Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Heartbroken for Vegas.

I wasn't planning on posting today but I'm watching the news and I'm just heartbroken.  I'm not even sure heartbroken covers it.  

The Las Vegas shooting has claimed 59 lives so far.

Trying to imagine being there, watching a concert, giggling with my friends, screaming and singing and just having the BEST time...and then hearing gunfire and seeing people fall all around me.  It's just unimaginable.  I have nightmares from time to time about being trapped in a mall or a school during a mass shooting.  And the fear that overtakes me during those dreams is paralyzing.  

And that's a nightmare I can wake up from.  

To have actually lived something this horrific...I just can't imagine.  I just don't want to imagine.

No matter how many times we say that we need to love one another, accept one another, be kind to one another...there will always be psychopaths out there.  And that is just terrifying.

We need to start with our children and raise a kinder, gentler, more loving generation.  It is a ripple effect. Don't just tell your kids to be nice.  SHOW them how to be nice.  Give them examples of human kindness every day.  Hold doors for people.  Smile when you pass a stranger.  Volunteer when you can.  Give what you can.  Tell the waitress who is clearly having a bad day that you've been there before too and to hang in there.  A smile goes a long way.  Compliment people.  Remember birthdays.  (I am the worst at this so that one is for me, especially!)  Support one another.  Encourage one another.  

Love one another.

Just show kindness everyday in any way you can.  We may not be able to take out all the evil in the world but we can do our best to overwhelm it with kindness.

Vegas, I'm praying for you.



  1. Oh my heart is BROKEN. It's so sad. I had a customer contact me and I made her and 4 of her girlfriends wine glasses for this concert. I contacted her yesterday and haven't heard back from her. I pray she is ok. Praying for all of those families.

    1. Oh my gosh!! Message me if you hear back from her!!

  2. Love is going to conquer all. ❤️

  3. This is such a perfectly said, heartfelt post. All the bad news in the world can really bring us down, but we do have to "have courage and be kind." <3

  4. I had a friend who was there, with her daughter and other friends and when I woke up and read about it I texted her to make sure she was ok. She was at the airport getting ready to fly home and she said 2 of her friends had scratches from flying plastic from being hit by bullets but thank GOD none of them were injured. Just sickening. Praying that those affected by this will find healing and peace and hoping and praying that our would will someday be a kinder nation. Too much of this is happening way too often. My heart breaks.

  5. I just keep telling myself over and over that Jesus said, "in this world you will have trouble. But take heart! Because I have overcome the world". So you're right lets all continue to do our best to LIVE IT OUT. Keeping our eyes firmly fixed on His eternal kingdom while we mourn and grieve alongside our brothers and sisters.


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