promote heart and joint health, cognitive function, healthy aging...again...its going to give you all the nutrients and then some of all those dang fruits and veggies that they recommend for optimal health. The best way to get them is through actual raw vegetables of course but only 1 in 10 people are getting in their recommended dose of phytonutrients because hello...who really eats that many servings of fruits and veggies every day?! There's just a huge need for products like this and I'm here for it.

All I know is that my family can definitely stand to eat more "greens" and "golds". We eat fairly healthy, love fruit and veggies but we don't come near the recommended 4-5 servings of EACH every day. This is going to help with that so much!

Craig has used random "greens" powders for years so he'll be switching to this one now. ;)

The best part is that these are not super expensive. They are $25.99 each for a month's supply and new customers get $10 off their first order. So...there's that. Not bad.

I have not tried them yet since they were just released last night but they have been ordered. I'm told they can be mixed into smoothies, shakes, warm milk, etc. 

Y'all know I love all of Modere's products and have been slowly trying out as many as I can so I can share my faves. Obviously, the liquid collagen and the fat-burning collagen will always be the shining stars. It's just the very best. And that's not just my opinion. ;) I also use the Axis Trebiotic which is a gut health product with pre, pro and postbiotics. 

So here are a couple of bundles that can help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Please note that you can totally create your own bundle too. The possibilities are endless. So if there are a few products you're wanting, let me know and we can figure it out.

The biggest thing to note is that ANY 8+ items in your cart and then added to "smartship and save" is going to take 15% off your total order and give you free shipping. You can cancel or edit your smartship at any time after you place your order so that's no biggie. And when I say any 8 (different) items, I mean the $6 handwash or the 3 bars of soap pack or the dish doesn't have to be expensive things to get you to that discount level. I'm here to help so feel free to put me to work, friends. Message me on FB or IG for the quickest response! (IG: @amandanall FB: Amanda Crain Nall)


This one is fantastic if you really want to get the most out of these nutrients. The chocolate whey protein "is bomb" according to a friend of mine. haha I ordered it along with my own greens and golds and plan to mix them into that. I already have the Trebiotic (which I mix in with my Trim but you don't have to). The shampoo and conditioner is what my kids use. Matthew actually asked me to get more when we ran out because he likes it best out of the plethora of shampoos we have in our shower. The blue tubes are the toothpaste and mouthwash. Remember, Modere is a clean, safe, non-toxic company and so are all the products and to get them added in for another $6 or (as in bundle #2) for $-11 (what?!) is awesome.

Also, if your smartship has already run this month, you can enjoy those savings all month long! So you don't even need to grab a full bundle if you're already at the 15% off and free shipping level. Just add these to smartship and select "buy now".

To get this Bundle #1 keep reading or to shop the full site, go HERE, scroll down to Purchase Now and create an account. (Or log in to your existing one. Use the referral code 2617259 if my name--Amanda Nall--doesn't pop up when creating your account to get $10 off your first order.)

For Bundle #1:

Add these products to your cart:

And then click on CHECKOUT WITH SMARTSHIP & SAVE. Your discounts will all fall off at the very end of checkout.


I have a feeling this will be the most popular bundle. ❤ You cannot go wrong!!! It doesn't matter if you already use the Trim and Biocell or you're just wanting to try it for the first time...this is an AWESOME way to do it. With this one you are getting my most favorite products (the collagen and the Trim), plus the phytos and the shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste/mouthwash. See how much you're saving when you throw it on smartship and add on those other products that end up lowering the entire price!? Get those 4 main products for $227.99 or 8 products for $209. Is it even a choice?
Click each one and add these to your cart: 

And then click on CHECKOUT WITH SMARTSHIP & SAVE. Your discounts will all fall off at the very end of checkout.

PS: You can switch up your Biocell Life/Chocolate Trim for a different biocell and trim flavor combo. There are all kinds of combos...Skin + Vanilla Trim, Pure + Coconut Lime get the idea.

For more information, check the "collagen" tab in my menu here at the top of the blog or start here.

