Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

It's time for one of my favorite linkups!  It's What's Up Wednesday with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay!  (Happy birthday, Shay!)

Today we're answering these questions...

So let's jump right in because we have been up to a lot this month!

What we're eating...

Some of my favorites this month have been my Chili and Corn Casserole and my mother-in-law's Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti.  If you ask Mason he'll tell you tacos.  And if you ask Craig he'll say my Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Casserole.

And if you ask Matthew, he'll say fish sticks and Ranch Style beans. #lordhavemercy

What I'm reminiscing about...

Halloweens past...

Look at those precious babies!!  

What I'm Loving...

My new Facebook group!  If you haven't joined yet, please go here!  I'm having so much fun getting to interact a little more with y'all, quickly post crazy good deals, ask questions on new products that may be worth trying (or may not), and so much more!

We hit 100 members Monday so I announced our first Giveaway winner already but right now (at this very moment I'm typing this) we are at 195.  Once we get to 200, we'll announce another one!  And then after that, who knows!  I may do a special coupon code for the shop or another random giveaway soon!  So be sure to check it out!

And if you are thinking "I asked to join that group last week and it still says 'pending'..." then you may have missed the technical drama which had me scrap the first one and start a new one that actually worked.  :)  So double check you are at That Inspired Chick: The Blog (good!) and not That Inspired Chick {The Blog} (bad!).  

What we've been up to...

What have we NOT been up to should be the question!  We've been so busy this month!

I celebrated the big 3-6 on the 5th with a girls night.

And I even got to celebrate a couple of nights before as well!

We had the best time EVER during the Packers/Cowboys weekend a few days later.

We had a Fair Day last Friday!

And had so much fun at the annual Harvest Party on Sunday!

(I mean...can you even stand it!?!  That's Britt and Madeley if you can't tell.  Cutest little panda and Moana I've ever seen!)

And of course, between all of this, it's been baseball and football!

Last night was Mason's last regular season game and we snapped a couple of pictures of these goofballs!

Mason and Matthew both have baseball tournaments starting on Thursday and we have football games this weekend as well.  Friday night is Trunk or Treat at church and then, of course, we'll finish out the month with trick or treating!

What I'm dreading...

All the Halloween candy.  Keep it FAR AWAY!!  My winter body has already come in and my jeans don't need candy temptations!

What I'm working on...

The Etsy Shop is busy busy!  You still have time to use the code EARLYCHRISTMAS17 for 10% off all Christmas signs!  Code expires October 31st!

I have more Christmas signs than this in the shop.  These are just newly added designs.

And then a few that have gone out this past week...

What I'm excited about...


What I'm watching/reading...

I have been in a binge-watching groove all month so I really haven't read a ton.  I think the last book I read before I got distracted was Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie.

This was a super cute chick-lit novel that was perfect for October.  I also didn't realize until I got to the VERY END that I'd read it before!  haha.  But it's about a girl (Andie) who was married to a hunky lawyer (North) until their passionate but incredibly short marriage ended in divorce.  And clearly, there are still unresolved feelings there.

Andie finds herself moving out to the middle of nowhere to live in super old, creepy house with North's niece and nephew who have just lost their parents and a feisty old housekeeper.  Andie will act as their teacher/caregiver for a few months and try to convince the two kids to leave the old house and come live with North.

This is so much harder than it sounds though.  Andie quickly realizes that there are more than just the kids and mean old housekeeper in the house and she tries to find a way to get the kids safely out.

This book has a little of everything.  Romance, humor, excitement, drama, mystery, suspense, ghosts and sweet kids that you'll root for the whole way through.

Find the book here.

I love all of Jennifer Crusie's books!  Check her out if you haven't already!

And as for what I'm watching, be sure to check out THIS post if you missed it!  But since then, I've finished The Goldbergs (if you grew up in the 80s you will LOVE this show!!!) on Hulu and am about to pick a new book.

What I'm wearing...

I have become obsessed with beauty products lately y'all and I think it started with this post.

The 2 new mascaras I'm trying a the moment are Charlotte Tilbury's Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara and Lancomes Monsieur Big Mascara.

And I love them both!!!!

Charlotte wins for natural looking, long, separated, dark lashes.  I love the brush and it just goes on so smooth.  It gives the look of lash extensions but not a super thick mascara-y look.

Lancome wins for bringing the DRAMA!  With one coat my lashes are thick.  They are full.  They are long.  But I do 2 coats just because #gobigorgohome. 

The formula plus the brush is just magic!  

There are SO many more on my list that I want to try!!  But for now, I absolutely recommend both of these!

And for fun, I took a picture with one eye bare and one eye with ONE coat of the Lancome.  

Not bad, right?!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Thanksgiving!  We host Thanksgiving at our house every year.  My parents and brother drive in for the day and Craig's parents and our niece, Scarlet, come and stay for several days.  I know it's hard for Scarlet's parents to let her go for Thanksgiving (they live in south Louisiana) but it is the highlight of the year for my kids and probably Scarlet too.  Mason is 7, Scarlet is 8 and Matthew is 9 so they are the perfect ages to play together.  I love seeing the three of them together, making memories!

(And yes, I totally decorated for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving last year.  It was the only time I could do it for a variety of reasons.  Some years I decorate the week of Thanksgiving and some I wait until after.  I know this can be a very controversial subject!! haha)

What else is new...

My new linkup starts Thursday, November 2nd!  It's all about Confessions!!  Post anything from the ridiculous (weird quirk maybe??) to the serious (post-partum depression?  Infertility?  Faith?).  

Feel free to link an old post too!  Just grab the graphic and link back to the blog! 

I may look for a few party co-hosts for next time too because I think it might be more fun with someone else.  ;)

And the bonus questions:

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish??

That definitely goes to my baked mac-n-cheese!!  So easy and your guests will love it!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Don't forget to go here to join the new group! You can also find me here:

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Hoping Friday comes quickly!

Happy Wednesday!!



  1. You have had a busy month!! I'm with you on the Halloween candy-keep it away!!

  2. I joined your FB group yesterday, so glad you got the page figured out! I''m loving your "Christmacy" tumbler and think it would make a perfect gift for Christmas! I started my answer to the "what are you up to" question nearly the same way, I feel like I've got a million balls in the air ALL THE TIME! Have you ever tried Trish McEvoy Volume mascara? It's awesome!

    Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

  3. Yes, keep that candy away. I already know of other holiday desserts that I'm going to have trouble saying no to.

  4. That mac and cheese looks incredible! I pinned it for future reference. I'm glad your FB page is off to a good start! have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Your fireplace is giving me all the heart eyes. You know how to do Christmas decorations! I was pending in your glitchy FB group and just made my way over to the new one. Yay for working technology! And I'm off to check out your Christmas signs because even though I ordered a name one for my mom last week, Christmas is coming...

  6. Love your Facebook group! Y'all have had a GREAT month!! and I'm with you! I want FRIDAY!

  7. I love your new Facebook group. What a great month. I hear you on the sports. My boy wraps up football this weekend just in time for my daughter to start basketball. I love your fireplace. We also host Thanksgiving and it is so much fun! I hope you had a great Wednesday and cheers to Friday!


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