I'm pumped to get mine in! I will also be figuring out how to dose my kids when I can. ;) Lord knows they need it!

Summer!! We are still working on vacation plans over here. Excited to get those done!

Did you read any of the May new releases yet?! I LOVED The Newcomer and just finished People We Meet on Vacation. Both 5 stars!! Family Reunion was really good too but didn't quite hit the 5 star mark for me.

I also read one that wasn't on this list that was insane!! If you love a good twisty thriller, you must check out Local Woman Missing. Holy crap. It'll go up there with one of my top thrillers ever.

Find my full Summer Reading List with all the new releases I can't wait to read/listen to HERE

Also, I just finished up The Real Housewives of Dallas's season and am on the Reunion Part 1. Dang! So much drama but the murder mystery party was HYSTERICAL. Stephanie is my favorite Housewife of all time when it comes to who I would love to be friends with in real life. Brandi too. They are total friend goals. 

I still can't believe Brandi was pregnant the whole season and didn't know it!! She was 4 months pregnant by the end of filming and she looked it! How did she not know?! Crazy. She even threw herself down the stairs as the "murder victim" during the party. 😲

I mean...nothing noteworthy really. But I DID love this duster that I talked about last week. I'll link it all again here but other than's been a lot of Jane tees and soft shorts when I'm hanging around the house.

And I'm kind of loving this BondiBoost dupe for my hair! I've got a few waver-type hair tools but this one is by far my favorite.

What am I dreading? Tomorrow. I'm dreading tomorrow!


Well, here's our schedule for tomorrow.

Matthew baseball camp: 8:30am
Mason football camp: 9:00am
Row Class: 10:00am
Pick Matthew up from camp: 11:30am
Mason baseball camp: 12:00pm
Pick Mason up from camp at 3, head straight to 5th grade pool party from 3:30-5:30. Quick change and head straight to Mason's baseball game at 6. Matthew baseball game immediately following at 8.

Lawd. I can handle this day but I'm truly worried about Mason making it through his game after back to back sports camps and then a pool party! I told him we were going to tell the coach we don't think he'd be good to pitch that night and he was like "whoa wait! I can do it!". While I don't agree, I am curious to see how he does after a crazy long day. I'm also prepared for 6th grade boy meltdowns. 😂

And we'll leave it at that, y'all!

Today is another busy day with camps, followed by football practice (Mason is going to lose his $%!* when he finds out...he's going to be so tired!) and finishing up lots of teacher name sign orders

I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be back on Friday for Friday Favorites! ;) You know it's hit or miss around here, y'all!

Love you, guys! Thank you for being here! Be sure to check the Deals Group for all the fun finds this week!!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I just understood the Trader Joe's hype over the last year or so. My favorite things to pick up is to make three ingredient meals - just Google it and there are so many ideas! I like to keep some options on hand for evenings I really don't want to cook or want to save a little money and not order takeout. They take a few minutes to throw together and are still delicious! Also, I love some of their frozen things for lunches and of course all their snack options. 😊

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    "On the last month of every Wednesday..." LOL!

    1. OMG!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am laughing so hard!!! What in the world. 🤦‍♀️ I'm kind of tempted to just leave it b/c its pretty funny.

  3. I loved the Newcomber but thought Family Reunion was just OK.

  4. You are the cutest and I love it when you just talk about everything!!! It seems like we are chatting together, just us! So fun! I feel the same about TJ's. Just don't get it! You are so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I didn't even notice the "last month of every Wednesday" until it go pointed out! Hahaha! And my son is graduation elementary school this year (it's Grade 6 grad around here) and I have ALL the feels. Ahhhhh.

    1. Same!! 🤪 And oh girl...all the feels for sure. It just goes by so fast.

  6. Wasn’t Local Woman Missing nuts in a good way?!? I like TJs but mine is 45 minutes away and not as well stocked as some, I go if I’m nearby but works rarely make a special trip!

    1. It was definitely nuts in a good way!! 😂 My favorite kind of thriller!


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